Monday, July 21, 2014


It's Monday {again!}. That came so fast! I'm linking up with Biana at B Loved Boston & Meghan at Champagne and Suburbs today. 

I had off work and Brandon had a half day, so we spent the day hanging out around the house and getting a few things done for our upcoming bathroom remodel and kitchen update. 

Walker's new thing is to put both of his hands on your face when you're talking to him and he just "studies" you and laughs. It's adorable! He is such a clone of my husband {who is such a clone of his dad}, so he's probably looking at him and thinking, "Hmmm, you look really familiar!" 

Walker {and his double chins} made his first-ever trip to the grocery store with me on Friday afternoon. I've avoided taking him for this long because it's a pretty big hassle to go with him, load and unload the groceries, etc., but I thought I'd attempt it this weekend. He did so well! He was just wide-eyed looking and enjoying looking around at everything. 

And apparently the chip aisle was hilarious. ;) 

My parents and siblings were driving through Dallas/Fort Worth to go on a vacation, so they visited us for the evening, had supper with us and stayed the night! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed loving on the little man. 

Brandon made The Pioneer Woman's spaghetti with homemade meatballs and sauce, and it was so good! Love that Brandon knows how to - and loves to - cook. 

My mom fed Walker his sweet potatoes/quinoa mixture {which he loves!}...

…and his Aunt Maggie finished it up, along with his mangoes! 

This is his new "funny" face: squishing his eyes as tight as possible, scrunching his nose and puckering his lips. He knows we think it's funny, so he does it over and over {and over} again. My sister would do it back to him and we were all dying laughing at him mimicking her! 

We had a great time visiting with my family, and Walker loved all the attention he received {of course}! 

His Uncle Parker makes a pretty good snuggle buddy. 

After my family left, we just lounged around the house for a good while. Then, we decided to have lunch at Taco Diner, just the three of us, and it didn't disappoint! After lunch, Brandon said to me, "Hey, why don't you go get a pedicure while I watch Walker?" Of course I jumped at that chance! Hey, if you insist…! It was nice to enjoy a little relaxation and "me" time for an hour. 

And, here's the not-so-glamorous side of being a mom: spit up. As I was playing "airplane" with Walker, he decided to take that time to spit up on my head. Yeah, that was really interesting!!! {Gag.} Reflux is no joke! 

Of course when I yelled for Brandon to bring me a burp cloth so I could wipe it off {and go shower}, he was laughing so hard he was crying and said, "Wait wait wait. I have to take a picture of this first!" Of course! 

We went over to my in-law's to visit with my mother-in-law's best friend, who is still at my in-law's for her annual two-week vacation. Walker played and was definitely a show-off for Mrs. Joyce: rolling over from back to belly and belly to back; sitting up; and "talking" up a storm! 

I got a ton of things done around the house Sunday afternoon and evening, and I guess Walker was still in weekend mode, because when I turned on his monitor last night to check on him, he was just hanging out in his bed. {Sigh.} 

Side note: Aren't their eyes on baby monitors so creepy!? 

I hope y'all have a great week! I saw something on Instagram this morning that has really stuck with me: "It's a great day to have a great day." I'm trying to recite that to myself…especially because it's Monday!


  1. I'm glad Walker's first trip to the store went well! Looks like you guys had a fun weekend with family.

  2. Oh my gosh!! The spit up on your head .... I am dying laughing over here! And I love the faces he is making at your sister! haha!


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