Monday, June 30, 2014


Happy Monday! {Wait, is there such a thing?!} 

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My grandparents live in México {my grandfather is a pastor of an English-speaking Baptist church in México City}, and they were visiting their home state of Texas for a summer "break!" So, they stopped by Thursday night and Friday morning to see Walker. 

Brandon and I were planning to take Walker swimming once he got home from his half day at work, but the weather in Dallas just was not cooperating in the least! We had a full seven days of rain, threatening rain, cloudy, icky, humid weather! Yuck! 

So, I pulled Walker into bed with me for a morning nap. I know I so shouldn't let him sleep with me, but I also know this precious time is fleeting and there is going to come a time when he's not even going to want to be in the same vicinity as me, so I'm soaking this up while I can. :) 

Our little chunky monkey is now sitting up by himself! Granted, he's a little hunched over, but he's definitely doing it by himself and while I'm so happy for him and his development, it makes me a little sad to see my baby growing up right before my very eyes. 

We made a quick trip to Sam's for our big-bulk items {including wine, of course!}, and then after a yummy lunch of BLT's, we went over to my in-law's house. My brother-in-law's little boy was over, so we thought it would be fun to let the cousin's play for a bit! 

Here's Brandon with Walker and our nephew, Brayden. 

We did our usual Sunday morning routine, of course, and then I spent the afternoon making Walker's very first batch of homemade baby food. I'll do a post on this later this week if anyone's interested, but it's something I'm really excited and passionate about doing. 

We tried green beans, and Walker was not a fan! In fact, he shuddered when he would eat it. Ha! 


Later in the afternoon, Brandon and I took Walker on a walk on some pretty trails near our house. {Please excuse both of us in our cut-off shirts! It was in the upper 90's yesterday and it was hot!} 

Walker wore his little sunglasses and then promptly fell asleep in the stroller as soon as we started our walk. Typical! 

He was looking at me like, "Uh, seriously? What are these things on my face?" 

At one point, Brandon had to turn him around and pull him in the stroller because the sun was so bright in his face. And of course, we didn't want him to get sunburned! 

We had a lovely weekend with our little family! I hope y'all had a great weekend, too! I'm so excited about a three-day workweek this week! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! 

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Since Walker and I were sick last weekend, I'm very much looking forward a weekend where we can enjoy my Friday off and Brandon's half day! I'm hoping the rain will hold off and we'll be able to take Walker swimming at our neighborhood pool. I vividly remember being a little kid and swimming daily in the summers, complete with popsicles, music and my swimsuit of the moment…and I only hope that Walker can have those fun summer memories, too! 

Since I live in Texas, that means this time of the year {well, basically May-September} is H-O-T. My make-up practically melts off my face in the summer, and I'm in the market for a new, light eye cream and moisturizer for the summer. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Speaking of things I'm in the market for, I also need a new hair dryer. Like, bad. I've been eyeing Drybar's "Buttercup Professional Blow Dryer," but don't want to make the big purchase if it's not worth it. Again, I need your help! Do any of you have this hair dryer? If you do, what do you think? If not, do you have a hair dryer you do recommend? 

I'm totally copying Pinterest and making these for Walker's teachers for Independence Day. I know it's not really a "teacher holiday," per se, but I think they need a little something! Especially since it's summer and they work until 6:30 p.m. the day before a holiday. That stinks! 

I have a super short week next week because of the Independence Day holiday: I only have to work Monday-Wednesday! This is basically how I feel about it: 

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Walker is Five Months Old!

Walker, you are now FIVE months old! I truly cannot believe my baby is nearly half a year old! You are growing so fast and I just cannot believe it.

Boy, oh boy. When I say you're growing, I do mean it! 

The biggest change in feeding this month is that we stopped breastfeeding. I'm really sad about it, but I'm thankful for the experience I had nursing you exclusively for 4.5 months. It was tough to let it go, but I just wasn't producing hardly anything anymore, but especially not enough for you, my big eater! 

We started you on Similac Sensitive formula, and you truly didn't even know the difference! You just took your bottle like a champ, and I was so relieved at that. I had heard horror stories about moms having to switch their babies over to formula after breastfeeding and I was honestly terrified. But you just took it like a pro. 

You are still eating 8 oz. every four hours, but we've started you on a couple of solid foods, so we've added them to the rotation. Currently, your schedule is: 6-6:30 a.m. {formula bottle}; 9 a.m. {oatmeal}; 10 a.m. {formula bottle}; 1 p.m. {rice cereal}; 2 p.m. {formula bottle} and 6 p.m. {formula bottle}. 

You absolutely love oatmeal and will even say, "Mmmm!" when we feed it to you. It is precious! 

We're going to start experimenting with other solid foods this month; I can't wait to see your reaction! I'm planning to make those for you, so wish Mommy luck! You're still having your reflux, and I'm hoping and praying it slowly subsides, but you're taking 1.5 mL of baby Zantac twice a day. 

Walker, the best thing ever is that you sleep through the night! I'm so thankful that you've done that for going on two months now. You go to bed around 7:30 p.m. and sleep until around 6-6:30 a.m., although you do wake up around 7-7:30 a.m. on the weekends. It's like you know it's the weekend! 

You still aren't a big napper, but because you sleep through the night, I will take it! You take little cat naps daily around 9 a.m., 12 p.m. and 4-5 p.m. 

You have started going to sleep a little drowsy, but awake. We'll rock you and/or bounce you around your room for a little bit, but when we lay you in your crib, you wake up. You take a minute or two to squirm around, and then you go back to sleep. I'm proud of you for knowing how to self soothe! 

There have been a couple of one-off nights where you've fought going to sleep and we've had to go in your room and give you your pacifier multiple times - and there have been mornings when you've woken up ready to party at 5:15 a.m. - but those are few and far between, and for that I am thankful. 

Because you had a nasty stomach virus last week, I had to take you to the doctor and they weighed you. Last week, you weighed 15 lbs., 8 oz. I don't know your height or the percentiles, but you're a growing boy…and me struggling to lug the car seat around (and your precious little thigh rolls) proves that one! 

Oh, my gosh, Walker. Your development has skyrocketed this month and I keep telling everyone that I've noticed a major difference between four and five months for you! 

You grab onto hair and hold it really tight, especially when you're being held or carried. You also have learned to pinch and it hurts! When you're laying on your back and someone is sitting in front of you, you put both hands on either side of their face and pull it toward you to "kiss" them. It's so sweet! 

You have been rolling from front to back {out of tummy time}, but you are thisclose to rolling from back to tummy. You will get 90 percent of the way there, but when it comes time to flip that leg over to finish the roll, you won't do it. I know it's coming soon, though! 

You also want to be up way more often than not. You desire to sit upright and look at things from that angle, and I don't blame you! You're "pre-sitting" right now, where I'll sit you up and support you from your lower back with my hands while you reach out and play with things in front of you. I can't believe it! 

When you're on your tummy, you've started reaching out at things in front of you, either playing with them or pulling them closer to you. You also have started trying to "hold" your own bottle by putting one or two hands lightly on the bottle when I'm giving it to you.

You also think it's so funny when we make silly faces at you or play peek-a-boo with you. You get beyond tickled at your Daddy when he makes funny noises and faces and go into fits of belly laughs. You have also started getting very frustrated if we don't give you the attention you think you deserve! You babble a ton, and you love blowing raspberries. 

You started teething, and you also got your very first illness this month: the dreaded stomach bug. You started on formula and solid foods {oatmeal and rice cereal}. You went swimming for the very first time at Mimi and Pop's house. You watched your first World Cup with Daddy.

I think we've finally settled down in the "all-over-the-place" clothes phase. You're now consistently at a 3-6 months or a straight 6 months in clothing. Baby Gap continues to be the brand in which you'll wear 3-6 months, and you wear a 6 months in Carter's. You're still in size 2 Pampers Swaddlers diapers. 

You are such a funny guy! You love to laugh and you adore "talking." We'll be driving to work in the morning and you'll just be in the back talking to yourself: "Bah blah bah [SQUEAL!] [Blow a raspberry.]" 

You are still very much an expert fit-thrower and I know your Dad and I will go 'round and 'round with you on that in the future, I'm sure of it! You're also getting a tiny bit of separation anxiety and whine when we leave the room. 

You are so sweet and loving, and you adore being cuddled and snuggled. You love to be kissed on and I love that you love that!

Currently you love: taking naps in Mommy and Daddy's bed {with Mommy}; your jumperoo; your Abacus toy; taking baths; teething toys; and all types of attention. 

Currently you do not love: waiting for anything; being hungry; taking naps in your crib; when you can't put something in your mouth; when one of us leaves the room; and when we burp you.

Walky, Walk, Buddy, Walker Boo, Baby, Jaybird


How it's possible that two people can love a baby so much is beyond me. You are truly a delight and a joy to both your Dad and me. 

Seeing you explore this world and learn and grow in it is truly a miracle, and I'm always thankful to God that he gave you to us and allow us to be your earthly parents. Of course, there are those tough days - those days I count down the hours until bedtime. But then once you're down, I just want to scoop you back up and love all over you because I know this sweet time is fleeting. 

While I know you can't stay little forever, I pray that you grow into a God-fearing, confident, respectful, honest, tender-hearted gentleman. I pray so much for your safety and security, and I pray that you always keep your eyes on God and let Him direct your path. 

The world out there is uncertain, and it's hard for me as your Mom to let you go out in it. But my prayer is that you aren't consumed by the world and the things in it. I want to protect you, shield you from the "bad stuff," but I know that sometimes you have to experience some of the "bad stuff" to learn. However, I pray that you will listen to your Dad and me on some things and know from our experience that things are wrong or that you shouldn't do them instead of trying it/them out yourself. 

You are a wonderful, precious boy, Walker. We are so thankful for you. We love you so much and can't imagine our lives without you in it. 

Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Favorite Baby Products: 5 Months

Here we are again with my favorite products for our sweet five-month old! 
{I still can't believe that!} 

one // two // three

Infantino Activity Triangle: This thing keeps Walker entertained, amused and mesmerized! It also helps with his fine motor skills by gripping, spinning, etc. all of the sides of the activity triangle. Brandon's aunt, who is a former educator, told us about this and my mother-in-law has since purchased one for all of her grandchildren. There is also one at Walker's day care, which is a nice bonus. 

Fisher-Price Jumperoo: Walker laughs so hard when he's in this thing! He hasn't quite mastered the jumping aspect just yet, but he loves to sit in it and play with the hundreds of things on the top part of it. The music is loud, the lights are bright and there is a lot going on; what kid wouldn't love it?! 

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys: Since he's teething, these {obviously} feel so good on Walker's gums. With this teether, he can hold the ring part and/or the key part and gum on the gel-filled "keys." They freeze quickly and wash easily, so this mom loves them for that! Dishwasher safe and approved.

Wubbanub Pacifiers: We have loved these pacifiers since day one! Now that Walker is a little older, he can hold onto the animal part of the paci and it's soothing to him. I love them because the animal acts as a weight, allowing the pacifier to not pop out of his mouth as easily. 

Sophie la Giraffe: Please tell me why I didn't invent this expensive giraffe?! Walker loves when you squeeze her and bounce her around in front of him, and he also enjoys gumming on her ears and face, too! Definitely not a "must-have," but it sure is nice to have. {And our cat thinks this is his toy, so Sophie is constantly getting washed.} 

Carter's Essential Pants: We lovingly refer to these as Walker's "old man pants." Don't they look just like those elastic waisted pants little old men wear with their black socks and white tennies?! Anyway, I love these for day care so much. I hate being that mom who puts her kid in a full-on snap onesie. You know they're cursing you after your kid's 10th diaper change of the day! Ha! So, I like to put him in a little onesie with three buttons at the bottom and slip on these pants. They're easy, and it also helps keep his little legs warm in the cool day care. Plus, they're cheap and always on super sale!

Triple Paste Medicated Ointment: Yes, this stuff costs a pretty penny, but it lasts forever and definitely works. We use it every night on Walker's bottom before bed {and of course on an as-needed basis if/when he has diaper rash} and we are barely 1/4 of the way through the big jar that I purchased before he was born. I like this so much better than Desitin because of the consistency and smell, and I find that it heals his bottom a lot quicker. 

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Malibu Sunset Cocktail Recipe {3 Ingredients!}

Brandon loves to laugh at me for my taste in drinks: I absolutely love a girly, frilly, sweet drink {a la the Malibu Sunset}, but I also adore a good dirty martini with a blue cheese-stuffed olive. I'm a woman of many tastes, what can I say?! 

Anyway, I was playing around with my favorite girly liquor the other day: Malibu Black Rum and came up with a "Malibu Sunset" with the ingredients we had on hand in our refrigerator. 

It's so easy! 

1 shot Malibu Black Rum {or more, if you're wanting a kick!}
1/2 cup Simply Orange with Mango
Splash of Grenadine 

In a glass {I like to use our stemless wine glasses}, fill with crushed ice. Pour rum over the ice, then pour in orange juice. Top with a splash of grenadine. For the "sunset" look, don't mix the ingredients…but I'd recommend mixing. :) 



Monday, June 23, 2014


It's Monday, y'all! {How did that happen so quickly?} Linking up with B Loved Boston & Champagne and Suburbs today. 

I mentioned it on Friday, but y'all: this last week was the worst in our house with sickness! Ugh! It all started on Monday for Walker, and after two trips to the doctor last week, a day staying at home with him, and a couple of days leaving early from work to pick him up from "school," I finally came down with the icky stomach virus on Thursday evening. And of course this all happens when Brandon was traveling for business in Canada

So, this is basically how we spent our full weekend: 

"No more pictures, please."

Thankfully, after a frantic phone call from me at 6:15 a.m. on Friday morning, my sweet mother-in-law came over to our house and took Walker {who was feeling much better} to school while I slept the entire day. It was not pretty. She even picked him up and brought him home, fed him his evening bottle and waited with me until Brandon walked through the front door Friday evening. Y'all, never have I ever been more excited to see my husband IN MY LIFE.

We spent all weekend recovering and relaxing, and once I felt better on Saturday afternoon, Brandon got me a much-needed deep tissue massage. It was one of those where I walked in and told my usual therapist, "Just get in there." And boy, did she ever. It hurt so good. Now I think I need a massage to recover from the massage! Ha! 

Walker's new thing is to put both of his hands on your face and pull your face toward his. He'll then plop a giant "kiss" on your cheek or mouth and give the biggest grin. Seriously, there is nothing in the world sweeter than that! 

I know that this was likely the most boring of all boring blog posts ever on this Monday, but of course that's pretty much how it felt to us, too! It was nice for us to have a reason to slow down, relax and just be

Happy Monday, y'all. I'll be back tomorrow with a yummy drink recipe! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! 

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Walker has had a nasty stomach virus all. week. long. - and Brandon has been in Canada on business since Sunday - so this mama is ready for some major alone time when Daddy walks through that door tonight! The poor little guy has had it bad and we made not one, but two trips to the doctor this week. At one point, he proceeded to poop and puke on me in the doctor's office {the second time} in a five minute span. He's been screaming, clingy and overall just a mess. I'm so tired I think I could fall asleep as I'm typing this at my desk, and of course I'm now feeling a little icky. But alas…

I'm obsessed with this look I found on Pinterest. So much so that I copied it yesterday! Since it's summer, I wore my white Gap skinny jeggings, a denim top from Old Navy, a leopard cardigan from Target {no longer available} and my brown Tory Burch wedges. I wasn't sure how it would look on me, but I ended up loving it! 

Speaking of clothes, Zulily is killing it with sweet smocked and/or monogrammed baby outfits these days. I just love this sweet John-John! Since Walker has such bad reflux right now, we are never without a bib {and an extra onesie}, but once he grows out of that - hopefully soon - you can bet everything that I'll be putting him in sweet little things like this!

My mom's business, HomeGrown, has me majorly lusting after a few things! {Family discount, mom?!} I'm loving their new "Lake Life" T-shirts, especially.

I know I've mentioned it before, but "Ladies of London" is my new obsession. I can't wait to watch it each week! Their recent July 4 party was a hoot! I am not a fan of Annabelle in the least, and the way Marissa talks out of the side of her mouth kind of drives me a wee bit crazy. {Have you noticed it!?} I think Caroline is my favorite, because she's just a take-no-BS type gal, which of course I just find hilarious. 


I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! I'm off to recoup and hopefully rid Walker and me of any stomach yuckiness this weekend, and welcome my husband home from his six-day-long trip to Canada, eh!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Recent Beauty Busts

Do you ever have those products that are your absolute favorite? Those tried-and-true lotions, creams and mascaras that you know will work 100 percent of the time without fail?  

But are you like me sometimes? Do you ever turn away from said trusted products at the pharmacy or make-up counter only to get home and kick yourself for even thinking about trying a new product? 

Yes? You too? Good. Glad I'm not the only one. 

And because I'm not the only one, I wanted to share with you a few of my recent "Beauty Busts" in hopes that you won't make the same mistake{s} as me. 

one {bust} // one {tried-and-true}

two {bust} // two {tried-and-true}

three {bust} // three {tried-and-true}

four {bust} // four {tried-and-true} 

I have purchased the Dove dry shampoo twice, and both times the nozzle has clogged on me  after one use and will not - for the life of me - unclog no matter what I do. It also leaves a ton of white residue on my dark brown hair. While it does smell good, I can't stray from my age-old Batiste dry shampoo. I feel like the Batiste has a lighter scent, but gives me a bit more texture and doesn't leave white marks in my hair. The nozzle also has never clogged on me! 

I will admit that I purchased this Eucerin lotion after seeing it on Fancy Ashley's Instagram.  Her legs looked so shiny and I thought to myself, "Well, I have been using my lotion forever. I'll try that one!" As Julia Roberts said in "Pretty Woman": "Big mistake. Big. Huge." I guess my skin isn't as dry as this lotion needs, because it made me so beyond greasy. And absolutely everything stuck to it! I would put it on, let it dry and then comb out my hair. Y'all, I was picking stray hairs off of me all day. I'll just stick to my same ol' Nivea, thank you very much! The Nivea is quick-drying, made for folks with semi-dry skin and smells very clean. 

Oh, man. I saw this on Pinterest and scooped it up on Amazon super quick. And then I put it on. Holy streaks, Batman! It's definitely not a one-person job, that's for sure! I looked like I caked my hands in brown paint after only about two minutes of trying to apply. And, I had to have Brandon come finish the spots I couldn't reach, and of course he was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. I'll just stick to my basic Neutrogena Build-a-Tan, which is great for super light skinned folks like me! The Neutrogena definitely doesn't smell as good, but it works better and that's what I'll take in regards to a self-tanning product! 

I have blogged about this lip color before in my e.l.f cosmetics review. I think I just purchased the wrong color for my skin tone {Natural}. I'm so pale and this color just washes me out. I've been loyal to Clinique's Bamboo Pink since high school, even wearing it on my wedding day. It's the perfect not-too-pinky-pink for my light skin tone and it really does stay all day when you couple it with their lip liner. 

*I wasn't paid or asked by any of these companies to review these products. They are just my own personal experiences. 

Monday, June 16, 2014


I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! I'm linking up with B Loved Boston & Champagne and Suburbs for their "Weekending" linkup. 

Since I'm off on Fridays for six weeks this summer, I'm going to start my weekends on Thursdays on this little ol' blog! :) 

I had a really late meeting on Wednesday night and didn't get home until after 10 p.m., so Walker and I had a late start going into work {and school} on Thursday morning. I loved getting to hang out with my sweet boy a little later and not be so rushed in the morning, especially since I didn't get to see him once I dropped him off at day care at 7:45 a.m. Wednesday! I missed him!

Thursday night, we just relaxed, did laundry and had homemade pizza for supper. 

Brandon gets half days on Fridays during the summer, so he went into work for the morning while Walker and I hung out around the house. We played, cleaned and napped…overall, we were just huge bums while Daddy was at work! 

And I mean, how adorable is this Polo from Walker's great-aunt!? 

Once Brandon got home from work, we had lunch and then went over to my in-law's for Walker's very first swim. I was definitely thinking he would scream and just hate it, but he didn't! He was so laid back and chill; he didn't really make a peep! I truly think he didn't know what to think, but either way, it was absolutely adorable. 

He's rocking his Old Navy swim shorts and rashguard top {no longer available}; Target bucket hat {also no longer available}; and SwimWays Baby Spring Float from Target {similar}. 

After his swim, we just put him into a diaper and gave him his bottle on the covered porch at my in-law's. It was so hot, so I decided not to subject him to clothes outside…and it's only mid-June! Welcome to summer in Texas. It's only going to get hotter from here! Ugh.

Side note: Why does he look so big in this picture!? Stop growing!

After Walker's swim, we came home and relaxed, and the little bug let us sleep in until 7 a.m. Saturday! Woo! {It's the little things.}

I got to use my Mother's Day gift: a facial bright and early Saturday morning at Hand & Stone! I have had facials before, but seriously, this one took the cake! It was so wonderful and I actually fell asleep, which I have never done in a facial before. I will definitely be going back! 

I spent the rest of the morning going to the grocery store and running a few errands, and we just spent the day hanging out with Walker. Brandon has been immersed in the World Cup and our TV has been on soccer since the first game on Friday. Is anyone else's significant other into this, too?! 

Walker has really been into taking his little cat naps on us on the weekends, and as much as I know I should get up and put him in his crib, I just can't do it! I mean, look at those gorgeous eyelashes! 

I made Brandon's Father's Day supper on Saturday night {pork tenderloin, sautéed spinach, roasted red potatoes and squash casserole…and yes, this is his plate!} and then I went to get a much-needed pedicure. It cracked me up because I did more "me" things this weekend than he did, and it was Father's Day weekend! Oops. I have a good husband.

We did our usual Sunday routine, but of course celebrated extra since it was Father's Day! I didn't take a picture, but I brought Brandon breakfast in bed: scrambled eggs with avocado on the side, cinnamon rolls, toast and orange juice. 

My aunt came over in the evening and just played with Walker while we visited. 

And if you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen these photos, but I just had to share them again. Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband and precious Dad! We love you and thank you for loving Walker and me so well. 

Happy Week! 


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Why I Support Day Care

*Sorry I have been MIA all week! It has been a busy, crazy week and I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off! 

Clearly before I sent Walker to day care, I was extremely, heavily, vehemently against the idea of it. All I wanted was to stay at home with my son all day, every day. And not one ounce of convincing me otherwise was going to happen. 

But then, on April 28 - my first day back to work - I had no choice but to send my child to day care. I prayed hard that this would be the right choice for my child and for us. I prayed they would love him like we did, treat him well and just be a good fit for him. I even switched his day care at the very last minute

It was hard. I cried big tears all day long on my first day back to work. I worried all day, and when my boss let me leave early to pick him up, I practically flew out the door to go get him. And guess what? He was napping. He didn't care that I sped the entire way to pick him up. But I did. 

Flash forward a few weeks, and I'm authoring a blog post -- one I never thought I would author -- about my support of day care. Now, please keep in mind that when I say, "I support day care," that I do need to add a little addendum to that. I support some day cares. {I'll get to this later, but I fully believe in doing your due diligence to find the day care that best fits your baby and your family.} 

Since Walker has been in day care, I have noticed his development sky rocket. When I was home with him, I truly think I held him a bit too much and honestly, I don't think I knew all of the developmental things to do with a baby. If he didn't like tummy time and cried while he was on his tummy? I just rolled him over and we played. I know that's an awful statement, but I am being 100 percent honest with you here. {Please don't take it as I'm being lazy. I just, as his mommy, hate to see him cry.} At day care, they make him do tummy time, even if he doesn't like it. They make him practice sitting up, even if it's not his favorite. And the best thing, he's around other babies and is not only learning very early social skills, he's also mimicking what he's seeing the older babies do. Brandon and I have both noticed how he's wanting to be upright more; how his fine motor skills are very much progressing; and how he's much more chatty. 

Again, please don't think I'm a lazy mom and just don't do tummy time with my son, etc. I just know that what this is what's best for us. I'm not sure that I could have helped Walker progress this much all on my own without any outside help. I truly do attribute some of his progress to being around other children four to five days a week. 

And? Our day care does sweet little crafts with their feet and hands {especially for Mother's Day and Father's Day, which are even more adorable}, and his teacher sings them songs and reads to them. When I bring Walker in in the mornings, his teacher will say, "Hiiiii Walker!" and he will just grin and beam at her. He doesn't do that to everyone, so I know that he's comfortable with her. And boy, does she love my baby. 

Why I support our day care is because I have see the results for our son. Do I believe it's right for everyone? No. Do I believe that you're a bad mom if you send your child to day care or if you stay at home with your child? No. I just am speaking from experience with our child and our day care. I absolutely, 100 percent wish I could stay home with my child, but I can't, so I had to find the perfect place for our family. 

I did my due diligence, though. I toured {which I highly recommend}, researched, read reviews online, asked around for word-of-mouth recommendations, and I also visited with the day care's front office staff and teachers. 

Our day care has helped me better perfect Walker's schedule, especially since he's started oatmeal and rice cereal. They have helped me do Walker's physical therapy stretches since I couldn't do it the three times a day the physical therapist was recommending since I was working. They will tell me at the end of the day the new things he's learning to do, or trying to do. And I just love that. 

I know day cares can sometimes get a really bad rap, but I have seen the positives of ours and am truly thankful. 

Monday, June 9, 2014


Happy Monday, y'all! Now that it's summer, I'm on a summer schedule at work, where I work a little later Mondays-Thursdays and get off on Fridays! I'm really excited about that and am definitely looking forward to spending an extra day with Walker at home. 

But anyway, we had a really nice, low-key weekend, and it was very needed!

The organizer's of Brandon's 36-hole golf tournament have a pre-tournament dinner each year. This year, we joined them at the host's beautiful home for a yummy barbeque dinner. 

Before we left, however, Walker was practicing his new trick: giving kisses! If you ask him to give you a kiss and then smile really big at him, he'll basically face plant into your cheek with his mouth wide open to "kiss" you. Of course, we think it's adorable. 

Brandon left bright and early at 6 a.m., so it was just Walker and me! My child who does not nap slept for an hour and a half Saturday morning, which was wonderful because I actually had time to shower/get dressed, make the bed, fold some laundry and get a myriad of other things done around the house. 

This sweet nugget has also decided he is a big boy and is trying to hold the bottle by himself. This mommy is not ready for that quite yet! {Stop growing!} 

We headed over to my in-law's around lunchtime, where all of Walker's cousins were playing for the day! Brandon has two brothers, and in a span of seven months, my in-law's went from having zero grandchildren to having three! All brothers decided 2013-2014 was a good year for having babies, I guess. :) 

Anyway, Walker had fun {?} posing for pictures with his cousin, Brayden {9.5 months}...

…and playing with his other cousin, Ellie Kate {7.5 months}. My poor mother-in-law probably doesn't even know what to do with herself with three babies under one year old! 

Brandon picked up our favorite, 7 Salsas, for dinner, and we had fun hanging out with this little guy in his fox towel. I can't even with the adorableness. 

Walker thought 5:50 a.m. was party time on Sunday morning, so we skipped church to rest. Clearly we needed it because we went back to bed after Walker laid down for his nap and all slept for about an hour and a half! 

We spent the day organizing, cleaning and getting ready for the week. 

Brandon even put together Walker's new jumperoo, which he loves! My little shorty is a tiny bit too short for it, so we classed it up by putting an empty DirecTV box under his feet. Only the best for my kid, folks. Only the best. 

{Of course I posted this on Instagram and Facebook and people were like, "Use pillows and blankets!" Clearly I'm an idiot for not thinking of that myself…duh!!!} 

Also, an update on the swaddling {or lack thereof}: 

We stopped using the swaddle for both arms about a month ago, swaddling only his left arm and leaving the right one free. After about two weeks of doing that, we just took out his left arm and never looked back. 

I know Baby Wise Mom tells you to wean them and start only with naps…blah, blah, blah. Well, we did do the weaning thing because Walker freaked the first time we tried both arms not swaddled. But we couldn't do it during nap time since Brandon and I both work, and his day care doesn't allow swaddles or blankets in their cribs there. So it was all on us. 

The first night we had both of his arms out, he was a little weirded out by it, I think. While I was rocking him back and forth in his room, he kept knocking his paci out with his hands and kept putting them on his face. But I laid him down, walked out and noticed on the monitor that he was wiggling a lot more and throwing his arms up in the air. {Kind of like the startle reflex, but just him not knowing what to do with two free hands.} But then he stopped wiggling and that was that. 

He's now sleeping with both arms out, but of course still in the Halo Sleep Sack {with the swaddle part around his chest/belly} since using a blanket in his crib freaks me out - my kid is a major wiggle-worm. {We even bought breathable bumpers and have the Sleep Sheep hanging from the crib because he moves so much when he sleeps, just like me.} 

I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I'm looking forward to my four-day weeks for the next month and a half! 

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