Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for One-Year-Old Boys

Christmas is only three days away; can you believe it?! I most certainly can't. I'm literally counting down the minutes until Walker's very first Christmas. Experiencing this season through his eyes has been amazing. 

Shopping for a baby who is almost one wasn't exactly the easiest thing, I will admit. Some things are a little bit "big" for him now, but I wanted to get him things that he could grow into. And plus, his birthday is next month {seriously, I cannot believe he will be one in one month!}, so I felt like I had double duty this year for Christmas and birthday. 

We don't wrap Santa at our house, so I can't wait to lay these things out on the couch and see what he does with them. 

So, without further ado, here are the gifts that Walker is getting from Santa this year {and Santa personally thanks Amazon Prime!}:

one // two 

five // six

nine // ten

*Links are affiliate. All items have been purchased by me at full-price, yo!


  1. I LOVE the vacuum!! That is adorable!

  2. I want that vaccum for our boy! He loves his popper, or at least that's what we call #3 at our house!!


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