Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Favorite Baby Products: 5 Months

Here we are again with my favorite products for our sweet five-month old! 
{I still can't believe that!} 

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Infantino Activity Triangle: This thing keeps Walker entertained, amused and mesmerized! It also helps with his fine motor skills by gripping, spinning, etc. all of the sides of the activity triangle. Brandon's aunt, who is a former educator, told us about this and my mother-in-law has since purchased one for all of her grandchildren. There is also one at Walker's day care, which is a nice bonus. 

Fisher-Price Jumperoo: Walker laughs so hard when he's in this thing! He hasn't quite mastered the jumping aspect just yet, but he loves to sit in it and play with the hundreds of things on the top part of it. The music is loud, the lights are bright and there is a lot going on; what kid wouldn't love it?! 

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys: Since he's teething, these {obviously} feel so good on Walker's gums. With this teether, he can hold the ring part and/or the key part and gum on the gel-filled "keys." They freeze quickly and wash easily, so this mom loves them for that! Dishwasher safe and approved.

Wubbanub Pacifiers: We have loved these pacifiers since day one! Now that Walker is a little older, he can hold onto the animal part of the paci and it's soothing to him. I love them because the animal acts as a weight, allowing the pacifier to not pop out of his mouth as easily. 

Sophie la Giraffe: Please tell me why I didn't invent this expensive giraffe?! Walker loves when you squeeze her and bounce her around in front of him, and he also enjoys gumming on her ears and face, too! Definitely not a "must-have," but it sure is nice to have. {And our cat thinks this is his toy, so Sophie is constantly getting washed.} 

Carter's Essential Pants: We lovingly refer to these as Walker's "old man pants." Don't they look just like those elastic waisted pants little old men wear with their black socks and white tennies?! Anyway, I love these for day care so much. I hate being that mom who puts her kid in a full-on snap onesie. You know they're cursing you after your kid's 10th diaper change of the day! Ha! So, I like to put him in a little onesie with three buttons at the bottom and slip on these pants. They're easy, and it also helps keep his little legs warm in the cool day care. Plus, they're cheap and always on super sale!

Triple Paste Medicated Ointment: Yes, this stuff costs a pretty penny, but it lasts forever and definitely works. We use it every night on Walker's bottom before bed {and of course on an as-needed basis if/when he has diaper rash} and we are barely 1/4 of the way through the big jar that I purchased before he was born. I like this so much better than Desitin because of the consistency and smell, and I find that it heals his bottom a lot quicker. 

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