Thursday, November 6, 2014

Putting Walker on a Schedule: 9+ Months

I shared with y'all Walker's original schedule {way back in March}, and since then I have gone back to work and things have just been a touch crazy. So, I thought that I'd give y'all his latest schedule: his 9+ month schedule, now that our silly boy is nine months old {sniff, sniff}! 

Like I said in March, the best thing we ever did for Walker - and ourselves - was implement Baby Wise. Again, as I always reiterate, this is what works best for us and it may not work for you. I've also heard great things about Moms on Call and The Happiest Baby on the Block, too. 

Yes, you will get remarks. I've heard my fair share. "Oh, he's not tired!" "Man, you're a slave to his schedule!" "When will I come over since he's always sleeping?" I just smile and nod because in the end, those people who are giving their two cents aren't the ones putting the baby to bed at night, right? I'll never forget one of Brandon's colleagues {who did Baby Wise with all three of their kids} telling us right after we implemented the sleep schedule, "People will laugh at you now, but they won't when their kid is still waking up every four hours at nine months old and yours is sleeping." I remember thinking at the time, "Eh, we'll see!" But now, I promise, promise you it's the best thing we ever did. Sleep is the best gift you can give your baby and yourself. 

Did I hate Baby Wise in the beginning? Yes. It went against every single fiber of my mom being to not go in my child's room when he was crying. But did he figure it out? Yes. Baby Wise helped regulate Walker's metabolism and he was fully sleeping through the night at four months old. Do we have our one-off nights? Of course. It's not a miracle worker. This isn't a lifestyle change. It's a sleep schedule. 

So, here is Walker's 9+ month schedule. It's important to note that Walker has now moved down to eating three 5 oz. bottles a day {at breakfast, lunch and dinner} and gets two snacks {one in the morning and one in the afternoon}. Basically, he's finally eating like we do, and we love it! 

We're planning to drop bottles in three months {at 1 year} and have him on strictly table food, so I'll be sure to share that schedule once his first birthday has come and gone. 

I hope this schedule helps you! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:{at} 

Happy Thursday! 


  1. I got the Baby Wise book and Happiest Baby on the Block and plan to read them in my last trimester! Extremely personal question for you - do you still breastfeed or pump? Or is Walker on formula?

  2. This is very cool! I hadn't considered a schedule for my guy, but perhaps it is something to think about!


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