Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday Things

School starts Monday in our district, so we have been frantically getting everything prepared for back-to-school. To say I'm exhausted is an understatement! 

So, with that, I give you a stream of consciousness post today: 

+ Have y'all tried the Wet Brush? I'm obsessed. If you haven't, run to your nearest Target and get one ASAP! 

+ I finally broke down and purchased a new flat iron yesterday. Mine was nearing four years old {gross}, and it was high time. I got the Ultra Chi in the cute "Sunset" pattern. It's so fun! 

+ I'm getting a little annoyed with the Ice Bucket Challenges all over social media {just go donate to the organization, folks!}, but I couldn't resist sharing George W. Bush's Ice Bucket Challenge video on Facebook this morning. I just love him! Watch it here.

+ Our shower is being installed Saturday, and I can't wait! Our bathroom will finally be done! I'll be sure to post complete "after" photos on Monday. {You can view our bathroom renovation here.} 

+ I'll admit it: I hate Google+ and the fact that it's linked to my blog. I started messing with it the other day and accidentally deleted the photo album that housed all the photos from my blog. Greaaaaaaat. So, if you click on a post and it's picture-less, I'm sorry! 

+ Walker's first Halloween costume has been purchased and should be on my front doorstep tomorrow! I can't wait for his first little trick-or-treating experience, even though he will have no clue what is going on. 

+ Speaking of Halloween, I also got him some cute little Halloween-themed onesies and pants to wear to the pumpkin patch and to school on Halloween, since it's on a Friday this year. Thank you, Old Navy, for not having onesies that say stupid things like, "I'm Batty for Mommy!" {Ahem, Carter's.}

+ When I dropped Walker off at day care this morning, the center's director told me that Walker is her favorite and people go into his little classroom all the time to hold him and play with him! She said he is so well-behaved, so sweet and "absolutely adorable!" Melted this mama's heart! I'm so glad that he's good at school and so loved there! 

+ My in-law's asked us to go to Mexico and take Walker. Am I weird that I am not exactly comfortable taking a baby to Mexico {or any foreign country for that matter - right now}? 

+ When you call someone and they text - instead of calling - back...yeah, that is really super annoying to me. 

+ I just took a break from this blog post to order Walker some shoes. I swooned over these a little bit before buying them online. :)

+ And the best news of all: I can finally announce that my best friend Lindsey is pregnant and is expecting a baby BOY in February! I'm so excited for her and her husband and cannot wait to meet their sweet baby so very soon! 



  1. I can't wait to see Walker's Halloween costume! Babies in halloween costumes are just the cutest! Yay for your bathroom being done this weekend! And I don't blame you for not wanting to take a baby to Mexico. That would scare me too! Hope you're having a good day lady!

  2. I admit, I bought a few friends onesies that said "Mummy loves me". I go back and forth on cute vs. tacky.

  3. I agree that I wouldn't want to take my baby to Mexico either. I have friends who have done it recently and everything was fine, but I wouldn't feel comfortable. You've gotta go with YOUR gut feeling - not anyone elses. And confession: I like the Carter's silly least for Holiday wear. Guilty as charged!

  4. Love the onesies and those shoes! I agree with you, super annoying when someone texts back instead of returning the call. Can't wait to see what you chose for Walker's Halloween costume!


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