Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Favorite Baby Products: 7 Month Edition

Holy moly, how do I have a seven-month-old?! I feel like I was just writing about our favorite one-month-old baby products, and here I am including sippy cups and walkers in my list. 

Here are some things Walker is currently into at seven months, as well as things that Mommy is quite into, as well! 

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Infantino Barn Shape Sorter: Walker loves this thing! More often than not, he dumps the shapes with the barn animals on them and the letters out of the barn and shakes around the barn itself...but he enjoys picking up and examining the shapes and animals, and I love that it helps him with his fine motor skills. 

Munchkin 36 Bath Letters and Numbers: Didn't we all have these as kids?! These are so fun for bath time, especially now that Walker is sitting up in the bathtub. I put them on the side of the tub for him, and he loves getting them off and sticking them back up there. Plus, he enjoys chewing on them, too! 

OXO 7 oz. Sippy Cup with Removable Handles: This is one of the best sippy cups we have tried! It truly does not spill, and I love that you can remove the handles for later use. Walker likes it, as well, because he can easily grab the handles and drink. 

Gap Footed One-Piece Jammies: Even though Gap pajamas are long and skinny, we love them. They are so soft and comfy and are so easy to get on and off. The fabric doesn't pill and the zip is so easy. 

JellyCat Soft Books: I leave these out on Walker's playmat and he really likes the way they feel and the sounds they make. It's fun for us to read to him to help further his language development, and I don't mind if they go in his mouth, if they're chewed on or anything of the sort. 

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker: This is so fun for Walker and keeps him amused for a good while. It's so bright, colorful and makes a lot of noise, so of course he loves it! He sits on the floor and plays with it now, but it is a great teach-to-walk tool. {Although I'm not quite ready for that yet!}

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