Monday, June 30, 2014


Happy Monday! {Wait, is there such a thing?!} 

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My grandparents live in México {my grandfather is a pastor of an English-speaking Baptist church in México City}, and they were visiting their home state of Texas for a summer "break!" So, they stopped by Thursday night and Friday morning to see Walker. 

Brandon and I were planning to take Walker swimming once he got home from his half day at work, but the weather in Dallas just was not cooperating in the least! We had a full seven days of rain, threatening rain, cloudy, icky, humid weather! Yuck! 

So, I pulled Walker into bed with me for a morning nap. I know I so shouldn't let him sleep with me, but I also know this precious time is fleeting and there is going to come a time when he's not even going to want to be in the same vicinity as me, so I'm soaking this up while I can. :) 

Our little chunky monkey is now sitting up by himself! Granted, he's a little hunched over, but he's definitely doing it by himself and while I'm so happy for him and his development, it makes me a little sad to see my baby growing up right before my very eyes. 

We made a quick trip to Sam's for our big-bulk items {including wine, of course!}, and then after a yummy lunch of BLT's, we went over to my in-law's house. My brother-in-law's little boy was over, so we thought it would be fun to let the cousin's play for a bit! 

Here's Brandon with Walker and our nephew, Brayden. 

We did our usual Sunday morning routine, of course, and then I spent the afternoon making Walker's very first batch of homemade baby food. I'll do a post on this later this week if anyone's interested, but it's something I'm really excited and passionate about doing. 

We tried green beans, and Walker was not a fan! In fact, he shuddered when he would eat it. Ha! 


Later in the afternoon, Brandon and I took Walker on a walk on some pretty trails near our house. {Please excuse both of us in our cut-off shirts! It was in the upper 90's yesterday and it was hot!} 

Walker wore his little sunglasses and then promptly fell asleep in the stroller as soon as we started our walk. Typical! 

He was looking at me like, "Uh, seriously? What are these things on my face?" 

At one point, Brandon had to turn him around and pull him in the stroller because the sun was so bright in his face. And of course, we didn't want him to get sunburned! 

We had a lovely weekend with our little family! I hope y'all had a great weekend, too! I'm so excited about a three-day workweek this week! 


  1. Walker is absolutely adorable!! It's so much fun to start solid foods and see their reactions to the different flavors!! What a fun weekend!

  2. I definitely want to try making my own baby food when the time comes, so I'm interested to see how it works for you! I seriously cracked up at Walker's reaction to it on Instagram!!


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