Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend: Walker Edition

When I was getting ready to start this post, I noticed that every single photo I took this weekend was of Walker. I mean, I guess that's par for the course these days! 

Anyway, we had a really low-key weekend, spent with only our little family…and I loved every minute of it. 

Walker had his four-month check-up and shots, so Brandon and I both went to take him. His two-month shots weren't that great for him, so I was prepared for a really bad experience…but he did a lot better this time! He still ran a fever, but the overall reaction was much better. 

Brandon captured this moment between us on Friday evening, and I just love this photo. I need to frame it! 

Brandon offered to take Walker and go to the grocery store with me, which was a nice treat since I usually have to do that by myself. Of course, Walker slept right through it! 

We spent the afternoon just lazing around, picking up around the house and playing with the little guy. 

He absolutely loves "airplane" with Brandon. He gives him the biggest grins and spit bubbles; it's basically adorable. 

Our pediatrician recommended Walker start rice cereal, so we did on Saturday and he absolutely loved it. {I did it with breast milk and he was a huge fan. I did it with formula on Sunday and he kept spitting it out. Greaaaaaat.} 

That evening, our city hosted a tasting festival where various restaurants from the area set up booths where you can sample local fare. They also have live music, a play area for kids and various other activities. We didn't get anything more than some tacos and a snow cone, but it was a fun experience, even though it was ridiculously hot! {Summer in Texas has finally arrived.} 

We went to the early service at church and then came home for naps. {There's just something about Sunday afternoon naps!} Walker wasn't really feeling a nap in his crib, so I went and got him and put him in bed with me…where he proceeded to sleep for an hour and a half! It was amazing to be able to nap, especially since my child is an anti-napper. 

We spent the rest of the evening getting ready for Monday and being lazy. 

And even though this isn't a picture of the weekend, I had to document that Walker and I {again} were subconsciously matching today. I just love this little nugget! 

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! 


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  1. That first picture of you two is precious. You should definitely frame it! Hope you have a good week!


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