Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekending + Our Christmas Card

I'll just start this post by saying that a mother's intuition is always right. Read on to find out more...

I picked Walker up from school, and his teachers told me he wasn't interested in eating anything {which is very unlike him}, and he hadn't really had any wet diapers during the day. {TMI, sorry.} He hasn't been too interested in eating supper at home Wednesday or Thursday night, but I chalked it up to the possibility of teething, or the fact that he had just moved to the Infant II class at school and was trying to adjust to the change. But the no diapers thing really freaked me out; all I could think was, "My baby is dehydrated." 

Anyway, I called his pediatrician on our way home, who told me to monitor him over the weekend for signs of - what sounded like - a stomach bug. So we did. Walker never ran a fever, but he did throw up Friday night and, again, wasn't interested in eating. 

So, our little man was downing Pedialyte {with a straw for the very first time, which he mastered in about two minutes...stop growing up, Walker!}. 

I knew when he went to bed on Friday night that I was very likely going to take him to the children's urgent care by my office the next morning. 

He slept in until 7:30 a.m. {which is very unlike him}, so I knew we were going. 

Brandon and I took him to the children's urgent care {which I can't say enough great things about; it's an excellent place if/when your pediatrician's office is closed or it's after-hours!}. They ran a full gambit on him, and at the very end, it was determined that Walker had a bad ear infection. 

Of course, I felt like a horrible mother, and even told that to the doctor. Walker never ran a fever, never pulled/tugged/messed with his ears...nothing. His only symptom was not wanting to eat. The doctor then told me that not all kids run fevers or pull at their ears with an ear infection; some simply don't eat because it doesn't feel good to chew. Well, there you go. 

Walker is now on an oral antibiotic and taking a probiotic in his three bottles a day. He's still not wanting to eat much - we're basically existing off of yogurt, applesauce, fruit pouches and chicken broth. But we're getting there. The doctor said he should start to feel better 48-72 hours after he started the antibiotic, so I'm hoping tomorrow he'll want to eat. 

During all of this, Brandon had to take my car to get a ton of work done. We went in for new brake pads, and came out spending nearly $2,000 on stuff that needed to be done that we had no idea about. {I loathe spending money on cars...ugh!} The maintenance shop showed Brandon that my front axle was damaged and he could literally move the front left tire in and out of the wheel well with his hands...clearly that should not happen. He told Brandon that, basically, it could have snapped at any moment and that could have been a very bad car accident. So, I am very thankful that we took it in when we did and that nothing bad happened to me or Walker. 

So, that night after Walker went to bed, I did what made me feel so much better: I drank wine, baked and wrapped presents. Because, why not? 

I made my family's easy peanut clusters {recipe coming later this week!} for my colleagues and Walker's new teachers. 

We missed church for obvious reasons. I had to run to Target to get a couple of things for the week {and some giant Tupperware bins to pack away Walker's 6-9 month clothes; sniff, sniff!}. Brandon stuck Walker in the buggy for our ride out to the parking lot, and Walker laughed and smiled the entire walk out there. Whatever works, right?! 

We spent the rest of Sunday cleaning up around the house, doing laundry and getting ready for the week. This is both of our last weeks in the office until January! I get out with the kiddos since I work for a school system, and Brandon is taking those two weeks off to be home with us. I'm so excited!

I hope you have a great week! 

Linking up with Biana and Meghan today. 

I'm also linking up with Lyndsey, Brettni, Amanda and Joy for the Christmas Card link up! 

Our Christmas card this year was so much fun! We had the photographers who took our wedding portraits take it in my hometown. They are good family friends, and we just love them. 

We took these outside near my Dad's office. It was an overcast, super windy day, but the tree behind us was spectacular. We got a bunch of great family shots, and I was looking to use one of those for our card. Well, Walker's new thing is to put his hands on either side of his head when we say, "Oh my goodness!" Well, when we were trying to get the shot, someone said, "Oh my goodness!" and up his hands went. My mom jokingly said, "Y'all should just put, 'Oh my goodness! It's Christmas!' on your card." Well, that was it! Done and done! 

So, here is our first Christmas card as a family of three, and Walker's first Christmas! 

The front says, "Oh my goodness! It's Christmas!" 
and the back says, "Love, The Whitacres"

Merry Christmas, y'all! 


  1. Aww poor Walker! I hope he is feeling better today! Hope you got lots of baby snuggles in. I might have to try that peanut cluster recipe too. Yum!

  2. OH POOR LITTLE MAN!!! I hope today is the day is feels better. And we all feel like awful mom's when we miss something, that in our heads, we should have known. Don't beat yourself up - - - We have all been there.
    Peanut Clusters - - - YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wine and wrapping - duh perfect combo!

  3. Thanks so much for joining get our Christmas Card linkup, Brittany! What a great quote to go with that photo!! So cute!

    I hope Walker is all better soon.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I LOVE his face in y'alls Christmas card!!!

    And don't feel bad - the one and only time either of my kids has had an ear infection (Liesl) I had NO idea and only found out because I took her in for her 6 month well check. Totally dropped the ball on that one!

    I hope he's feeing better and thanks so much for linking up!!

  5. poor little man! we're in the midst of an ear infection over here too - our 4th or 5th in 3 months- ugh! Your card is adorable, as is your family!

  6. Poor kid! I hope he's feeling better! Awesome Christmas card!!

  7. Love that card! Such cute pictures!!

  8. Your Christmas card is greatness! What a great quote to go with it! I'm so sorry your little boy is sick! I hope he feels better soon!! I know you are so excited to make it through this week for your 2 weeks off!! You are almost there!

    Thanks for joining the link-up!!

  9. Love your Christmas card! Walker is adorable!!! I agree on the car thing. I hate spending money on getting things fixed because it tends to lead to something else which leads to something else = a money pit. I hope that Walker is 100% and ready for 2 weeks off with you! Have a very Merry Christmas! :)

  10. Cutest thing ever, I love your creativity! And Walker is a handsome boy! Merry Christmas from the link up!


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