Thursday, February 27, 2014

Favorite Baby Products: One Month Edition

Now that we're one month in, I thought I'd share some of our favorite baby products! Of course, these are what work best for us, but I always love knowing what works best for others to try it ourselves. 

1. Walker spits up…a lot. These burp rags are soft, absorbent and wash very well! They also have a ton of cute prints! {We were also gifted with some precious monogrammed/designed regular cloth diapers and we love those, too!} Basically: We heart burp rags 'round these parts because our kid has major projectile spit up. And that's all kinds of fun, let me tell you. {You haven't lived until you've changed pajamas three times, changed sheets and have gone through an arsenal of burp rags in one night.} 

2. While these bottles have a ton of parts, they're the best for babies with colic and/or reflux. The nipples don't allow a baby to just suck the bottle down, mimicking the real nipple. 

3. I discovered these footed jammies at Target on a whim and am so obsessed that I went back and purchased more earlier this week. They're awesome because the zipper starts at the bottom and zips up, as opposed to starting at the top and zipping down -- which is wonderful for diaper changes…especially in the middle of the night! They are also so, so soft and come in so many cute designs. 

4. WubbaNubs are the only paci Walker will take. Period. We gave him one to soothe him when we came home from the hospital and he latched on immediately. So much so that we ordered two more and keep one in the living room, one in our bedroom and one in his nursery. The pacifier's nipple {the Soothie paci} mimics the actual human nipple, and the animal part weights the pacifier to help it not fall out of their mouths as easily. We currently have the duck, monkey and lamb. 

5. Since he spits up so much, these bibs are a lifesaver. The roll portion around the neck helps catch the spit up before it can go down baby's neck and get caught under their cute little neck rolls. They're also very absorbent. 

6. Like the WubbaNub, these swaddles are the only swaddles we use. We got one as a shower gift, used it in the hospital {because the blanket swaddle? Yeah, our kid is a master at breaking out of those.} and ordered a whole pack of them when we got home from the hospital. They are so easy to use and Walker hasn't yet been able to break free of them. The velcro on them is so wonderful…especially for those middle of the night feedings and changes. They come in two sizes in the "Stage 2" step, and we ordered the medium. When he grows out of those, we'll order the large. I just love 'em. 

7. Walker likes this bouncer a lot, especially when it's on vibrate. He will sit in this in the bathroom when I take a shower, and when I get out, I move him into the doorway of the bathroom and he'll typically take a short morning nap in it. It also helps with his reflux since he's at an angle. But, being totally honest here: he loves to be held - LOVES IT - so he will only sit in little contraptions for about an hour {max} at most. And yes, we're working on putting him down and just letting him get used to not being in someone's arms. 

I hope this helps any of you new mamas or mamas-to-be! 

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