Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks + Giving

This is our first Thanksgiving as a family of three, and living that life for nearly 10 months {on Saturday!} has made me realize just how thankful I am.

Yes, I am exhausted 90 percent of the time: being a wife, mother, friend, volunteer and a working gal pulls me in 5,001 directions daily. But I wouldn't trade this life for anything: it's ours, it's beautiful and it's the exact season that we are meant to be in right now. 

So, this Thanksgiving: I'm thankful for family - all of 'em! For my Savior who died on the cross for my sins. For my friends who keep me sane. For my husband and my son. For our home. For our jobs, as crazy as they may be. For our health. And for so many more things that I know I'm forgetting to name right now. 

Wherever you are, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and give thanks for many of the blessings you have: from the smallest to the largest. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Favorite Things Link-Up Party: Stocking Stuffers

Happy Tuesday! I'm excited to link up again with April, Elise, Katie and Zelle to chat all about stocking stuffers! 

I absolutely love shopping for stocking stuffers, because I think it can be fun...and, I confess, I kind of love the "mini" aspect of it all! Growing up, our stockings were huge - my Nana needlepointed them all and they were just giant. My mom would always fill them with fun things, plus a DVD, gift card or even one of our "big" little presents. And of course, candy! 

Since I'm the only girl in my household {seriously, even the cat is a boy}, these are the fun things I'd love to see in my stocking this year...cough, cough, Brandon, cough

one :: two 

three :: four 

five :: six 

*Some links are affiliate. All items have been purchased by me at full-price, yo!

Monday, November 24, 2014


Well, Mondays sure are much nicer when you're off - for a whole week! I'm linking up with Biana and Meghan again today! 

I'm starting on Thursday, because it was my first day off for the Thanksgiving holiday! I took Thursday and Friday off, and since I do communications for a school district, that means I get the entire week of Thanksgiving off...just like the kiddos! Definitely a nice perk. :) 

Anyway, I kept Walker home with me Thursday and we got ready to go to my parents' house for the weekend! He "helped" me do a ton of laundry, clean the entire house and pack. Thursday was a nice mail day, too: our Lewis Wines Wine Club shipment came in! 

The Griswolds and their gypsy wagon were packed up and ready to head south for the 4-hour drive by 9 a.m.! I'm thinking that's a record. This was our first road trip with Walker since he was nearly three months old, so I had done a ton of research and preparation for it - which I'll share this week for anyone interested - so we were ready to go! 

And yes, we turned Walker around in his car seat. Sue me. I was so tired of the meltdowns every time we got in the car {that lasted until he got out}, so we flipped him. And guess what?! We use a blanket in the crib, too! *Gasp!* And guess what again? He did GREAT in the car and I felt like I had a different baby. I guess I really wouldn't like riding backward, either. 

Anyway, off of that soap box! 

Walker did great in the car and we made it to my hometown a little after lunchtime. We hung out at my parents' for a bit and then all went to my grandparents' for supper. My grandmother made a great baked potato soup, salad and a chocolate pound cake. 

Before we ate, Walker and my Dad did a little "catching up." I'd say they're both pretty smitten. :) 

After we ate, two of my cousins {who are my age} came over to hang out and visit. One thing I love about the way I grew up is that we all lived in the same town and were - and are - so close! My cousin Rebecca and her husband Kris brought their little girl, Audrey, who is exactly one year and one day older than Walker. They were little kissin' cousins! ;) 

I have absolutely zero pictures of Saturday because I was so busy soaking up family time! Walker decided he wanted to wake up at 5:50 a.m., so we were all up and rarin' to go before 7 a.m. {My poor child is such a creature of habit. That Pack 'n' Play? Not cutting it for that spoiled always-on-a-schedule-and-sleeps-in-his-crib dude. Le sigh.} My Dad made us all yummy omelets and bacon, and we just lounged around for the morning. 

After Walker's nap, we took our Christmas card photos with the photographers who took our wedding portraits! They live in my hometown and are good friends of our family. I have seen them and can't wait to share them with y'all - I'm sure you will love them! :) My brother showed up in the middle of our session and Walker about died over him. He loves his Uncle Parker! 

We ended the day with a great Baylor football victory, a yummy home cooked meal by my Mom, and just spending time together. 

We went to church, then picked out our portraits of choice at our photographers' house. Then, my Mom made another yummy meal for us, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. 

We left after lunch, and Walker didn't make it 10 minutes down the road before he passed out., I started taking pictures of my hometown. East Texas and its pine trees will always have my heart. 

Walker did excellent on the car ride home and we didn't even have to stop! We made our typically-four-hour drive in three yesterday. While it was really hard to leave my family, it was good to get home. 

I'm looking forward to this whole week off and not having having to go back to work until Dec. 1! 

Hope y'all have a great Monday! 


Friday, November 21, 2014


Happy Friday! Linking up with April, Christina, Darci and Natasha for "Five on Friday"; Lauren for "High Five for Friday"; and Amy and Karli for "Oh Hey, Friday!" 

Here we go! 

I mentioned Monday that we put our Christmas tree up, and I had to report back that Walker has had absolutely zero interest in it. None. I totally thought I'd have to baby gate that thing or not put ornaments on the bottom, but the kid - much to my surprise - could care less! He'll look at it every day when we get home, gaze for a second, and then crawl off to go play with this toys. It's the craziest thing to me! 

However, he does like the giant ornaments {that I picked up from Target a few years ago} when I hold him up to the tree. I think he likes that he can see himself in them. ;) 

Brandon and I are more than a little obsessed with "How to Get Away with Murder." We hadn't watched it in almost a month {that is so sad}, so we binge-watched four episodes the other night - staying up past 10 p.m. which, sadly, is well past our old people bedtime! I am so confused by - yet so enthralled with - that show! 

The Rage has done it again...making me want every single thing in their shop! I'm currently dying over this cute sequin pocket tee! {The former sorority girl in me can't get enough of pocket tees!} 

It's quite evident, I'm sure, that Brandon and I are huge wine-o's! Our new favorite is from a vineyard we visited when we were in Fredricksburg: Lewis Wines. It's a 2013 Chenin Blanc and is $24 per bottle. While that's on the pricey side, we're Wine Club Members so we get a good discount on it. Since we don't live near Fredricksburg, we have it shipped to us, which is likely the best decision I have made in a while. It's always the best mail day when Brandon brings that home from his office! {BTW, you have to sign for it, so that's why we have it sent to Brandon's office. I figured sending wine to a school district's administration building where I work would be quite frowned upon...ha!} Anyway, if you love wine, order yourself a bottle of this soon! I promise you'll love it! 

This was totally me this week! I felt like the crazy train of people was fast approaching the station all week, so I am beyond excited that it is Friday and I am off all week next week! Hallelujah for leaving work on Nov. 19 and not stepping foot back in there until December! 

Happy Weekend, y'all! 


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday | What I Need in My Closet

Happy Thursday! I'm linking up with Annie and Natalie today for "Thoughts for Thursday." This week? All about what I need in my closet! 

I say "need" in a very loose term: I have a ton of stuff in my closet, but that's just it: stuff. I don't have all of those key pieces everyone "needs." I will go in my closet in the morning and just stare, reminding myself I just need to clean out that dang closet. I will chalk it up to being pregnant last year and having a bunch of transitional pieces...or maybe I don't have an excuse at all! Ha! My biggest problem is that I have work clothes and lounge-around-the-house {read: yoga pants} clothes. I have nothing in between! 

That said, here are the things that I have a running list on my phone in the Notes Section {yes, I have that}. 

Brightly-colored skirts 

I don't know about y'all, but I have a plethora of black and navy skirts in every shape and size. I need some bright ones that I can throw on with - like below - a black or white top and cute accessories and it's a cute, put-together outfit! 

A pair of leopard print heels {that I like}

I have had my current pair of leopard print heels for what seems like forever, so I'm in the market for some new ones. Preferably these, thankyouverymuch! 

Colored skinny pants {not jeans}

I have a couple pairs of colored pants, but they're more on the slack-ish side. Basically, they're just not my favorite. I need a few pairs of cute colored skinny pants. I have a couple pairs of black and white ones {and jeans, of course} but not any colored ones I just love that I can wear to work. Anyone have a pair they love? 

A new fur vest 

This one isn't necessary since I already have one, but the one I have has a little sweater-like trim on it. I love the one below! 

A good white dress {that I can wear to work}

I have a really cute white sundress that I love wearing on the weekends in the summer, but I need one like the one below that I can wear to work in the summers that is cute, yet still professional. 

More infinity scarves 

I have a ton of scarves, but I need more printed scarves that I can mix and match with outfits like below. I never would have thought to put that scarf with that shirt, but I think it's adorable! 

However, all of that to say, Pinterest has provided me with quite the outfit inspiration as of late! Here are some of my recent favorites that I've copied: 

I hope y'all have a wonderful day! Almost the weekend! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Favorite Things Link-Up

I'm a little tardy to the party on this one, but I wanted to link up with April, Elise, Katie and Zelle for the "My Favorite Things" link-up! 

There is nothing this year that I just have to have, to tell you the truth! Once Walker got here, I honestly could care less what I got as long as he had an amazing Christmas like I remember having as a kid. But, if you had to twist my arm, here are some things I'd like to see under the tree this year...

one :: two

five :: six


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Target Find Tuesday

It's that time again...! Here are my recent favorite Target finds. 

{And don't forget to grab the image above and tell me what you're loving lately from Target!}

Why don't they make this in adult sizes?! 

I can just see Walker in this with some cute jeans and a hat. I die.

Mossimo Women's Tie-Front Blouse - $22.99 + Skirt {similar} - $34.99

I looooooove lace skirts and I think this entire outfit would be so cute for Brandon's company Christmas dinner!

If I didn't already have a plethora of wreathes, I would have scooped this one up. I mean, how cute!

I have absolutely no need for these little guys, but I thought they were fun. Glitter? Check!

This cute sweater may or may not have come home with me. I'll let you be the judge. Ha! Clearly I have an obsession with glitter, sequins and embellishment! 

Have you found anything cute at Target lately!? Be sure to share with me what you have found! 

Monday, November 17, 2014


Happy Monday, friends! Linking up with Biana and Meghan again today. 

This little sickie finally had his 9-month doctor's appointment on Friday, which we coupled with the second round of his flu shot. He's had a horrible cough, poor thing, so we just checked it all out while we were there. He did great, and was honestly more upset about having to get completely naked and be weighed. {Frankly, I probably would be, too! It's cold!} 

When we got home, he didn't want to do anything but cuddle, so that we did. He slept for a full hour at 5 p.m., and then went to sleep for the night at 7 p.m. {and slept until 6:45 a.m.}. He was worn out. Walker never sleeps on me like this anymore, so I had to take the snuggles where I could get them! 

Brandon got home about 7 p.m., so I made him some chili and we just caught up after him being away for six days. 

We had to get some financial documents in order, so we were up and at 'em on Saturday to get to the guy's office. Walker did great while we signed a bunch of papers for nearly two hours; I was so proud. {You know you're officially old when...} 

After we got that taken care of, we grabbed lunch at Pei Wei; cleaned and did laundry; went to the grocery store; watched Upset Saturday college football; and then decided to put up the Christmas tree! I know it's not even Thanksgiving, but the weather called for it. And, frankly, it takes so much time to get everything down from the attic, put it all up and then get everything stored back in the I just figured, "Why not?" I am loving having the extra time to enjoy it this year.

We ended the evening with a yummy supper from my grandmother's cookbook and turned in around 9 p.m. Party animals! 

We went to the early service at church, and then came home to have lunch. We had grand plans to get out and be productive, but the fire, sweatpants and hot tea were calling our names. Light snow was forecasted, and us Texans just don't do well with that! So, I plopped myself down in my favorite little spot to get warm while Walker napped. 

While the Little Man napped, we completely finished our Christmas shopping online - hooray for not stepping ONE FOOT in a store this year for Christmas gifts! - and were lazy bums on the couch. It was wonderful! 

I only have a three-day workweek this week and am off for 11 glorious days beginning Wednesday afternoon! Hallelujah! Hope y'all have a wonderful week! 


Friday, November 14, 2014


Hello, Friday! How happy I am that you are {finally} here! 

Linking up, per usual, with April, Christina, Darci and Natasha for "Five on Friday"; Lauren for "High Five for Friday" and Amy and Karli for "Oh Hey, Friday." 

Here we go...!

Brandon has been traveling on business since Sunday and finally gets home today! He has been in Canada, and we have laughed all week that it has been colder in Dallas, Texas than it was in CANADA. In fact, it was a chilly 29 degrees when I got out of the car to drop Walker off at school yesterday. Brrrr! 

I have had our heater blasting, gas fireplace on high, and the buglet and I have been sleeping in practically parkas. We're supposed to get light snow on Sunday evening, so looks like this trend will continue for a while. 

Walker wasn't having it when I put him in the car the other morning all bundled...check out that side-eye! I felt like that line in "A Christmas Story": "I can't put my arrrrrrrmssssss downnnnnn!" Ha! 

Have y'all heard of The Rage? I'm obsessed with everything in their online store and want to buyallthethings. Seriously, Brandon is probably about to take my credit card away! 

I bought this cardi the other day and I can't wait to wear it! I would like some of my other favorites, but then I'd just be linking the whole site,'re welcome. 

Liz tells me I look like this girl. Ha! 

This article has been circulating around social media lately, and I finally got around to reading it last night. It's called, "10 Things Your Mom Never Told You." Get your tissues out, because it definitely made me a little teary. 

This kind of weather always has me craving soup! I think I'm going to try to make this Chicken Avocado Soup this weekend. Have y'all tried it?

With Brandon being out of town, I typically wake up at 4:30 a.m. since I do everything - and I do mean everything - by myself to try to get us up, fed, dressed, out the door and to school/work on time. Since he's coming home tonight, I am giving him full Daddy Duty and will be taking a nice, hot bath with a glass of wine. And I've deemed it appropriate that he get all poop diapers through Sunday. ;) 

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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