Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby Cough and Cold Essentials

Walker has had a pretty nasty cold this week {aren't summer colds the worst?!}, so I thought I'd share some of our essentials for combatting the dreaded baby cold. Baby colds are so different from adult colds in many reasons, but the biggest - to me - was that you can't just give a baby a decongestant {until they're two} and call it a day. There were many times this week I wished that I could give Walker a Claritin to dry his poor little nose up, but alas, that's not happening, of course! 

So, here's what has really helped us, as recommended by our pediatrician: 

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The NoseFrida is by far the most disgusting -slash- coolest invention ever. I registered for it when I was pregnant, as every Mommy blog out there recommended it. Of course I had absolutely no idea how to use it, but on the registry it went. Now? I. am. obsessed. Brandon, however, can't stand the sight of me "Frida-ing" (as we say in our house) Walker. 

You have this little plastic syringe-looking tube with a soft tube attached. You put one end in the baby's nose and the other in your mouth and literally suck the snot out. But before you gag like my husband, I have to tell you that there's a little lid on the end of the syringe-looking part that has a filter to ensure you never get the snot in your mouth. Gross, yes. Effective? Absolutely. 

I like this a lot better than the blue nasal bulb syringes they give you in the hospital because of the size and the fact that you can clean it. Have you seen the inside of a nasal bulb syringe? Ew, no thanks. 

I will say that Walker hates when we do this to him, but immediately laughs afterward. I think he's just weirded out by the suctioning noise! The NoseFrida {or any suctioning device} helps because babies - obviously - don't know how to blow their nose and we have to do it for them. 

We love the Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier! Unlike normal humidifiers, the steam comes out cool as opposed to hot, so it's safer for babies. The humidifiers increase the air moisture to help them with their colds, coughs, etc. 

Walker has very sensitive skin and isn't a fan of us trying to wipe his nose. Because of his sensitive skin, I hate using regular Kleenex on his nose. I found these Boogie Wipes at the grocery store and thought I'd try them out. They have saline in them, so it helps dissolve his boogers {sorry for using that word, yuck!} and get them out of his nose. 

Our pediatrician recommended rubbing Vicks Babyrub on the bottom of Walker's feet at night. I thought it was a little out there, but I've done it and can say it is helping! Of course, I Googled it and found this forum on Baby Center and apparently other people do it, too! {There are some mixed reviews on the method.} 

After his bath, I just rubbed a thin layer on the bottom of his feet, slipped him into some footie pajamas and put him to bed. He never seemed bothered by it at all. I also rubbed a little bit under his nose, as well. 

I am not on the full "oil train" yet, but I have heard wonders about using eucalyptus oil for coughs and colds. I put a couple drops in the humidifier I referenced above, and it really seemed to help open Walker's sinus up. So much so, that there was a lot of snot on his sheets the next morning. {Sorry I keep using words like "boogers" and "snot." It's gross, I know.} Brandon has been feeling pretty sick-y, too, so he actually poured a few drops in the bottom of a hot shower and let the smell open him up. (I used this brand of eucalyptus oil because that's what my local Kroger had on hand.) 

Again, Walker hates when you put anything up/in his nose, so he's not a fan of saline spray, but the Boogie Mist Sterile Saline Nasal Spray really works for us. Personally, I like the spraying mechanism {a spray nozzle} a lot better than the typical saline dropper bottle that you shove up their nose and squirt because it's quicker, easier and doesn't make a noise like the other bottles. The saline spray helps moisturize and clear baby's nasal passages, and we've noticed that it has helped Walker. 

*Something else we did that seemed to help was have one of us get in a hot shower {enough to produce steam, but not putting the water on either of us - the shower head was pointed in the opposite direction} and hold Walker. We would just stand there and sway him, sing to him, talk to him, etc. while the steam helped open him up. We would keep all doors to the bathroom shut and let the mirrors fog up with steam - it was pretty steamy in there! After a few minutes, the person who wasn't in the shower with him would take him out and give him his evening bath. 

Dealing with a sick baby is no fun, but I hope this helps you!

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