Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Walker is One Month Old!

Walker McKay, you are one month old {already}! 

I seriously feel like these four weeks have flown by, yet have been so slow at the same time, but they have been the best four weeks of my life. Your Daddy and I were talking the other night and agreed that it felt like we just brought you home from the hospital! 

When you first came home, you were eating every two hours, but now you do every three hours with the occasional four-hour stretch. {Those are the best!} You are a lazy eater and I have to really work to wake you up when you eat by tickling your cheek, rubbing your head or patting your bottom. You are a pretty bad spitter-upper, but you are gaining weight - a good amount; I think you're definitely more than 8 lbs. now - so we're not worried about that. You are a grunter, however! You will grunt when you eat and we think it's so funny! But, you grunt after you eat and it was diagnosed today as reflux, so we have to give you .9 mL of baby Zantac twice a day. 

You are very good at taking a bottle if you need to, and you take about 4 oz. when you do have a bottle. 

At first, you slept a ton during the day and not at all during the night. But, we're slowly getting you on some sort of a routine and try to go to bed around the same time every night. You will eat, then we'll swaddle you and lay you down to go to sleep. You absolutely love your swaddle and your pacifier, but we do try to not give you your pacifier at night because you'll wake yourself up if it falls out. 

When we first got home, you slept in our bed in your "pod" {AKA: Boppy Newborn Lounger}, and then on your cradle mattress in our bed. This Sunday, we moved you into your cradle and you did great!  

You are a grunter in your sleep, and we've had to learn to differentiate your grunting noises to decide if you're waking up or if it's reflux-related. You also still have your newborn startle reflex, so that wakes you up when you're napping during the day. You have started to smile in your sleep and have even laughed a time or two! 

Your pediatrician told us we could skip your one-month appointment since you were doing so well, but we had to go back today because you have severe reflux and needed to get some medicine to get it under control. At your two-week appointment, you weighed 7 lbs., 13 oz. and were 21.5 inches long. Today you weighed 9 lbs., 14 oz. {they didn't measure you}. You are a big boy! Your next doctor's appointment is at two months, and I'm anxious to see how much you've grown. 

You definitely know your Mommy's and Daddy's voices and will follow them; it's precious. You are also noticing the ceiling fans, iron artwork behind our couch in the living room, and love to look out the living room windows in the morning because of the brightness. 

You had a lot of "firsts" during your first month, obviously! You had your first Super Bowl; experienced your first snow; had your first Valentine's Day; took your first trips to Target and the grocery store with Mommy; had your first play date with Peyton {Mommy's friend Liz's daughter, who was born two days before you}; went to your first restaurant {7 Salsas}; and went to two pediatrician's appointments. 

You are very strong and hold your head up well, but especially when I'm trying to burp you after you've eaten. We do tummy time once a day, but you're not a huge fan of that. 

We had to pack away the newborn clothes this past weekend {sniff, sniff!} and you moved to size one diapers on Monday {also sniff, sniff!}. You're very long, so the 0-3 month clothes fit you perfectly lengthwise, but are still a tiny bit baggy in the chest. You're definitely in an in-between stage right now! 

Since you spit-up so much, you don a bib with every outfit and we're never without a burp rag or two. 

You are a sweet, sweet boy! You love to be held - especially on our chest. You have done so well with sitting in your bouncer and letting me take a 10-minute shower and get dressed {without makeup} while you take a little cat nap. You love the sound of the vacuum cleaner and hair dryer; it doesn't even phase you! You make the cutest little noises and are very alert when you're awake during the day.

You do not like to be cold, so taking you out of the bath makes you cry - and loud. Though we hate to see you upset, you have the cutest little bottom lip quiver when you cry! Since day one, you have been able to go from 0-60 in about five seconds; you get really worked up! You aren't a huge fan of being changed and have definitely peed on us a good amount! You're not a huge fan of your swing, but will sit in it for about 10-15 minutes at a time. 

You love driving in the car and typically fall asleep once the car is moving. {You don't like, however, the initial being-put-in-the-carseat part.} You love to be held, especially on our chests; sitting in your bouncer on vibrate; taking naps in your pod; and laying on your back with Mommy talking to you. 

Dub, W, Walk, Boo-Boo, Buddy {from your Daddy}, WaMack {from your Papa}, and endearing nicknames that just come out of my mouth, like Pumpkin, Punkin' Knot and Baby. 

Special Visitors:
You had a lot of special visitors this month: Foxy, Papa, Aunt Maggie, Uncle Royden and Uncle Parker; Mimi, Pop, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Becca, Ellie Kate, Uncle Todd, Nikki, Brayden, Cindy and Savannah; Grammy and Grumpy; Aunt Tina; Uncle Timm; Nana and Pah; and Liz and Peyton. 

You love your Aunt Tina, who has watched you on a couple of occasions for Mommy and Daddy. She was your first babysitter! 

We love you so much, sweet boy, and can't imagine our lives without you in it! 

Mommy and Daddy 

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