Thursday, March 6, 2014


Yesterday was quite the adventure for Walker and me! I tried to do too much in the morning - and coupled with a baby going through a growth spurt - it was definitely a day. 

In the morning, I decided to go pick up my engagement ring and wedding band that had to be cut off when I stupidly tried to put it on for Walker's newborn pictures…and then it wouldn't come off. Shout out to the Irving Fire Department for cutting it off for me! {Sad face.}

But anyway, it's back, it looks fabulous and now I don't look like my child's babysitter, as the kid at the UPS Store so {kindly?} told me. 

Moving on...
{Here's the importance of having a flexible schedule…!} 

After Walker ate at 1, our church's children's director stopped by to meet him, tell us about the nursery and pray over him. That was such a sweet visit, and she even brought Walker a tiny New Testament and two little Bible story books. He was a little late going down, so he was extra fussy and decided napping was for the birds. 

After she left, my cousin called me. He's a pilot for a regional airline and was driving from Houston to his base in Kansas City {MCI}. His Bronco broke down outside of Dallas, and he asked me to come get him. Normally I would not have batted an eyelash, but Walker had been asleep on and off for about an hour, and my cousin was about an hour north of us. So…I knew Walker would have to eat right as we got there, and it just wasn't going to work with a screaming baby and evening traffic in Dallas. 

So, I called a sweet lady we are friends with at church {and a fellow Baylor grad! Sic 'Em!} and asked her if she could come over and watch Walker. Thankfully, she is my dad's age, is retired and just loves Walker, so she immediately came right over and watched him while he finished napping, and then fed him and entertained him until Brandon could get home from work. 

And this crazy lady drove about 80 m.p.h. to Melissa, Texas, to pick up her cousin and get him to DFW Airport in a timely manner. It was so good to see him, though! 
{No make-up, ponytail…lovely, yes?}

Side note: His name is Robert, and my name is Brittany. We are only six months apart in age. When we were little, we used to call each other "Robby" and "Bobby." It stuck, and people still bring it up to us. And, when we text each other, that's what we lovingly refer each other as. 

He even got to come over and meet Walker and have supper with us before he went to DFW to fly out. 

After that, I think Walker was just so tired that he wouldn't sleep. And, with this growth spurt, he wants to eat all.the.time right now, so that's super fun, let me tell you. Once we gave him his bath and finally got him to bed, I happily made myself one of these and crawled in the bathtub. For an hour. It was amazing. 

Any mamas out there dealt with the 6-week growth spurt? I've done a ton of Googling and it seems pretty normal for a 5-week-old to get the 6-week spurt at 5 weeks. Man, am I ready for it to pass! 

Happy Thursday!

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