Friday, August 29, 2014

Walker is SEVEN Months Old!

*In lieu of my typical "Friday" post, I'm dedicating this post to Walker's seventh month! 

You are taking four 6 oz. bottles of Similac Sensitive a day {6 a.m., 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.} and have solid food in between {oatmeal: 8 a.m.; fruit and veggie: 12 p.m.; fruit and veggie: 5 p.m.}. You have started self-weaning from your formula, and it has made it very easy on thank you! 

You moved this month from one ice cube of a fruit or veggie at each feeding to two. You are such a great eater, and those precious little thigh rolls prove it! You eat Yo-Yo Baby yogurt, sweet potatoes, quinoa, peas, green beans, mangoes, peaches, pears and apples. 

You are still taking your baby Zantac for your reflux and now get 1.6 mL twice a day. 

You are a great sleeper, and we never cease to be thankful for that! You go down between 7-7:30 p.m. and wake up between 6-6:30 a.m. Even still, you're not a huge napper, unless one of us lays down with you. If that's the case, you sleep from about an hour or more!

You have started immediately rolling over onto your side or tummy when we lay you down for bed at night; you do not like sleeping on your back, just like me! You are also a little snore-er! I get so tickled listening to you sleep because you sound like an 80-year-old man with that snore. 

Since you don't have a seven month well-check, I'm not sure how much you "officially" weigh, but we put you on the scale with us and think you weigh right around 20-21 lbs. 

You started sitting up by yourself last month, but you are getting much more daring with it; you keep reaching out for toys that are quite out of your reach and I'm really worried you're just going to face plant one of these days! If we lay you down on your back, you immediately roll over to your tummy and can do a full 360* on your tummy to "get" wherever you need/want to "go." 

You have also started sitting up in the bathtub and we've officially retired the little Angel Care bathtub. You have this crazy desire to be upright and can't stand being in anything where you're reclined, like your swing, bathtub or even car seat. I don't think we're far off from buying you a convertible car seat {facing backwards, of course} and moving you out of the infant car seat once you reach 30 pounds. 

Your firsts for this month included: your first babysitter {other than a family member}; your first time to meet Mommy's friend, your "Auntie Laura"; your 6-month photoshoot with Mommy's friend Mrs. Liz; your first time to swim with Mommy; and moving out of your baby bathtub. 

You are wearing some six-month clothes and mostly 6-9 month clothes. There are only two brands in which you're wearing 9-month clothes and that is Carter's and Ralph Lauren. Baby Gap still tends to be really big on you.

You are still so sweet and love to laugh. You giggle at the weirdest, goofiest things and that cracks your Dad and me up! We love to try to see who can make you laugh the hardest and at what random sound we make. 

You are not a fan of being left alone to do anything; you're very social, just like me! You get so upset if I put you down to play on your blanket with some toys in the living room and step just feet away into the kitchen to get a glass of water, put something in the dishwasher, etc. You really don't like having your face or nose wiped, being put in your car seat, or when we take you out of the bath. 

You absolutely love the bath {or water in general}, pulling Mommy's hair, looking at yourself in the mirror, doing anything with Daddy {you love him to pieces}, trying to grab my iPhone, eating, arching your back to look at ceiling fans, and the meteorological maps on TV. 

Walky, Walk, Buddy, Boo Boo, Waka-Waka-Waka, Walker Boo, Little Man 

Walker, we love you so much. I found a quote the other day that said, "If I know what love is, it is because of you." And that is so true. You have taught me so much about love and the complete understanding of the statement, "Tomorrow is another day." 

You are closer to being one year old than not, and I can't believe it. We were always told to "not blink, because it goes so fast," and boy, does it ever. I feel like we were just awake together - just the two of us - every night at 2 a.m., and now I go into your room at night and kiss your sweet little cheek over the crib railing. I sometimes miss those sweet 2 a.m. wake-up calls from you, when it was just you and me against the world, or so it felt like. 

You are learning, growing and changing each day, and every day you do something new that amazes me and makes me laugh. You have come so far in seven short months; I can't even imagine what the next seven are going to be like. 

As silly as this sounds, thank you for learning right along with us. Your Dad and I, we're new to this whole "parenting" stuff. You're teaching us just as much as we're teaching you. 

I love you more than I could ever express and am so beyond thankful for you. You have truly changed our lives for the better and we can barely remember what life was like before you. 

Don't ever change from being the sweet, precious little boy you are now. We pray for you and your heart daily. 

As I always say, you are a joy and a delight. We love you to the moon and back again. 

Mommy and Daddy 


  1. I can't believe he is seven months old already! And I love the picture of him face planting on the chair, haha!!

  2. As someone who has bad reflux I can tell you he likes being upright because being flat makes the reflux worse and feels all around awful. Being on an incline help so much!


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