Monday, July 28, 2014


Happy Monday! I'm in an all day, three-day conference this week {yawn} and it's my last week of four-day weeks {boo}. I'm soaking it all up! 

Walker had his six-month pediatrician appointment {and shots, boo!}. My mother-in-law waited at our house while I took Walker to the doctor because our new appliances were being delivered - hallelujah! 

Brandon came home from his six-day long business trip, and we were all very happy to see him! Walker had no idea what to think. 

We were all up and at 'em at 6 a.m., so we started work on our house! The first thing we did in preparation for our bathroom renovation was to paint the cabinets. 

You can't really tell from my crappy iPhone picture, but our cabinets are an ugly, dull gray. Our countertops - complete with shell sinks! - are a faux marble, as is the skirt on our bathtub and "separating" piece between our tub and shower. {Those are all being replaced with white carrara marble in two weeks!} 

This is during...

...and after! I know it doesn't look like that big of a difference on camera, but I can assure you it does in person! I can't wait to see what it will look like with white carrara marble, undermount sinks and the mirror framed! 

{Over the weekend, I also purchased new white towels and bathmats, as well as a new vanity stool. Brandon also cleaned the grout in both our master bath and guest bath.} 

During all the commotion, Walker was so amazing and just went along for the ride! He has even taken to trying to feed himself these days. Ha! ;) 

Our new built-in microwave and oven were finally installed, and we love them! Our microwave and oven were original to our house {which was built in 1994}, and it was HIGH time they were replaced. We replaced all other appliances when we moved in {fridge, dishwasher and range}, but hadn't gotten around to these yet. I'm loving that all my appliances match now! 

We did our usual Sunday routine, and then came home to finish doing our house stuff! I made Walker a ton of pure├ęs, including: mangoes, carrots, peas, peaches, green beans, apples and pears. Whew! It was a labor of love, that's for sure. 

Brandon mowed the yard, cleaned out the garage and we did laundry and picked up around the house. 

It was a pretty crazy busy weekend and we are pretty tired, but are so excited that a big chunk of things are finished in our house. In two weeks, we'll have new countertops, sinks and a seamless shower! I can't wait! 

Have a great week, y'all! 


  1. Everything is looking so good girl!! I'm excited for you. We have ugly pine colored cabinets and I would love to paint them, but I'm too scared I would ruin them. lol. Hope you have a good week (despite the conference)!

  2. That's so exciting to get things done around the house and have brand new things for it too! Hope you have a great week at work!


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