Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday

It's Friday! Yay! A happy Friday to you and all of the Five on Friday hostesses: A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness and [the good life blog]

I'm excited it's Friday because that means 2.5 uninterrupted days with Brandon and Walker. Together. {And a little help 'round these parts with diaper duty! Hallelujah!} Speaking of Brandon and Walker, how insane are genetics? Brandon is on the left and Walker is on the right -- they're the exact same age in these pictures. Seriously kind of creeps me out SLASH makes me sad that there is absolutely zero me {except for the eyes} in my son!

It's officially Spring Break, and if I weren't on maternity leave, I'd be jumping up and down absolutely thrilled for a week off from work! So, we're just going to pretend it's Spring Break for me - and celebrate the return of 70* temperatures to Dallas - with a little patio time at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, 7 Salsas, tonight. The restaurant is literally right down the road and people there know our order by heart: it's our favorite little neighborhood hangout! 

Speaking of food {because who doesn't love food more than me?!}, a McAlister's recently opened about two miles from our house and I'm more excited than I frankly should be. A chicken caesar wrap with a side of macaroni + cheese and a giant sweet tea? Don'tmindifIdo.  

And speaking of Spring Break {because clearly I only have two things on my mind today: food and Spring Break…}, I have this insane urge to clean, purge and organize everything this time of the year! New pillows on the couch to brighten up the living room? Check! Storage boxes in Walker's closet to organize the blanket madness? Check! Cleaning out the medicine cabinet and below our sinks? Check! 

But the biggest thing on my to-do list is finishing organizing and purging our closet. One of my friends, Savannah, - a sweet girl taking over for my friend Liz while we're out of the office on maternity leave - recently introduced me to Closet Complete Velvet Hangers. In fact, she's so precious she bought me a box and sent it to me when Walker was born. {A Type A girl's dream!} I got started on one section of my closet, couldn't get enough and ordered more, and then finished another section. I'm only about 1/4 of the way through my clothes {INSANITY} and need to just bite the bullet and order more to finish all of my clothes and Brandon's. He has so many wire hangers {"No more wire hangers!!!"} because we have to dry clean his work attire; I can't stand wire hangers. 

So, maybe that will be my big project this week? Amazon Prime for the win. :)

And what's a Five on Friday without one more picture of my sweet little love? His growth spurt can gladly go right back to where it came from, because we're all a little over it, quite frankly. {Side note: Does anyone else hear Aviva Drescher when they hear or say "quite frankly? All I hear is, "You're both white trash, quite frankly."} 

Anyway, he's been so fussy, sleepy and just plain not himself, so we are ready for him to grow what he needs to grow and get back to his normal self! It just breaks my heart for him because I know he doesn't feel well, and there's nothing I can do for him but feed him, change his diaper and just love on him. He took the majority of his naps on me yesterday, and while at the time I was so stressed, I look back at this picture and am comforted knowing he just wanted - and needed - his mommy, and there will come a time in his life that we won't want or need me, {sad face}, so I'm relishing in it now. 

-SIX- (Can I do that?)
Walker's newborn portraits are finally here and we just LOVE them! Go check them out

Happy Friday and Happy Weekending! 


  1. Oh My Gosh. I have the same problem with the wire hanger overload from dry cleaning my husbands clothes! What is your solution?! Please tell me the secret for organizing the madness. Love me some McAllister's too! Enjoy your spring break weekend and fab weather!

  2. oh my goodness they do look so much alike! That is crazy! (especially their noses haha) Enjoy Spring Break and have a fabulous weekend! (great gif btw)


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