Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend Wrap-Up

I hope y'all had a wonderful Easter! We most certainly did, especially since it was Walker's first one! This year, we decided to travel to my hometown in Southeast Texas to spend Easter with my family. My entire family of eight was home, and it was amazing: my brother from college; us from Dallas; and my parents, sister and brother who are at home. 

Brandon got off work at noon, so we left as soon as he got home. Walker did wonderful in the car and slept the entire 3.5 hours there. 

{I was shocked! My only tips for traveling with an infant? Feed them and change their diaper right before you go, and put them in the car seat at the very last second. Other than that, I'm definitely nowhere near a pro.} 

When we were on the last leg of the trip, I got a text message from one of my brothers asking where we were. I replied, and about 15 minutes later, I got another text telling me that he and my Dad were following us…in my family's little two-seater plane! It was so beyond cool knowing they found us on the road, and they kept pretty even with us the entire rest of the 45-minute drive. I loved it! 

{PS: See those pine trees?! Ahhh, I miss them so much.} 

That night, my Mom made a great home-cooked meal and we all just hung out. My grandparents came over to see Walker, and then we all went to bed. 

Walker was up every couple of hours {blah}, so we were pretty lazy bums all day. I think he was just in a new place, in a Pack-n-Play and off his schedule, so it was just a long night for all of us. 

That afternoon, he and I took a little nap together and it was such a sweet moment for this mama. He's a pretty good snuggler. :) 

My mom and I cooked stuff for Easter lunch; some of my mom's friends stopped by to see Walker; and we just lazed around. My Dad took Brandon out flying and then took him and my brothers to shoot guns…quite a manly little weekend Brandon had. Ha! 

That night, the sunset was amazing, so my brothers, sister and Brandon climbed on the roof of my parents' rent house to capture some pictures. I stayed on the ground with Walker! {Why we are all wearing neon I do not know.}

I'd say they delivered on the pictures, wouldn't you? I love coming home, and one of those reasons are the gorgeous sunsets amidst the pine trees. Heaven will have pine trees and beautiful sunsets, I'm sure of it. 

After a much better night of sleep for Walker - and us {9 hours and 15 minutes, to be exact!}, we celebrated Easter! Walker was pretty unimpressed with his first Easter basket; apparently the lights were way more entertaining. He made out like a bandit between our Easter basket and his gift from my Mom and Dad {a swimsuit, swim top, baby flip-flops and a cute little plate with his name on it}! 

We went to church and then came home for a barrage of photos, of course! 

-Brandon, Walker and me {Walker was unimpressed}
-Brandon, Walker, me + my siblings
-Walker being unimpressed {a theme of the afternoon}
-My Mom and Dad, "Foxy" and "Papa" with Walker
-My sibs and me

{Yes, I changed dresses at the last minute! Typical.}

After church, we went to my Nana and Pah's house for a family Easter lunch. We had so much food - I barely was able to finish a sandwich for supper last night! - that I can't even list out everything. I'm sure I'll dream about that lunch for the next few days. ;) 

Anyway, my cousin Rebecca {pictured} and I are two years apart and grew up so close, and her sweet little girl, Audrey, is exactly one year and one day older than Walker. I was back in my grandparents' room feeding him while Rebecca was changing Audrey, and she was so interested in Walker, but a little jealous her mama was loving on another baby! I just love how close in age they are and hope they grow up to be friends like Rebecca and I did, even though they live in separate cities! 

After lunch and Walker's feeding, we left and drove straight home. He did great {again} in the car, waking up only 45 minutes away from home. I am so thankful he did well! 

I spent the evening unpacking, doing laundry and getting things ready for today, which is definitely a job in itself. As my Dad says, "Y'all have one little bag and Walker's stuff takes up the rest of the car!" It's so ridiculously true. 

Again, I hope you had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed celebrating our risen Savior! Happy Monday. 

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  1. Oh my gosh ... that sunset photo. Holy gorgeousness!!!! I swear, I should be living in Texas. I ask Keith at least once a week if we can move there, and that pic is definitely not helping haha! Sounds like you guys had an amazing weekend!


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