Thursday, October 16, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

Yep, you read that title correctly! 

I know it's only mid-October, but I get started on my Christmas gift purchasing pretty early around here, and I have already been thinking about Christmas gift ideas for Walker's teachers that aren't food. Not that there's anything wrong with cookies, peppermint bark or a bundt cake; but those gifts are just another set of sweet treats that pile up on their counter and, let's be honest, make that number on the scale tick up just a smidge. 

Plus, I feel that someone who watches my child for 7.5 hours a day deserves a bit more than Williams-Sonoma peppermint bark. {Though that stuff is amazing.}

Here are of my favorite non-food Christmas gift ideas for teachers: 

-Hand Soaps-
I personally love a good hand soap and often splurge on great ones to gift people. Bath & Body Works has my absolute favorite ones! They smell great and come in a variety of types: deep cleaning, specialty {read: spa-like} and foaming. Plus, they're nicely priced and are often on sale if you buy two or three at a time. 

I am a sucker for candles, and I feel like people always love receiving a "fancy," good-smelling candle. I really love Anthropologie's candles {so much so that I always ask for them for Christmas!} and again, Bath & Body Works'. Both companies have candles that don't just smell a small area - they smell the entire house, and I love that. 

I love Anthropologie's Pumpkin Souffl√© Boulangerie Jar, Anthropologie's Capri Blue Jar Candle and basically all of Bath & Body Works' candles...but the Eucalyptus Mint 3-Wick Candle is so soothing. 

-Nail Polishes-
These are such a cute, fun gift to receive. Before you buy, take a look at the lady's nails and see what colors she typically wears {darks, nudes, pinks, reds, glitter} and purchase something in that color family. You can even pair it with a cute printable from Pinterest that says, "For Your Mistle Toes" to jazz it up a bit! 

My favorite nail polishes - especially to gift or to include as a stocking stuffer - are Essie polishes. You could also include a nail file, cute bag to put polishes in and/or a gift certificate to get a manicure or pedicure here, too! Get creative with it. 

-A cozy blanket, hot cocoa mix and a manicure/pedicure gift certificate- 
This gift screams "Relax on us, please!" After a long semester or holiday season, this gift is always a welcome one. 

You can get a cozy blanket anywhere, but my absolute favorite blanket in the world is Restoration Hardware's Ultimate Plush Throw. You can almost always find it on sale! Pair it with an easy peppermint hot chocolate mix {find any variation on Pinterest} and a gift certificate for a manicure and/or pedicure, and you're set! 

-Gift Cards- (Not pictured) 
Gift cards seem impersonal - and perhaps they are - but they are always a welcome gift no matter who you are {if it's somewhere you enjoy going or frequent often}. Think about places the teacher talks about visiting often {e.g. Target, Sephora}; likes to eat {e.g. Mi Cocina, Chili's}; or likes to do {e.g. read, so buy an Amazon gift card}. 

None of these Christmas gifts have to cost a lot of money, but the recipient will feel so good knowing you spent a little time, thought and effort on their gift. 

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