Monday, December 29, 2014

Weekending + Christmas Wrap-Up

Well, here we are! Christmas 2014 is in the books...and boy, will it be one to remember. We visited my family in my hometown, and my poor baby wasn't feeling well the entire time. More on the details below, but in a nutshell: Walker has pneumonia and a double ear infection. So I'm sure this will be a Christmas we'll be talking about in the years to come! 

So, where was I? 

We made the four-hour trip south to my hometown! It was our year to be with my parents on Christmas Day, and I was so excited to have Walker's first Christmas with my family! Tuesday night, we had our first of four Christmases with my grandparents {my mom's parents} and aunts and uncles. Before we left, Walker was running a fever, but it wasn't anything we weren't able to take down with Motrin, a cool rag on his forehead and offering him lots of water. He did great and we so enjoyed getting to be with my grandparents, who live in Mexico City and don't get to see us hardly at all. 

We had our annual Christmas Eve celebration with the extended half of my mom's family. Our tradition is that we eat gumbo and lots of appetizers, and of course that didn't disappoint! I always look forward to my Aunt Charlotte's gumbo! Walker was feeling himself again, and even took some selfies with my aunt: 

He also met his great-great grandfather for the first time! I can't express how special that moment was to me: my son meeting my 96-year-old great-grandfather. Not many people even know their grandparents, much less their great-great grandfather. It brought tears to my eyes when Walker leaned over and gave him a kiss! 

Per usual, my great-grandfather read the Christmas story from the book of Luke, and that, too, brought tears to my eyes! I love that special tradition with our family. 

We went to Christmas Eve service at church {minus Walker and my mom, who stayed home with him}. That night, Santa found Walker at his Papa and Foxy's rent house, and Santa was super good to him! {See my gift list here.} 

As an aside, my parents are building a house on the lake in my hometown, and it is absolutely gorgeous! They thought they would be in it for Christmas, but sadly, delays kept that from happening. I can't wait until Christmas next year with the gorgeous lake in the background! 

Walker was up all. night. long. with a horrible cough and a fever. I was so sad for him, and, selfishly, sad for me because I knew his first Christmas wouldn't be the one I had been imagining for months. He woke up at 5:30 a.m. with a 102* fever - and a really scared Mommy and Daddy - so we pulled him into the bed in our guest room and let him sleep it off while we had coffee and breakfast and opened presents. 

Santa was super good to us, too! A few of the highlights for me: Kendra Scott earrings, Tory Burch Caroline flats, Ray Ban aviators, Coco Mademoiselle perfume, a spa membership and a new Nikon camera! Brandon's highlights: Amazon Fire TV, a jump start thingamajig from my parents, JayBird headphones and lots of goodies from J Crew. 

Walker woke up fever-free around 11 a.m., and really enjoyed playing with his new toys...and my parents dog, Lilly. 

But, later, the fever came back in full force, and we had to continue his breathing treatments and lots of rest. My mom stayed home with Walker again while we went to my other grandparents' {my dad's parents} for their Christmas. I'm so thankful to my mom for rocking Walker countless times for countless hours and letting us rest. 

After a completely restless Christmas night {complete with Walker throwing up and screaming, ultimately ending up in our bed}, we called his pediatrician Friday morning. She advised us to get him into the children's urgent care in Dallas {since her office closed that day at noon}. We did, and it was determined that Walker had a double ear infection and pneumonia. I felt absolutely horrible. 

We started Walker's antibiotics Friday evening, and by Saturday afternoon, he was up and around. His appetite started to return and he was really wanting to play, which is something he hadn't wanted to do for a few days! 

And of course, sitting in his new chair playing with a Nerf gun. Boys will be boys! {As an aside, my parents gave this to Brandon for Christmas since he always steals my brothers' when he is at their house!} 

Brandon stayed home with Walker while I ran a ton of errands to catch up from being out of town: bank, dry cleaners, Target, grocery store and picking up lunch! When I got home, we pulled out some of Walker's new toys and had our own little mini Christmas morning do-over in the living room! 

We couldn't go to church {again} because of Walker's sickness. They are seriously going to start calling us trying to figure out where the heck we went! Walker slept until 8 a.m., and we just lazed around the house. I got a massage {so heavenly!} and picked up some Mexican food for lunch. We watched the Cowboys win {!!!}, did some laundry and picked up around the house. 

Walker finally started acting like himself, albeit hoarse and coughing a lot, and that made me relax 

I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed spending time with those you love.

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  1. Aww poor baby!! That's so sad he was sick for Christmas, but at least he had a lot of people to take care of him! Sounds like a good Christmas otherwise. Hope he's feeling much better today. Have a good one girl!

  2. Aww poor baby! I hope he is feeling much better now! That is the worst feeling as a parent, to see your child sick or hurt. Happy New Year!


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