Monday, June 9, 2014


Happy Monday, y'all! Now that it's summer, I'm on a summer schedule at work, where I work a little later Mondays-Thursdays and get off on Fridays! I'm really excited about that and am definitely looking forward to spending an extra day with Walker at home. 

But anyway, we had a really nice, low-key weekend, and it was very needed!

The organizer's of Brandon's 36-hole golf tournament have a pre-tournament dinner each year. This year, we joined them at the host's beautiful home for a yummy barbeque dinner. 

Before we left, however, Walker was practicing his new trick: giving kisses! If you ask him to give you a kiss and then smile really big at him, he'll basically face plant into your cheek with his mouth wide open to "kiss" you. Of course, we think it's adorable. 

Brandon left bright and early at 6 a.m., so it was just Walker and me! My child who does not nap slept for an hour and a half Saturday morning, which was wonderful because I actually had time to shower/get dressed, make the bed, fold some laundry and get a myriad of other things done around the house. 

This sweet nugget has also decided he is a big boy and is trying to hold the bottle by himself. This mommy is not ready for that quite yet! {Stop growing!} 

We headed over to my in-law's around lunchtime, where all of Walker's cousins were playing for the day! Brandon has two brothers, and in a span of seven months, my in-law's went from having zero grandchildren to having three! All brothers decided 2013-2014 was a good year for having babies, I guess. :) 

Anyway, Walker had fun {?} posing for pictures with his cousin, Brayden {9.5 months}...

…and playing with his other cousin, Ellie Kate {7.5 months}. My poor mother-in-law probably doesn't even know what to do with herself with three babies under one year old! 

Brandon picked up our favorite, 7 Salsas, for dinner, and we had fun hanging out with this little guy in his fox towel. I can't even with the adorableness. 

Walker thought 5:50 a.m. was party time on Sunday morning, so we skipped church to rest. Clearly we needed it because we went back to bed after Walker laid down for his nap and all slept for about an hour and a half! 

We spent the day organizing, cleaning and getting ready for the week. 

Brandon even put together Walker's new jumperoo, which he loves! My little shorty is a tiny bit too short for it, so we classed it up by putting an empty DirecTV box under his feet. Only the best for my kid, folks. Only the best. 

{Of course I posted this on Instagram and Facebook and people were like, "Use pillows and blankets!" Clearly I'm an idiot for not thinking of that myself…duh!!!} 

Also, an update on the swaddling {or lack thereof}: 

We stopped using the swaddle for both arms about a month ago, swaddling only his left arm and leaving the right one free. After about two weeks of doing that, we just took out his left arm and never looked back. 

I know Baby Wise Mom tells you to wean them and start only with naps…blah, blah, blah. Well, we did do the weaning thing because Walker freaked the first time we tried both arms not swaddled. But we couldn't do it during nap time since Brandon and I both work, and his day care doesn't allow swaddles or blankets in their cribs there. So it was all on us. 

The first night we had both of his arms out, he was a little weirded out by it, I think. While I was rocking him back and forth in his room, he kept knocking his paci out with his hands and kept putting them on his face. But I laid him down, walked out and noticed on the monitor that he was wiggling a lot more and throwing his arms up in the air. {Kind of like the startle reflex, but just him not knowing what to do with two free hands.} But then he stopped wiggling and that was that. 

He's now sleeping with both arms out, but of course still in the Halo Sleep Sack {with the swaddle part around his chest/belly} since using a blanket in his crib freaks me out - my kid is a major wiggle-worm. {We even bought breathable bumpers and have the Sleep Sheep hanging from the crib because he moves so much when he sleeps, just like me.} 

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I'm looking forward to my four-day weeks for the next month and a half! 

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  1. Oh my gosh him in that fox towel! Adorable! That's awesome that he has cousins around the same age to play with! That'll be great growing up together. Have a great week!

  2. Yay for having Friday's off!!!! And Walker is totes adorbs!!! Stopping by from the link up! Happy Monday!

  3. Found your blog from my friend- Bekah @ The Bruce Brood! I'm your newest follower :) Have a great week!

  4. Walker is so cute! How sweet that his cousins were all born within the same timeframe! My sister's daughter was born three days before mine, which is awesome -- and my other sister is due in September (about a year and four months after me), so I know first hand how cool it is to have cousins that will be so close in age!

  5. I don't have any siblings, so I loved having cousins close by that were close in age. It made it so much more fun growing up. Walker is absolutely precious! Thanks for linking up! xo


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