Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bullet Point Blog Post

Y'all, this week has been crazy. Cuh-razy. It's Thursday and I've already had a little breakdown at work and am super exhausted, plus I'm 99% sure I'm getting sick, too. So there's that! 

But anywho, a bullet point blog post for y'all today, because, well...because. ;)

  • I am becoming a two-cups-of-coffee-every-morning girl. I didn't even drink coffee {other than Frappuccinos or something similar} when I moved to Dallas six years ago, but now I'm drinking two cups a day. So bad, yet so good. 
  • Walker is thisclose to crawling, and I'm seriously not ready for that yet! Waaa! 
  • I am officially obsessed with this mask from Origins. Cannot. Get. Enough.
  • Walker has learned to say "bye bye," and I'm kind of obsessed. He sounds like he's making a popping noise with his lips when he does it, which I'm also obsessed with. 
  • My friend Liz has on a red pencil skirt and a leopard cardigan today, and she looks adorable! I need to get a red pencil skirt STAT. 
  • Remember how I said it felt like fall in Dallas late last week and earlier this week? Yeah? Well that's GONE now. Ugh! It's so humid outside and I'm dying for fall to come back into our lives. Walker wore shorts to school today. Shorts! 
  • If you're in the mood for a new pair of jeans, Gap is having $25 off one pair and $50 off two today! I'm personally obsessed with their 1969 Always Skinny jeans. I have them in denim, white and now black. They're the best jeans I've ever owned! 
  • My split ends are OUT. OF. CONTROL! I can't wait to get a haircut next weekend. 
  • Speaking of weekend, I'm getting a much-needed mani/pedi and sadly, I'm looking forward to it like nobody's business. 
  • My parents took us to Sanibel Island, Florida when I was a senior in college. I've had a major hankering to go back there with my little family of three, so I've been doing extensive research on it! I'm thinking next summer, so we shall see! I can't wait for Walker to experience the beach. 
  • PSL's are back at Starbucks, and I caved and got one yesterday. Why are they so dang good?! 
  • Have y'all heard of Shrimp and Grits Kids? Holy moly. I'm a true Southerner and this smocking and monogramming has me dying over here. So cute! 
  • I bought my mom the CUTEST top and necklace yesterday from Banana Republic for her birthday and now all I want to do is go back and get them for myself. Would it be weird if my mom and I matched? Ha! 

I'm sure this post is boring y'all to death. So for that I'm sorry. 

Hope y'all have a great rest of your day! The weekend is almost here!!!


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