Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Recent Beauty Busts

Do you ever have those products that are your absolute favorite? Those tried-and-true lotions, creams and mascaras that you know will work 100 percent of the time without fail?  

But are you like me sometimes? Do you ever turn away from said trusted products at the pharmacy or make-up counter only to get home and kick yourself for even thinking about trying a new product? 

Yes? You too? Good. Glad I'm not the only one. 

And because I'm not the only one, I wanted to share with you a few of my recent "Beauty Busts" in hopes that you won't make the same mistake{s} as me. 

one {bust} // one {tried-and-true}

two {bust} // two {tried-and-true}

three {bust} // three {tried-and-true}

four {bust} // four {tried-and-true} 

I have purchased the Dove dry shampoo twice, and both times the nozzle has clogged on me  after one use and will not - for the life of me - unclog no matter what I do. It also leaves a ton of white residue on my dark brown hair. While it does smell good, I can't stray from my age-old Batiste dry shampoo. I feel like the Batiste has a lighter scent, but gives me a bit more texture and doesn't leave white marks in my hair. The nozzle also has never clogged on me! 

I will admit that I purchased this Eucerin lotion after seeing it on Fancy Ashley's Instagram.  Her legs looked so shiny and I thought to myself, "Well, I have been using my lotion forever. I'll try that one!" As Julia Roberts said in "Pretty Woman": "Big mistake. Big. Huge." I guess my skin isn't as dry as this lotion needs, because it made me so beyond greasy. And absolutely everything stuck to it! I would put it on, let it dry and then comb out my hair. Y'all, I was picking stray hairs off of me all day. I'll just stick to my same ol' Nivea, thank you very much! The Nivea is quick-drying, made for folks with semi-dry skin and smells very clean. 

Oh, man. I saw this on Pinterest and scooped it up on Amazon super quick. And then I put it on. Holy streaks, Batman! It's definitely not a one-person job, that's for sure! I looked like I caked my hands in brown paint after only about two minutes of trying to apply. And, I had to have Brandon come finish the spots I couldn't reach, and of course he was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. I'll just stick to my basic Neutrogena Build-a-Tan, which is great for super light skinned folks like me! The Neutrogena definitely doesn't smell as good, but it works better and that's what I'll take in regards to a self-tanning product! 

I have blogged about this lip color before in my e.l.f cosmetics review. I think I just purchased the wrong color for my skin tone {Natural}. I'm so pale and this color just washes me out. I've been loyal to Clinique's Bamboo Pink since high school, even wearing it on my wedding day. It's the perfect not-too-pinky-pink for my light skin tone and it really does stay all day when you couple it with their lip liner. 

*I wasn't paid or asked by any of these companies to review these products. They are just my own personal experiences. 


  1. Bummer on your beauty busts! I like that you put in your tried and true products with them though. I've heard several people raving about the Batiste product. I've tried a couple dry shampoos and they never help and my hair just ends up a greasy mess! I'm intrigued though!

  2. I love Nivea lotion. It's my favorite!


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