Sunday, March 16, 2014


We had such a fun weekend; I'm so sad it's over! My family came in town for the weekend, and somehow I only managed to get pictures of them with Walker. Go figure! Brandon had been on business in Nashville since Wednesday, so I was also super happy to see him when he came home on Saturday afternoon. 

Friday morning during our playtime and tummy time, I looked down and noticed that Walker was not only laying on a minky football play mat, but we were using a Baylor burp rag given to us by a high school friend of mine. So, what else to do but start a dance party to "That Good Old Baylor Line" and "Old Fight!" We're just prepping him already. :) 

Friday afternoon, Walker and I met my parents and sister at Grand Lux CafĂ© for lunch. Afterward, my parents went to look at appliances for their new house and my sister Maggie, Walker and I came back to our house to relax. 

Maggie just loved all OVER Walker and was such a huge help to me. She would play with him, talk to him and wanted to rock him forever. She also helped me stuff and stamp Walker's birth announcements {can't wait to show them to y'all!} and we just hung out. 

Friday evening, my mom, dad, sister, aunt, Walker and I went to Taco Diner for dinner…where my child proceeded to sleep through a weird, loud DJ rendition of "Smack That" occurring on the restaurant's patio during the walk from the car to the restaurant. 
{Side note: That song came out when I was in college. It's too old to be playing that mess now!}

When we got home, Walker was still fussy, so I dipped into my "work reserves" and my Mom was able to give him a bottle, which I loved that she was able to do. I absolutely adore the picture of them together; look how he's looking at her! 

{I'll do a separate post about this later, but I try my hardest to pump 1-3 times a day and freeze it. My goal is to have a month's worth of milk for when I go back to work, so I try to plan all my outings around Walker eating so I don't have to use that pumped milk if at all possible. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!}

Saturday morning, we all just lazed around the house and Walker got a ton of loving, but especially from my Dad. His arms were like kryptonite to Walker; the man knows what he's doing - he's rocked four of his own babies to sleep many a time!

My parents left Saturday afternoon, so my aunt and I grabbed lunch at Potbelly. Brandon then came home (!!!) and we had dinner and played major catch-up with each other. So glad my husband is home.

Walker was all kinds of off his schedule from the weekend, and Brandon was exhausted from his trip, so we stayed home from church Sunday. I hated to miss it, but we needed the day to regulate all of our systems. While Walker and Brandon slept, I went to the gym and the grocery store, and then my in-law's stopped by to visit Walker for a bit. 

I'm already missing my family so much, but I'm so excited we get to see them again next month! 

I hope you had a happy weekend, wherever you are!


  1. There is something about a grandpas arms! I swore our Pops (Tyler's dad) was like baby kryptonite. They could be screaming and maniacal but after a few minutes with him it was like he had slipped them a sedative :-)

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Walker is already getting so big!

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend!! Walker is getting so big already!


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