Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quick Birthday Recap

Thank y'all for all the sweet blog comments, Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagram comments, etc. yesterday! Social media is so much fun on your birthday. :) My favorite part of any birthday is all the calls from my family and friends singing "Happy Birthday." It always puts a smile on my face!

I had a wonderful day celebrating, and I'm so glad I got to spend my day with the precious boy who made me a mommy. {He told me 'Happy Birthday' at 4 a.m. yesterday by spitting up down my shirt and pajama pants. Welcome to mommyhood. Ha!} 

Walker and I met my friends Susana and Liz {and Liz's daughter, Peyton} for lunch at a local bakery that we all love. 

My Aunt Tina came over and brought dinner and cupcakes! We enjoyed a glass of wine and just visited. She helped me bathe Walker and put him to bed, which of course is just the best birthday present ever! 

And how absolutely adorable is he in his fox towel from Target?! I couldn't resist getting a picture. 

It was a great day. Bring it on, 27! 


  1. aw Happy birthday - what a cute little guy!

  2. What a great way he told you Happy Birthday! haha :) love it! Happy belated and glad it was fabulous!!! :)


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