Friday, April 11, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Thank you to the lovely hostesses of the Five on Friday link-up: A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness and [the good life blog]

Brandon has been traveling on business since Sunday, so I'm super happy it's Friday, because that means he's coming home today! He had to miss my birthday on Monday - which he was super bummed about - and I've been a single mama all week…so needless to say, Walker and I are going to be insanely happy when his plane lands today! 

I've been eating lots of Amy's Organic frozen meals this week and am definitely ready to have "normal people" food again! Brandon requested my family's famous meatloaf {I promise it's good}, baby red mashed potatoes, English peas and rolls for supper tonight, and I am definitely happy to oblige! I'll post the recipe for y'all on Sunday. 

Walker's newest thing is giving us big, loud screeches when he's super happy {which I love}. The other day, he was just talking to the ceiling fan, and my mom is convinced he's saying "Hallelujah" in this video. Ha! What do you think?

When Brandon is gone, I always find myself venturing into Target for just one thing. This time, it was "one thing": the stuff for Walker's Easter basket. Well, it's never just one thing for me…I came out with a new nail polish, a new cheapie blush to try and a bathing suit for Walker - which I guess I can justify by putting it in his Easter basket - plus the actual stuff I went in for. I swear Target puts something in the air that makes me want to BUYALLTHETHINGS!!!

Since I go back to work in two weeks {sniff, sniff}, I am really thinking about my work wardrobe. I haven't worn my work clothes - non-maternity - in about six months, so I've really been evaluating and re-evaluating what's in my closet. Since we're heading into May {holy cow, already!}, which equals H-O-T in Texas, I'm having to put together and find cute, work-appropriate outfits that are also cool, without being too… "Hi, I'm a Mommy!" 

I love this look from Pinterest and am definitely going to have to put it together! I'm so going to miss my post-baby uniform of yoga pants and old college sorority/fraternity T-shirts every day!

Speaking of going back to work, I've been busy getting everything in order around the house…because I have no clue what my new routine is going to be like with work, a baby and the CEO of the Whitacre household {yes, I went there}. I've been cleaning out Walker's closet and boxing up all of his 0-3 months clothes and transitioning his drawers and closet to the 3 months ones; organizing closets and deep cleaning things. I like to think of it as a little postnatal nesting! ;) Is that crazy?! 

Ohhh, I'm a rebel with number six today! Ha! But can y'all do me a favor?

I've told y'all about my mom's company HomeGrown before. Well, they're currently in a photo contest to win three months of free advertising in our hometown, which is a big deal in that little city! Can you follow this link and "like" their photo on Facebook? It takes two seconds, and I know they'd appreciate it. And while you're there, take a peek at what HomeGrown has to offer. 

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so true about Target! It gets me every time! And Walker is too cute for words!

  2. oh it is so true about target! i am currently not allowed to go in there... lol. that dinner sounds amazing!

  3. You're smart to plan ahead, getting things organized for when you go back to work!

  4. I love happy baby screams :) :) And Target, girllll, I'm lucky if I can get out of there under $150!!

    Happy Friday, pretty lady!! Xo