Thursday, June 12, 2014

Why I Support Day Care

*Sorry I have been MIA all week! It has been a busy, crazy week and I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off! 

Clearly before I sent Walker to day care, I was extremely, heavily, vehemently against the idea of it. All I wanted was to stay at home with my son all day, every day. And not one ounce of convincing me otherwise was going to happen. 

But then, on April 28 - my first day back to work - I had no choice but to send my child to day care. I prayed hard that this would be the right choice for my child and for us. I prayed they would love him like we did, treat him well and just be a good fit for him. I even switched his day care at the very last minute

It was hard. I cried big tears all day long on my first day back to work. I worried all day, and when my boss let me leave early to pick him up, I practically flew out the door to go get him. And guess what? He was napping. He didn't care that I sped the entire way to pick him up. But I did. 

Flash forward a few weeks, and I'm authoring a blog post -- one I never thought I would author -- about my support of day care. Now, please keep in mind that when I say, "I support day care," that I do need to add a little addendum to that. I support some day cares. {I'll get to this later, but I fully believe in doing your due diligence to find the day care that best fits your baby and your family.} 

Since Walker has been in day care, I have noticed his development sky rocket. When I was home with him, I truly think I held him a bit too much and honestly, I don't think I knew all of the developmental things to do with a baby. If he didn't like tummy time and cried while he was on his tummy? I just rolled him over and we played. I know that's an awful statement, but I am being 100 percent honest with you here. {Please don't take it as I'm being lazy. I just, as his mommy, hate to see him cry.} At day care, they make him do tummy time, even if he doesn't like it. They make him practice sitting up, even if it's not his favorite. And the best thing, he's around other babies and is not only learning very early social skills, he's also mimicking what he's seeing the older babies do. Brandon and I have both noticed how he's wanting to be upright more; how his fine motor skills are very much progressing; and how he's much more chatty. 

Again, please don't think I'm a lazy mom and just don't do tummy time with my son, etc. I just know that what this is what's best for us. I'm not sure that I could have helped Walker progress this much all on my own without any outside help. I truly do attribute some of his progress to being around other children four to five days a week. 

And? Our day care does sweet little crafts with their feet and hands {especially for Mother's Day and Father's Day, which are even more adorable}, and his teacher sings them songs and reads to them. When I bring Walker in in the mornings, his teacher will say, "Hiiiii Walker!" and he will just grin and beam at her. He doesn't do that to everyone, so I know that he's comfortable with her. And boy, does she love my baby. 

Why I support our day care is because I have see the results for our son. Do I believe it's right for everyone? No. Do I believe that you're a bad mom if you send your child to day care or if you stay at home with your child? No. I just am speaking from experience with our child and our day care. I absolutely, 100 percent wish I could stay home with my child, but I can't, so I had to find the perfect place for our family. 

I did my due diligence, though. I toured {which I highly recommend}, researched, read reviews online, asked around for word-of-mouth recommendations, and I also visited with the day care's front office staff and teachers. 

Our day care has helped me better perfect Walker's schedule, especially since he's started oatmeal and rice cereal. They have helped me do Walker's physical therapy stretches since I couldn't do it the three times a day the physical therapist was recommending since I was working. They will tell me at the end of the day the new things he's learning to do, or trying to do. And I just love that. 

I know day cares can sometimes get a really bad rap, but I have seen the positives of ours and am truly thankful. 


  1. I love your perspective on day care! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love this post! I am not a mom yet, but when that day comes for my husband and me, I will have to work. I've known that since we were dating, and that was a hard, hard, hard thing to feel at peace. However, I know God brought us together and he will se us through that time in our lives when it happens. I've felt the weight of how several friends around me who have said "I can't do it and HAVE to stay home." Oh how that makes me worry; however, I remember speaking to a friend at church whose husband works for the church and she in the medical research field. We talked about how we have to work. They have 2 girls, and she told me how it is much less stressful to work and not have to worry about finances as much. I know that is how I will feel as well. She helped me realize it is okay to work when it's what is best for your family and the overall health of your family. Thanks again as I've been bombarded with SAHMs more than ever.


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