Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Warby Parker's Winter Collection

If you knew me, you'd know that I am a sucker for a good pair of glasses. Sunglasses, reading glasses {drinking glasses...oh wait, just kidding!}. 

But you'd also know that I get stuck - majorly - in a glasses rut. I have had the same pair of reading glasses since about, oh, 2009 and I continually buy aviator sunglasses. Creature of habit, I suppose? 

I've always had an obsession with Warby Parker glasses {especially their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program}, so when I saw they launched their Winter Collection today, I had to go do a bit of perusing on their site. And let me tell you, I am loving this collection! 

According to Warby Parker, "The six new rich tones and eight new shapes will help you but your best foot - or face, rather - forward, even in the event of a polar vortex. We mixed stainless steel with acetate, freshened up existing silhouettes with color treatments, and renovated classic shapes for unshakably confident options with a lot of character." 

Well, that sounds good to me! So, want to see my favorite eyeglasses and sunglasses styles from Warby Parker's new Winter Collection? I'm hoping they'll pull me out of my had-since-2009 reading glasses and only-wear-aviator sunglasses ruts for good! 

{1} Laurel Tea Rose Fade Eye Glasses // 
{2} Wilkie Eastern Bluebird Fade Eye Glasses

{3} Laurel Tea Rose Fade Sunglasses // 
{4} Laurel Oak Barrel Sunglasses

{5} Barkey Oak Barrel Sunglasses // 
{6} Jennings Whiskey Tortoise 

So clearly I'm sensing a pattern, and that is tortoise shell! Which of these are your favorite? Be sure to check out Warby Parker's various eyeglasses and sunglasses today!

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  1. Number 2 are my favorites. Sometimes I wish I wore glasses just cause they are soo cute. But I"m super thankful for my 20/20 eyes :)


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