Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our Bathroom Renovation

I mentioned yesterday that we spent the weekend renovating our bathroom. It was definitely a labor of love, and I'm so happy with the results. But before I show you the finished product, I'm going to give you a little back story and some "before" photos. 

When we moved into our house two years ago, we knew we were going to update our bathroom {amongst many other things in our house}. I'm not a person who wanted {or wants} to spend an outrageous sum of money on a house that's already been completed; I wanted a project - but not a huge one - and I wanted to make it my own. We spent the first year and a half in our house removing popcorn ceilings, painting the entire house, staining cabinets, renovating our entire backyard, replacing wood floors {albeit after a flood, but still}, and doing a myriad of other things to our 20-year-old house. 

So, finally, two years and a baby later {not the best timing, I can assure you!}, we decided to renovate our bathroom! It was the last thing on our list of things to do to this house, and we were - and are - really excited about it. 

Here is our bathroom before: 

Lovely shell sinks, fake marble, a bronze shower {which was original to the house - ew}, and white tile. In addition, the sellers basically did everything halfway in this entire house, including in the bathroom. They left the bronze shower and gold/faux "crystal" bathtub faucet, but changed all of the other fixtures to brushed nickel. {I can't even begin to wonder what they were thinking...} 

So, our first step was to paint the cabinets white. They were builder-grade oak when we moved in, and we had our painter stain them white. We didn't like that look at all, so we painted them white using a Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations Kit from Home Depot. {Note that we didn't do the glaze that comes in the kit.} 

We also changed out the original faucets that came with the house and instead purchased the Pfister Cantara 4-in. centerset, 2-in. handle, high-arc bathroom faucet in brushed nickel from Home Depot. 

We also replaced the gold and faux crystal bathtub faucet with the Moen Eva two-handle deck-mount roman tub faucet in brushed nickel from Home Depot. Then, we had a company come out to remove our bronze stall shower {hello, 90s!} and replace with with a seamless shower. The company is making our shower taller and wider, as well. 

The one thing we did keep in this bathroom were the white, six-inch tiles. Why, you ask? Because we know this house isn't going to be our "forever home," and it was going to cost an upwards of $8,000 to remove all the tile in our bathroom and replace it with white subway tile...and that just wasn't an expense I was willing to spend right now. I don't love them, but they will do. 

Also, the one thing I wish I had in this bathroom but don't is a separate "potty closet" with a door. Again, we could have had that built, but this was a renovation - not a complete remodel. ;) 

All of that to say, they began our renovation on Friday. We had one company {who shall remain nameless because I was less than pleased with them and yelled at them on the phone on Friday afternoon} come out to remove our faux marble and replace it with white carrara marble. 

The shower company came out to remove our bronze shower, too. 

In the interim, the marble guys were removing all of our faux marble. I couldn't even go in there because it was making me so nervous with the crazy mess.

And finally, the marble was installed! I had a panic attack because it looked way darker once it was installed than it looked in the showroom, but I knew it was just our stripes in our bathroom. They were brown tones and our marble is light gray and white. 

So, we knew we needed to paint. {And yes, I realize we did this all backwards, but whatever.}

We narrowed our paint down to three bluish-gray colors, and finally decided on Olympus White by Sherwin Williams...except we don't have a Sherwin Williams close to us {we were using my mother-in-law's color wheel}, so we went to Home Depot and asked if they could color match it for us using Behr paint. So basically, we have a custom color in our bathroom! Ha! 

After church on Sunday, we started painting. Taping is always, always the longest, hardest part. And we also had to ensure we thoroughly covered our brand new marble and freshly-painted cabinets. 

We took turns painting; one of us would paint while the other tended to Walker. The wall painting job turned into putting a fresh coat of white paint on our doors, baseboards and trim, too! {One thing always leads to another, am I right?!} 

And finally, after all of that hard work, our bathroom was finished! 

Here's the {semi} finished product!!! We love it! 

We still have to frame the mirror and have the seamless shower installed, but those are small potatoes compared to everything we did and have done. I would be completely happy if I never saw a paintbrush again for as long as I live! Ha! :) 

I'll share final, final finished products once the mirror is framed and shower installed! 


  1. I LOVE this marble! It looks amazing!

  2. Love it. You did a wonderful job and I love the paint color with that marble.

  3. It looks amazing!! I'm so impressed. I love the look too. I would love to do my bathroom in the same colors/style!

  4. It looks so good! I can't wait to see the final final! Painting does stink--it always leads to more painting! I am sure you guys were ready to relax by Sunday night!


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