Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Walker is NINE Months Old!

Walker, you are nine months old! I know I say it every month, but I can't believe we're already here! 

You are now taking three 5 oz. bottles a day: 6 a.m., 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. You are eating more food than milk, and I can't believe our sweet little boy is relying more on food than milk! Stop growing! 

Your schedule is: 6 a.m.: wake, followed by oatmeal and a bottle; 9 a.m.: morning snack; 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.: nap; 12 p.m.: lunch {vegetable, fruit and yogurt}; 1-3 p.m.: nap; 3 p.m.: afternoon snack; 6 p.m.: dinner {vegetable + quinoa, fruit and yogurt}; 6:30 p.m.: bath; 7 p.m.: bed. 

You still love to eat, and we have started you on a few table foods: peas, corn, cubed sweet potatoes, sting cheese, green beans, pears and peaches {and Puffs}. You still love your purées and eat: quinoa, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, green beans, peas, broccoli, avocado, apples, bananas, peaches, pears, mangoes and yogurt. You also love drinking cold water out of your sippy cup

You are a great sleeper and typically sleep from 7 p.m.-6:30 or 7 a.m.! We've had a few one-off nights where you have woken up in fits, but we quickly learned it was teething. {I hate you, teething!} 

We had to lower your crib to the lowest setting a few weeks ago. You have gotten quite good at attempting to climb out of your bed - just like your Uncle Royden used to do - and it scared us a lot, so down the bed went. You continued to do it on the next level, so down it went to the lowest possible setting. We still will go in in the mornings and find you standing up in your crib just smiling at us with your sleepy eyes! 

You went in for your flu shot earlier this month and weighed almost 23 pounds. You go back for your second flu vaccine and nine-month check-up in two weeks, so I'll know your full details then. All I know is, you're a chunk and I love it! 

You started crawling last month, and now you're into EVERYTHING! You are so fast, too! You have started pulling up on things, including your walker, in the bathtub and in your crib, as well as on us. You also enjoy standing if someone is holding your arms, or if you're standing in between one of our legs while we're sitting. I have a feeling you'll be walking by your first birthday, but I'm not rushing that in the least! You actually took your first assisted steps with your walker last Friday, and have really enjoyed doing that continually. 

You have started to roll over onto your back, hold up a book over your head and "read it." It cracks us up! You also noticed that things make sounds when you hit them together, so you're often smacking your blocks together and cracking up at the sound that makes. 

You cut your bottom two teeth, and now you look so much more like a big boy to me than a baby! It's so cute to see your scrunch-nose, open-mouth grin with those two little teeth in there. 

You say "Mama," "Dada" "Ba" {for bottle} and "Bah bah" {for bye-bye}. You also understand the word "no," and when I say it to you, you shake your head "no" back at me. You recognize your name, and turn if we call it. 

Your firsts for this month included: getting your bottom teeth, starting a few table foods, pulling up on things, taking your first assisted steps with your walker, your first nights away from Mommy and Daddy, your first boo-boo at school, transitioning to the convertible car seat and your first visit to the pumpkin patch.  

You are in nine month clothes and a few 12 month ones, as well. You are also in size three shoes. 

You are so precious and smile so much! You love to give kisses, and when you do, you put both of your hands on either side of our faces and smack one on us. It's adorable! 

You absolutely adore your Daddy and think he just hung the moon. You also love: cold water from your sippy cup, bath time, playing outside, swinging in your swing, giving kisses, sleeping on your tummy, reading books, terrorizing Oliver and the song "All About that Bass" {you dance to it, which is hilarious}. 

You don't like: picking food up by yourself - you'd rather us feed it to you; the NoseFrida; having your face or nose wiped; getting dressed in the mornings being in your infant carseat {hence why we transitioned you!} and avocados {clearly you're not my child in that regard!}. 

Walky, Walk, Boo Boo, Walker Boo, Little Man, Monkey, Monk-Monk 

Walker, how you are already nine months old is beyond me. You are so fun, sweet and hilarious that I sometimes sit back and wonder how we got so lucky. {I guess the better term would be "blessed."} 

I am truly enjoying seeing your personality come out and shine through, as well as determine which characteristics or traits you have from your Dad and me. You definitely have my zero patience - you can go from zero to 60 in five seconds flat. You are also very dramatic like me, but you are very loving and affectionate like your Dad. You also have a great appetite like us both! I see so much of your Dad in you at times, but everyone comments how you look just like your Pah {my grandfather} and Uncle Greg {my great-uncle}. 

I absolutely love seeing the world through your eyes and enjoy watching you learn new things. You are such a sweet, precious boy and I can't imagine my life without you.

You are a joy and a delight and we love you to pieces.

Mommy and Daddy 


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