Friday, December 12, 2014


Happy Friday! Let's get to it! 

Walker's Christmas gifts for his teachers were super fun to make this year! After I blogged about it yesterday, it lit a fire under my rear and I went ahead and did it. 

I used this free printable for the top portion, which was my inspiration. I purchased the Essie nail polish, travel-size lotion and cellophane bag from Target. I purchased the foil shreds, glitter toe separators, glitter fingernail file and nail polish remover pads from Dollar Tree. Then, I filled each bag up, folded over the printables and stapled them to the bag. They're super simple, but I thought they were fun! 

We have no plans this weekend. None. And the next two weeks will be a bit crazy, so I'm really looking forward to resting this weekend and recharging. 

I purchased the entire volumizing line of the TIGI Catwalk Your Highness: shampoo and conditioner; thickening gel crème; and root boost spray to try to get this flat hair to do something. Y'all, it works! My hair has been so thick and teasing has become much easier. I would definitely try it! {And I am getting a much-needed trim tomorrow, so I'm definitely looking forward to that.} 

Our tickets to the Cotton Bowl came in yesterday! I absolutely cannot wait for New Year's Day! Sic 'Em, Bears!

In one week from today, I will have 16 glorious days off with this little cutie and I can barely contain my excitement! 

I just got in the prints from our family photo session {via} and I just adore this one of Walker where my brother plopped his big ol' Cousin Eddie hat on his head at the end of our session. The unplanned photos are always my favorite, y'all! 

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend! 

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  1. Those teacher gifts are too cute. Nice work. I love those pictures of Walker! That's awesome that you get 16 days off! I'm jealous! Have a good weekend lady!

  2. That hat on your little boy is just too. much. SO CUTE!

  3. Those pictures are adorable! I wish I looked that cute in my Cousin Eddie hat! :)

  4. Love the little gift ideas for the teachers, I need to do some my self.. Bowl Games are soo much fun :)
    Chelsea @

  5. awww...such a cutie! Love the gifts


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