Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Making Walker a Baylor Fan

Getting Walker to become a Baylor fan will certainly be one of our big missions in our life as his parents. {No, but seriously…} So when Fanatics contacted me about their "Future Fanatics" campaign, I was very intrigued! What's "Future Fanatics," you ask? Well, Fanatics is the leading online retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise - everything from NFL jerseys to college license plates - and their "Future Fanatics" campaign shows how the superfans of tomorrow are getting their start! 


I grew up going to Baylor football games my entire life. My parents both went to Baylor University, so it was only fitting that they'd drag us along to games, right? But this was the early- to mid-90s, and Baylor football was not anything like it is now. There was no Robert Griffin, III. No Art Briles. We didn't have a Heisman Trophy. We didn't jump around like lunatics when House of Pain's "Jump Around" came over the loudspeakers at Floyd Casey Stadium. We certainly hadn't heard of McLane Stadium or "sailgating." And of course there were no YouTube videos like this one that give all Baylor alumni chills. We were, as Jim Rome said, "Scrubby Little Baylor." 

This was the mid-90s. Baylor lost every football game my Dad took us to, and even though he knew they'd lose, he still would curse and get mad while listening to the second half on the radio on the way back home. {Because yes, we left at halftime.} We'd go to Homecoming each year with the hope that Baylor would at least pull out a "W" for its alumni flinging their green and gold afar to Waco for one weekend. Something

But even through it all, we were Baylor fans. We donned our green and gold, hightailed it to Waco and cheered for our beloved Bears. As a little girl, my Mom would pouf my bangs and I'd have the biggest green and gold bow you've ever seen hiding behind all that hairspray. {My Dad still wears his sweatshirt every Christmas morning from the time Baylor went to the Builder's Square (remember them?) Bowl in what…1993?} Because it was - it is - so much more to being a Baylor fan. It's the pride the school instills in you; the love for Texas and Baylor. And heck, Baylor was a school before Texas was even a state! Let that sink in for a minute. 

And as Baylor has gotten better and better - in all sports, not just football! - it's been much easier and made us even prouder to wear our Baylor gear and cheer on our Bears. I have a Baylor sign on my front door {made by HomeGrown} and a Baylor flag in our front yard. I wear my school T-shirts to the grocery store and it's inevitable that someone will say, "Sic 'Em, Bears!" to me or stop me to make a comment about how good Baylor is now. It's a good time to be a Bear. 

I met my husband at Baylor, as many Baylor folks tend to do. As a little girl, I always dreamed of taking my future children to Homecoming and Baylor games, just as I did. I remember even thinking when we went back to Homecoming as a teenager, "I hope I marry a man from Baylor so it makes sense for us to come back to Homecoming and show this to our kids." {Now, of course you can go to Homecoming if only one of you went there, but it's so much more fun when both of you did!} I couldn't wait to explain to my future children the science of the "Sic 'Em"; why Dr Pepper floats are the school's signature drink; and the words to "That Good Old Baylor Line." 

When we got married, my husband had a Baylor University groom's cake. And we went back to Homecoming a week after we got back from our honeymoon. And then, our son, Walker, was born. All I could think about was getting him back to Baylor and showing him the best of BU.

Since my husband loves sports, there is no question he will have Walker cheering on his beloved Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks. But before any of that comes our Bears. 

There's no science as to how I became a Baylor fan. I just am one. I bleed green and gold. Much like your political and religious views are impressed upon you as a child based on your upbringing, so is the team you cheer for, I think. The Baylor spirit is contagious! 

You can bet your bottom dollar that Walker will be at Baylor football games {whether we leave at halftime and cuss out the quarterback on the way home or not} and Homecoming won't really be optional. I only pray he gets a really big athletic or academic scholarship, because while I adore my alma mater…it sure isn't cheap! :) 

But for now, he will sport his Baylor hoodie and perhaps carry around his Baylor sock monkey from my brother, his Uncle Royden, who is a junior at Baylor now. 

Sic 'Em, Bears!

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  1. This is adorable. I am a big sports fan and have been instilling my love of the Miami Hurricanes in my son!!!