Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Walker is ELEVEN Months Old!

Walker, you are 11 months old! I can't believe that this time next month, you will be ONE! Where has the time gone?! 

You still have the exact same eating schedule as last month. You love to eat, and I am still loving that I can just give you smaller bites of what we're eating. You are big on yogurt pouches and the Happy Tot Organic SuperFoods Mixed Berry Puree with Coconut Milk right now. Now that you're strictly on straw sippy cups {your favorite are the weighted straw ones}, we are about to start putting your formula in those and then start weaning you off of formula and onto whole milk. 

You are still such a great sleeper! You have been sleeping through the night for six months now, and I will always be grateful to Baby Wise for that. Since you've been sick recently, we have put a really flat pillow in your crib to elevate your head to help with the drainage. I think you're pretty obsessed with that dang pillow, because when I go to wake you up in the morning, you lay your head back on it and look up at me grinning. 

You go to bed around 7:30 p.m. During the week, we wake you up at 6:30 a.m. On the weekends, we just let you sleep; you go anywhere from 7-8 a.m. You take two good two-hour naps when you're at home, and while they offer that to you at school, I'll often walk in at the end of the day and you're playing quietly on the floor while all the other babies are sleeping! My little stinker! 

Different from last month, you have wanted us to rock you again! However, you want to be rocked with your head on our shoulder, which I just love because that means more cuddles with you! 

Since we've been to the doctor so much recently, I know how much you weigh! You're 23.4 pounds, but I'm not sure about your length. I can tell you've gotten longer, however, because all of your nine-month pants that fit a few weeks ago are now high-waters on you! 

You are trying with all your might to walk! You will stand and balance yourself and will walk with us holding onto your hand, but you haven't quite taken off by yourself just yet. {And secretly, I'm okay with that!} You pull up on and scale every single thing in this house, and you've taken a tumble or two when you can't figure out how to get down. 

You have started giving us the "stink eye" when you are told "no" or if we're doing something  you don't like. It absolutely cracks us up! You definitely don't have a personality shortage, that's for sure! You are becoming quite the little flirt and give girls the closed-mouth, sly grin. I am in for it in about 15 years! 

You are a little chatterbox! I get so tickled at you when we're driving; you'll just be in the back yammering away! It's precious. 

We have been working on baby sign language with you for a while now, and you have finally mastered "more!" I am so proud of you!

You have become a picky little eater and will look at me and throw whatever you don't like off the side of the highchair. Sometimes eating is a battle, because you will like something one day and then decide you don't like it the next. There have been many a night that you eat quinoa and yogurt, since that's all you will want. Whatever works, right? 

Your firsts for this month included: your first Christmas; your first "Jammie Lights" tradition with Mommy and Daddy; visiting Santa; moving to the Infant II class at school; your first {and hopefully only} bout with pneumonia; your first ear infection; meeting your great-great grandfather; and celebrating Daddy's birthday for the first time. 

You are officially in 12 month clothes! I packed away your nine-month pants and pajamas last weekend. I've even found that you can wear some 12-18 months clothes and pajamas. 

You are such a sweet baby! {Can I still call you a baby?} You have my personality and lack of patience, that's for sure! We have had our fair share of temper tantrums this month. However, you are so loving and will give us kisses all the time. It's so sweet! You are very social and will go to practically anyone {which halfway terrifies me} and have become a huge flirt! 

You love: your rocking horse, pushing anything that will move, getting into the toilet paper in the bathrooms; your toy remote control; anything electronic; giving kisses; our cat, Oliver; swinging; shutting any open door; and turning light switches off. 

You are not a fan of: being in the car seat; macaroni and cheese; sitting still; and getting dressed. 

Walky, Walk, Walkerton, Walkalicious, Little Man, Buddy, Monkey 


We love you so much! You truly make our lives better just by being in them. I truly cannot believe that you will be one next month; my baby is growing up too fast for my own liking! 

I have loved seeing this Christmas season through your eyes; it has been nothing short of magical. You are such a sweet, loving baby and I will never cease to be thankful for that and for you. You never meet a stranger and I am told all the time how much people love you. According to your day care teachers, they fight over who gets to hold you first every morning! 

Your Daddy and I pray that you will always, always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second-rate version of someone else. We pray that you will always be a gentleman - loving, caring, kind and polite - even when others aren't that way to you. We pray continually that you will come to know the Lord and all of the joy and happiness that that brings to life. We pray for your patience, for your ability to turn the other cheek, and for a deep love of your family. 

We love you to the moon and back again. You are truly a joy and a delight.

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy 


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