Monday, December 8, 2014


It's Monday, and boy did it start out with a bang: a call from my boss before 6 a.m. dealing with an incident. I guess you could say that public relations is definitely not a dull career! ;) 

Anyway, moving on to more important things...

Walker had croup, so I stayed home from work/school with him, per his doctor's orders. Something I did not know before Thursday afternoon was that croup is contagious! My poor little munchkin wasn't feeling well at all and just wanted to "read" books and cuddle with his mama, so that's exactly what we did. {And I'm happy to report that he's feeling much better now!}

That evening was Brandon's annual team Christmas dinner - that we couldn't miss, unfortunately - so my in-law's came over to watch Walker while we scarfed down our food and headed out super quickly to get home to our little guy. 

If you are living under a rock, you remember that Baylor beat TCU 61-58 this season. And then both teams ended up having 11-1 records and the stupid Big XII Conference named both teams Big XII Co-Champions {ridiculous}. Anyway, it was a hot-button topic for both Baylor and TCU, and since College Game Day was in Waco, ESPN decided to get students on camera about the big rivalry. 

All of that to say, my little brother was on ESPN on Saturday morning {and every single SportsCenter episode for the rest of the weekend}! He says, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, Gary Patterson." I love it! View the clip below. 

We spent Saturday running errands and getting stuff done before the big game. Walker got to ride in the "fun" part of the buggy at Kroger and loved every minute of it. I texted my mom this picture, and she said, "Well, grocery shopping isn't half bad with kids with those things!" I tend to agree. 

Brandon went down to Waco with his dad and brother for Baylor's final game of the season, beating Kansas State! My aunt came over and I made supper and we had some wine while watching the big win. After the game {again, major TCU rivalry here}, Art Briles was interviewed by FOX Sports Southwest. He said to the reporter, "If I beat you in a race, I am faster. If we beat you in a football game, we are better." Yay Art! 

I decided to quickly make this little InstaQuote and tweeted it out. Well, Baylor retweeted it and put it on their Pinterest account this weekend! To say I'm a little sick of Twitter notifications would be an understatement. ;) 

We skipped church since Walker couldn't go to the nursery, so we just lounged around the house and got a ton of stuff done. Walker took a great afternoon nap, so I got comfy on the couch with Oliver and read my December Real Simple! I haven't read any of the Real Simple's that have come in my mailbox since January {AKA: when Walker was born}, so it was nice to catch up on my favorite mag! 

Sunday evening, we made gingerbread cookies and I made a yummy lasagna for us to eat for supper but also have for this week's leftovers. Baylor is in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas {YAY!}, so Brandon and I bought tickets for that. We are so excited! 

I have a crazy busy week this week {seriously, everyone is trying to fit every meeting possible into this week, eeeesh!}, so I've got a couple of fun scheduled posts coming your way. :)

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. Glad to hear your boy is feeling better! It seems like everyone is making sugar cookies this weekend, I'm excited to make mine as well!

  2. Sorry he wasn't feeling well to start the weekend but I'm glad he's on the mend now!! Sugar cookies are the best - I need to make some now!

  3. I am glad he is feeling better! And how cute is he in the Buggy? I LOVE IT!!!!

    Catching up on reading - man oh man - I really want to do that too... Being a mama just takes that away sometimes!!!!


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