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One Lovely Blog Award | 7 Things About Me

I'm pretty sure I have a Christmas hangover today. We had such a wonderful day spending it with my family, and seeing Walker experience his first Christmas was nothing short of magical. And, being with my family for his first Christmas Day was seriously the icing on top of the cake. Or the blue cheese-stuffed olive in my martini. Or the...okay, I'll stop. But seriously, it was wonderful. I hope yours was just as blessed as ours was. 

Anyway, what better to do today than blog, right? Brittany nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award last Friday, and I'm finally getting around to doing it. Brittany and I "met" via the blog world, and she and her husband are expecting their first baby, a boy, in April. As a fellow boy mom, I'm so excited for her and the immense joy she is about to experience! 

For this award, you are supposed to share seven random facts about yourself, and then nominate other bloggers to do the same. So, without further ado, here are seven random facts you might not know about me...

I was once a Fashion Merchandising major. {Cue the laugh track now.} I know, I have no idea what I was thinking. I'm not the least bit fashionable! Then, staying in the Family and Consumer Sciences Building at Baylor, I moved to a major in Nutrition. I guess you probably have to pass Chemistry to be a good Nutrition major, right? After that epic fail, I finally - with the encouragement of my boyfriend-at-the-time's mother - moved to a PR major. And that was totally the right place for me! 

When I graduated college, I worked for a PR firm doing public relations for Samsung Mobile. Then, I moved to another PR firm, where I did public relations for American Airlines {yup, during their bankruptcy, merger and rebrand...whew!}. Then, two years ago, I moved to a local school district to do communications for them, and this is where I am now! 

While PR is a stressful career, I basically thrive off of it. {And it's definitely not the glamorous Samantha Jones career I'm sure you're thinking of!} I'm a grammar freak and can't handle when people use the wrong form of "your" or "you're." AP Style and I are best friends. :) 

This is a picture of me {second from left} - pre-baby, of course! - in front of an 
American Airlines Boeing 777-ER engine. 

I have weird nicknames and abbreviations for practically everything. I have zero clue as to why I do this, but I do! Sometimes my "abbreviations" are longer than the actual name. I know, I'm weird. I have even gotten my co-workers and husband in on it. 

Some of my abbreviations? 
  • Kroger = Krog
  • Target = Targ
  • Starbucks = Starbs or Starbys 
  • Anamia's {a Mexican restaurant I love} = Annie's 
  • Wal-Mart = Wally 
  • Tortillas = Torts 
  • Champagne = Champs 
  • Margarita = Marg 
  • Yogurt = Yogi 
  • Walker {my son} = Walks, Walky, Walkalicious, Walkerton
  • Perfect = Perf
  • I also say texting abbreviations out loud: BRB, IDK, LOL, OMG 
I'm telling you, ridiculous. 

Brandon and I met in class at Baylor when we were both seniors. I can't even remember the class now, but I was in there for my minor {Corporate Communications} and he was in there for his major {Communications}. He sat behind me in class, we flirted for a good two months until he asked me out on our first date - of which he stood me up! Yup, my now-husband stood me up on our first date! I gave him a second chance; we had dinner at On the Border a few nights later, and then he asked me to be his girlfriend in his truck parked out front of my apartment. 

After two years of dating, he proposed in March 2010. We got married in October 2010 {yup, just six short months...I wouldn't have it any other way!}. 

This was on the front of our rehearsal dinner invitation. If this doesn't tell you something about our personalities, I don't know what will! Ha! 

I am a habitual shampoo-changer. Every single time I'm out of a bottle of shampoo and conditioner, I buy a new brand. I have this weird mindset that the shampoo stops working after I use the entire bottle, so I switch. 

On that same note, I am addicted to beauty products. Sephora is basically my Mecca. I seriously cannot walk in there without buying something. 

I have loved the boy name "Walker" for as long as I can remember, so when we found out we were having a boy, his name was completely set. 

Walker is a family name on both of our sides, and George Walker Bush is my favorite. And, when you are driving to my hometown from Waco {where I went to college} or Dallas {where I live now}, you drive through Walker County. As soon as you hit that county line, the East Texas pine trees start, and pine trees always remind me of home. So, there you go! 

I love carbs. I know, it's awful. But I seriously don't know if I could ever give them up! Pizza, spaghetti, enchiladas, bread, tortillas {"torts"}, tortilla chips, bagels...the list goes on and on. I'd probably do really well living in Italy. ;) 

When I was 17, I was named Miss Polk County. I swear it's not as pageant-y as it sounds. Ha! Miss Polk County isn't tied to any other pageants like Miss Texas or anything; it's just a big deal in my little hometown. My mom was actually First Runner Up when she was in high school, so she convinced me to do it. I had never done a pageant before then {and haven't done one since}. When they called my name, I was so shocked because never did I ever think I was actually going to win! Ha! I was also the Interview Winner and Evening Gown Winner. 

How funny is that?! 

I can't find a picture anywhere for the life of me, but you can bet your bottom dollar as soon as I do, I'll share it with y'all! 

I'm now going to nominate (only if you want to and haven't already):

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  1. This is a fabulous post and congrats on your nomination. Love the story about how you and your man met and that he stood you up. and the story about Walker. Have you read Emily Giffin's new book about Walker County ( I think that is where it's set) ? :)


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