Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life Lately

I know many of you aren't that interested in Walker posts, but this is just such a sweet time - and if I don't post, I feel like I might forget it all - so I have to post for memory's sake. And, he's taking a nap right now {in his crib! Insert thumbs-up emoji here.} so it was the perfect time. 

Walker is officially two weeks and one day old, and he's looking more and more like his Daddy every day. He celebrated his two week birthday by waking up every.single.hour. to eat and I must admit, I thought I was going to rip my hair out I was so tired. But he's just so dang cute that I can't help but kiss his little face all over. {We learned later at his pediatrician appointment that he's going through a growth spurt, so that explains that.} 

…which leads me to his two-week pediatrician appointment, where he peed all over our doctor. Well done, son. 

He was 7 lbs. at birth and weighed 7 lbs., 13 oz. at this appointment {50%}; he was 20.5 in. at birth and was 21.5 in. at this appointment {88%}. I don't remember his head measurement, but I do remember that it was in the 90th percentile. {Thanks to his Daddy and the men in my family for the large noggin.} 

His measurements and vitals were so good that the pediatrician said we don't need to bring him back until his two-month appointment; she's straight-up skipping his one-month appointment because, in her words, "He's a hoss!" and "He's a champ." The kid was even Army crawling on the table. What.the.heck!? The doctor just stared and said she has never seen a two-week old do that, so I'm going to take it that he's just a little genius. {Kidding! Sort of. ;)} 

I'm trying to get him on some semblance of a feeding/sleeping schedule, as well as having him take his afternoon nap in his crib to get used to being in there {blinds open so he knows that's nap time}. 

He's done well recently - save for being up all night the other night - at eating in 2-3 hour shifts. However, last night he pulled 3-4 hour shifts and I'm hoping that I don't jinx myself for typing that out. Fingers crossed. 

His little lips and the way he falls asleep with his hands under his face just slay me. I kiss those little lips ALL THE TIME and tell him no girl other than Mommy is ever going to kiss those sweet lips! {Yeah right, I know. Brandon just rolls his eyes at me when I say that. Ha!} 

Now that it's finally sunny in Dallas - F-I-N-A-L-L-Y - I had to get out of the house, figuratively and literally. I know he's still so little, but we had some cabin fever. So, today after his morning feeding, we ventured out to the dry cleaners to pick up Brandon's dry cleaning; to the UPS Store to mail off our taxes; and to Target to pick up a storage bin in which to store my maternity clothes. 

And, funny story, I ran into NBC 5 anchor/reporter Lindsay Wilcox and her two children in line at Target, and she and I struck up a nice conversation while waiting to check out. She's so sweet!

Finally, to celebrate the birthday of Amy {one of HomeGrown's owners, along with my mom}, HomeGrown is giving away a ton of fun items this week! Be sure to "like" their Facebook page and then like and/or share their posts for a chance to win cute stuff! 

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