Thursday, May 15, 2014

Favorite Baby Products: 3-4 Months

Now that we are past the super teeny baby stage {sniff, sniff}, we are really learning what our favorite things are with Walker, as well as what his favorite things are, in turn! 

Here are a few of our favorite 3-4 months products and items: 

One: These are so great for Walker and help develop babies' fine motor skills. We hook these on his car seat; on the playmat; and even give them to him to check out. The bright colors are perfect for baby's eye development, too!

Two: We have used these bottles from the get-go, and yes, while they have a ton of parts, we really love them. The natural flow really helps mimic me nursing him, and he doesn't get the milk too fast - therefore thinking he's hungry when he's not. Since Walker takes 8 oz. at each feeding {four times a day}, we use the 8 oz. bottles. 

Three: I have expressed my love for these pacifiers since day one, and we are still loving them! The monkey has become Walker's favorite recently because he can grab onto its legs and tail easier than the other ones we have (duck, puppy, lamb and frog). 

Four: Since Walker spits up so much, these bibs are our favorite. They come up right under his neck and absorb there first and then goes down to the bib part. They're also very absorbent and handle wear and tear well. 

Five: My friend Liz introduced me to these socks that she uses for her daughter, Peyton. After trying a ton - and I do mean a ton - of socks on Walker, these are the only ones that stay on his feet! And he kicks and wiggles a lot. 

Six: My aunt bought us this at a shower and we use it every. single. day. for tummy time. It comes with  a little supporter for under their chest that helps them do tummy time, but looks like they're "driving" the little race car. It's adorable! Plus, it washes well. 

Do you have any baby items that are your favorite? 

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  1. No baby knowledge from me, but I'm bookmarking all of these so I can look back when that time comes!