Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Better late than never, right!? I'm linking up with Biana and Meghan for "Weekending"...on a Tuesday afternoon. 

My office closed at 3:30 p.m., which was so nice! An extra hour really adds a lot to your weekend! Brandon made homemade pizza and we just relaxed on the couch watching "Noah" {would not recommend} and went to bed early. Party animals! 

I snuck this picture of Brandon reading Walker his bedtime story Friday night. Love these two! 

Walker and I had snuggle time in bed before we got up for the day. I love this sweet nugget! He proceeded to take an hour nap with me later in the morning, which of course I just relish because I know that's the last thing he's going to want to do in the coming years. 

After our nap and I cleaned the house, we drove into Dallas for a fun little "adventure": sushi at Kona, shopping at NorthPark and a visit to the George W. Bush Presidential Center

This was Walker's first time sitting up in a high chair at a restaurant, and he did so well! He was ridiculously well-behaved and we were so proud of him for that. I had been craving sushi and a glass of wine, and of course, our favorite, Kona, did not disappoint! 

Brandon and I both really enjoyed the George W. Bush museum! He is one of our favorite presidents, and it was fun touring the museum with our very own little Walker! {He was so ridiculously well-behaved this day, it was amazing!} 

There is a little recreation of the Oval Office in the museum, and we thought that was really neat! 

The photo is on Brandon's phone, but we even got Walker in a picture, too! Of course, when I said to Brandon, "Grab Walker so we can take a picture with him," all the museum guides just LOVED that (since it's also George's middle name) and we had about six people yelling, "Walker! Walker! Little Walker!" trying to get him to smile. ;) 

Baylor had their first game of the 2014 football season, so of course Brandon and Walker had to be decked out in their Baylor gear for church! 

We had a great morning at church, where we're currently studying Revelation. I have never done an in-depth study on that book before, and I'm really enjoying it. 

After church and lunch, Walker and I took a nap while Brandon went to the gym. 

That night, we went over to my Uncle Timm and Aunt Katherine's house to celebrate my Aunt Tina's birthday and watch the Baylor game! Katherine made a yummy dinner of steak kebabs, her famous "crack corn," homemade mac 'n' cheese and strawberry cake, and topped it off with pomegranate martinis. It was delish! We loved seeing my side of the family and just lounging. 

Walker, of course, just loved all over his Aunt Tina! 

...slobbery kisses and all. 

We just lounged around and were so lazy. It was heavenly. I cleaned absolutely everything that could be cleaned and washed absolutely everything that could be washed. We definitely have a clean house now! 

Walker and I took another nap together and I spent the majority of the afternoon packing up a ton of his clothes and having Brandon put them in the attic. I can't believe we're already in 9 month clothing for almost everything! Waa! 

When we were in the attic, I saw my fall decor and decided that September 1 was as good a time as any to decorate, so I did it! While it may be 100* outside in Texas right now, it's fall inside! And I'm loving it! 

{Honestly, I just didn't know when the next time I would have to get it all down, sorted and decorated, so the long weekend was the perfect time.} 

We're back at work today, and I'm really excited that tomorrow will already be mid-week! Woo hoo! 

Hope y'all have an excellent week and had a great Labor Day!


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