Monday, September 8, 2014


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If I'm being truly honest, this weekend wasn't our best. Full transparency here: it was one of those where Brandon and I weren't in sync, we bickered over silly stuff and I honestly wish I could have a do-over. Those days exist for all of us, don't they? Oh well. It just makes me look even more forward to Friday! 

We had our weekly Friday Night Pizza tradition, and I spent the evening cleaning the house after Walker went to sleep. I'm telling y'all, we are PARTY ANIMALS. 

Walker slept from 7 p.m.-7 a.m., and it was amazing! When he woke up, we all lounged around in bed and played for a while. He and I both took a nap, then I went to the grocery store and got a much-needed pedicure. 

Brandon texted me this picture when I was at the nail place. I love this sweet thing so much!

Brandon's company gave us tickets to the Rangers game, so we got a babysitter for date night. It was basically the worst date night ever: it was pouring down rain {and the ballpark doesn't have a Texas...yeah}; we bickered; the game had a rain delay and I was just miserable! We left early, came home and decided we'd have another date night ASAP. 

I was actually pretty bummed because our seats are the fourth row from the field - and his company has suite access {which was packed because of the weather} - so I knew it could have been really fun. Oh well. 

I woke up in a funk, so I just deemed Sunday family day. We played hooky from church, had lunch together and lounged around the house all day. I made Walker some food, we enjoyed the first day of non-preseason football on TV and all took naps together. It was just what we all needed, I think. Some days are so nice to just be home together with nothing on the agenda. Plus, Walker decided yesterday would be the day to finally say "mama!" I was so happy! He's been saying "dada" and "baba" {for bottle}, so it made my heart burst to hear "mama" for the first time! 

And speaking of football, the Cowboys? Heavy sigh. This is how Walker felt about the game:

I hope everyone has a great Monday and a wonderful week!

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  1. haha! That last picture of Walker is hilarious! Sad that you didn't have such a great weekend. :( Hopefully your week is better! We totally had a lazy, do nothing weekend too.


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