Monday, March 10, 2014

e.l.f. Cosmetics Review

I shared last week that I purchased a few things from e.l.f. after seeing rave reviews about them on Pinterest and noticing the line at TargetOf course, I couldn't pass up anything that was $1 to {at most} $6! So, I figured, "Why not?" 

I was so giddy when I opened the box that I couldn't wait to try everything out the next day!  

Here are my thoughts...

1. The face primer {in clear} works wonders and is a total dupe for Lâncome's La Base Pro primer…and about $35 less! My make-up stayed all day, and where I noticed it the most was my blush, which actually faded away with Lâncome's primer by about midday. Definite dupe and definite win in my book!

2. Same for the eyeshadow primer! I absolutely adore eye make-up, and I've had a hard time getting it to stay put. I use the Naked Basics palette and by 6 p.m., my eyeshadow was still going strong. I will for sure be buying this {in sheer} again. 

3. Y'all, I can't get over what a dupe e.l.f.'s "St. Lucia" blush/bronzer duo is for NARS' Orgasm-Laguna Blush/Bronzer Duo! It is seriously the same, and I will never spend $42 on NARS again. Plus, when you use their face primer, it stays put all day. 

4. This powder is really nice, and that's coming from someone who hasn't used loose powder since she was about 13 years old and using Clinique. ;) It really sets my make-up and I feel like my pores look smaller. 

5. I wasn't crazy about this eyeliner. At all. In fact, I threw it away after trying it once. I felt like it didn't show up well enough on top of my eyeshadow, and it worked almost like a Sharpie that's on its last leg. I will just stick to my tried-and-true eyeliner: Revlon ColorStay in Black/Brown

6. While I loved the matte feel of this lipstick, I think I just purchased one too light for my skin tone {Natural} after reading reviews about how it's apparently "the best color out there." Since I'm so pale, I think I'll try "Tea Rose" next time; I had to swipe my tried-and-true Clinique Bamboo Pink over the top of this to make me look alive. {Seriously, I have been wearing Bamboo Pink since late high school and I just love it. It's the only lipstick that works well with my skin tone…I even wore it on my wedding day!} 

So, all of that to say, e.l.f. is definitely a steal, and many of their products are direct dupes for high-end make-up. While I can't yet give up my foundation, lipstick and splurge mascara, e.l.f. is a win-win for me!  


  1. I'll have to check out some more of these. I love the lip exfoliator! The Revlon eye liner is my go-to as well.

  2. I have tried a few of their products and have to say I'm a fan as well!! I'll need to get the face primer because that works miracles - I also use their setting spray which is good but I have to say not as great as the Urban Decay Setting spray - worth the $30 in my book lol!

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  4. I'm not a big fan of their eyeshadow. I'll have to check out some of the things you listed!


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