Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday

I'm bringing back another installment of "Hey, It's Okay Tuesday…"! 

Hey, It's Okay…

…that your sweet son is completely dressed in an {adorable} nautical stripe by 7:30 a.m., while his Mommy is still in her spit-up stained pajamas and hasn't even brushed her teeth. 

…to spend an entire day at your in-law's house because a dummy in the neighborhood hit a transformer and knocked power out to 70+ people. Us included. I can't deal without power and an almost-8-week-old! 

…to have your husband bring home Tex-Mex for dinner because of said power outage and not wanting to cook after that joyful ordeal. 


…to spend half of Walker's morning nap watching "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills": Reunion Part 2. Complete trash TV, I know. 


…to be completely obsessed with turquoise and robin's egg blue this spring. It started with new couch pillows before Walker was born, and now it's like IWANTALLTHETURQUOISETHINGS!!! The House of Turquoise Blog is not helping my obsession. 


…speaking of décor, I have not stepped foot in HomeGoods since before Walker was born. I deserve major kudos for that. It's been a HomeGoods intervention! 

…to know you're old when you're looking forward to spring-ing your backyard over the weekend! I've been pinning so many new things to add to the backyard and am getting so excited about pulling weeds, clearing out leaves and planting new flowers. You know you're old when… 

…to pretend to be asleep at 6 a.m. when Walker cries out and let your husband get up to pop the pacifier back in his mouth. What? 

…to already be planning Walker's first birthday. Ha! 

And there's a random Tuesday blog post! Have a happy day!


  1. We worked on our yard last weekend! I totally felt like an old couple!!!

  2. Love this :) Love turquoise! Bummer that your power was out. Ours was out all day on a Sunday once and we eventually went to Panera for free internet. lol Good thing you have family close by though!


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