Thursday, June 26, 2014

Walker is Five Months Old!

Walker, you are now FIVE months old! I truly cannot believe my baby is nearly half a year old! You are growing so fast and I just cannot believe it.

Boy, oh boy. When I say you're growing, I do mean it! 

The biggest change in feeding this month is that we stopped breastfeeding. I'm really sad about it, but I'm thankful for the experience I had nursing you exclusively for 4.5 months. It was tough to let it go, but I just wasn't producing hardly anything anymore, but especially not enough for you, my big eater! 

We started you on Similac Sensitive formula, and you truly didn't even know the difference! You just took your bottle like a champ, and I was so relieved at that. I had heard horror stories about moms having to switch their babies over to formula after breastfeeding and I was honestly terrified. But you just took it like a pro. 

You are still eating 8 oz. every four hours, but we've started you on a couple of solid foods, so we've added them to the rotation. Currently, your schedule is: 6-6:30 a.m. {formula bottle}; 9 a.m. {oatmeal}; 10 a.m. {formula bottle}; 1 p.m. {rice cereal}; 2 p.m. {formula bottle} and 6 p.m. {formula bottle}. 

You absolutely love oatmeal and will even say, "Mmmm!" when we feed it to you. It is precious! 

We're going to start experimenting with other solid foods this month; I can't wait to see your reaction! I'm planning to make those for you, so wish Mommy luck! You're still having your reflux, and I'm hoping and praying it slowly subsides, but you're taking 1.5 mL of baby Zantac twice a day. 

Walker, the best thing ever is that you sleep through the night! I'm so thankful that you've done that for going on two months now. You go to bed around 7:30 p.m. and sleep until around 6-6:30 a.m., although you do wake up around 7-7:30 a.m. on the weekends. It's like you know it's the weekend! 

You still aren't a big napper, but because you sleep through the night, I will take it! You take little cat naps daily around 9 a.m., 12 p.m. and 4-5 p.m. 

You have started going to sleep a little drowsy, but awake. We'll rock you and/or bounce you around your room for a little bit, but when we lay you in your crib, you wake up. You take a minute or two to squirm around, and then you go back to sleep. I'm proud of you for knowing how to self soothe! 

There have been a couple of one-off nights where you've fought going to sleep and we've had to go in your room and give you your pacifier multiple times - and there have been mornings when you've woken up ready to party at 5:15 a.m. - but those are few and far between, and for that I am thankful. 

Because you had a nasty stomach virus last week, I had to take you to the doctor and they weighed you. Last week, you weighed 15 lbs., 8 oz. I don't know your height or the percentiles, but you're a growing boy…and me struggling to lug the car seat around (and your precious little thigh rolls) proves that one! 

Oh, my gosh, Walker. Your development has skyrocketed this month and I keep telling everyone that I've noticed a major difference between four and five months for you! 

You grab onto hair and hold it really tight, especially when you're being held or carried. You also have learned to pinch and it hurts! When you're laying on your back and someone is sitting in front of you, you put both hands on either side of their face and pull it toward you to "kiss" them. It's so sweet! 

You have been rolling from front to back {out of tummy time}, but you are thisclose to rolling from back to tummy. You will get 90 percent of the way there, but when it comes time to flip that leg over to finish the roll, you won't do it. I know it's coming soon, though! 

You also want to be up way more often than not. You desire to sit upright and look at things from that angle, and I don't blame you! You're "pre-sitting" right now, where I'll sit you up and support you from your lower back with my hands while you reach out and play with things in front of you. I can't believe it! 

When you're on your tummy, you've started reaching out at things in front of you, either playing with them or pulling them closer to you. You also have started trying to "hold" your own bottle by putting one or two hands lightly on the bottle when I'm giving it to you.

You also think it's so funny when we make silly faces at you or play peek-a-boo with you. You get beyond tickled at your Daddy when he makes funny noises and faces and go into fits of belly laughs. You have also started getting very frustrated if we don't give you the attention you think you deserve! You babble a ton, and you love blowing raspberries. 

You started teething, and you also got your very first illness this month: the dreaded stomach bug. You started on formula and solid foods {oatmeal and rice cereal}. You went swimming for the very first time at Mimi and Pop's house. You watched your first World Cup with Daddy.

I think we've finally settled down in the "all-over-the-place" clothes phase. You're now consistently at a 3-6 months or a straight 6 months in clothing. Baby Gap continues to be the brand in which you'll wear 3-6 months, and you wear a 6 months in Carter's. You're still in size 2 Pampers Swaddlers diapers. 

You are such a funny guy! You love to laugh and you adore "talking." We'll be driving to work in the morning and you'll just be in the back talking to yourself: "Bah blah bah [SQUEAL!] [Blow a raspberry.]" 

You are still very much an expert fit-thrower and I know your Dad and I will go 'round and 'round with you on that in the future, I'm sure of it! You're also getting a tiny bit of separation anxiety and whine when we leave the room. 

You are so sweet and loving, and you adore being cuddled and snuggled. You love to be kissed on and I love that you love that!

Currently you love: taking naps in Mommy and Daddy's bed {with Mommy}; your jumperoo; your Abacus toy; taking baths; teething toys; and all types of attention. 

Currently you do not love: waiting for anything; being hungry; taking naps in your crib; when you can't put something in your mouth; when one of us leaves the room; and when we burp you.

Walky, Walk, Buddy, Walker Boo, Baby, Jaybird


How it's possible that two people can love a baby so much is beyond me. You are truly a delight and a joy to both your Dad and me. 

Seeing you explore this world and learn and grow in it is truly a miracle, and I'm always thankful to God that he gave you to us and allow us to be your earthly parents. Of course, there are those tough days - those days I count down the hours until bedtime. But then once you're down, I just want to scoop you back up and love all over you because I know this sweet time is fleeting. 

While I know you can't stay little forever, I pray that you grow into a God-fearing, confident, respectful, honest, tender-hearted gentleman. I pray so much for your safety and security, and I pray that you always keep your eyes on God and let Him direct your path. 

The world out there is uncertain, and it's hard for me as your Mom to let you go out in it. But my prayer is that you aren't consumed by the world and the things in it. I want to protect you, shield you from the "bad stuff," but I know that sometimes you have to experience some of the "bad stuff" to learn. However, I pray that you will listen to your Dad and me on some things and know from our experience that things are wrong or that you shouldn't do them instead of trying it/them out yourself. 

You are a wonderful, precious boy, Walker. We are so thankful for you. We love you so much and can't imagine our lives without you in it. 

Mommy and Daddy


  1. Hi! I'm a new reader and I have a 6.5 month old. I will say 5 months was a huge deal personality and development wise. I feel like they are reaching the "fun" stage. Walker is adorable!


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