Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy, happy Friday! Thanks, as always, to the hostesses A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness and [the good life blog]

Now that the Olympics are [finally] over, I'm so glad our regular TV shows are back! We love to watch Modern Family, Law & Order: SVU, Grey's Anatomy {I know, I know} and Parenthood. But seriously, did any of y'all watch Modern Family on Wednesday night? I could not get through that entire episode without itching my head! If you don't watch, Lily got lice from school and it was a major plot line. Every time they would talk about it, I'd find myself itching my hair and would tell Brandon, "Seriously, I cannot stop scratching my head right now! Ugh, lice!" {And now I'm scratching my head…} 

I am on a major spring kick right now, and I'm thinking if I will it to be spring long enough with my wardrobe, having fresh tulips in the house and "spring-ifying" everything, winter will move on already! I'm currently loving these spring outfits {all via Pinterest}:

It's been a little touch-and-go 'round these parts with Walker's reflux, and the poor guy {along with Brandon} was just zonked out Wednesday night. I think this picture is just adorable, though I wish I was sleeping right there alongside them!

And speaking of cute pictures, Walker had his second "date" with my friend Liz's daughter, Peyton, who was born two days before them. They were trying to hold hands in this picture, and Liz and I just think it's a match made in heaven. Their daddies better watch out! Ha!

And I know this is number three and a half {ish}, but I am happy to report that at the suggestion of one of my mom's good friends and one of my aunts {and Brandon}, we have officially started a more lax form of a mix between Baby Wise and The Baby Whisperer. I'll blog more about this on Monday - because it's only been one day - but we had to get Walker {and us!} on some sort of a schedule. It's been tough, but we're getting there. More to come on Monday! 

I am so excited for the Oscars on Sunday! I love Ellen and I think she'll do a great job hosting. Plus, I just love watching for the fashion, anyway! I definitely think "American Hustle" is going to sweep the awards, but I also think Matthew McConaughey will win Best Actor. What do you think?

I have started taking Vitamin Shoppe's Liquid Vitamin B12 for energy, and I {think} - or maybe I should say hope - it's working. It tastes a little like Emetrol if you've ever taken that, so it's not bad…but I just need any type of {healthy} energy I can get these days! 

I hope y'all all have a wonderful weekend! We're going to enjoy the return of 70* weather this weekend before it gets cold again. Go away, winter! 

Happy Friday and Happy Weekending! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Favorite Baby Products: One Month Edition

Now that we're one month in, I thought I'd share some of our favorite baby products! Of course, these are what work best for us, but I always love knowing what works best for others to try it ourselves. 

1. Walker spits up…a lot. These burp rags are soft, absorbent and wash very well! They also have a ton of cute prints! {We were also gifted with some precious monogrammed/designed regular cloth diapers and we love those, too!} Basically: We heart burp rags 'round these parts because our kid has major projectile spit up. And that's all kinds of fun, let me tell you. {You haven't lived until you've changed pajamas three times, changed sheets and have gone through an arsenal of burp rags in one night.} 

2. While these bottles have a ton of parts, they're the best for babies with colic and/or reflux. The nipples don't allow a baby to just suck the bottle down, mimicking the real nipple. 

3. I discovered these footed jammies at Target on a whim and am so obsessed that I went back and purchased more earlier this week. They're awesome because the zipper starts at the bottom and zips up, as opposed to starting at the top and zipping down -- which is wonderful for diaper changes…especially in the middle of the night! They are also so, so soft and come in so many cute designs. 

4. WubbaNubs are the only paci Walker will take. Period. We gave him one to soothe him when we came home from the hospital and he latched on immediately. So much so that we ordered two more and keep one in the living room, one in our bedroom and one in his nursery. The pacifier's nipple {the Soothie paci} mimics the actual human nipple, and the animal part weights the pacifier to help it not fall out of their mouths as easily. We currently have the duck, monkey and lamb. 

5. Since he spits up so much, these bibs are a lifesaver. The roll portion around the neck helps catch the spit up before it can go down baby's neck and get caught under their cute little neck rolls. They're also very absorbent. 

6. Like the WubbaNub, these swaddles are the only swaddles we use. We got one as a shower gift, used it in the hospital {because the blanket swaddle? Yeah, our kid is a master at breaking out of those.} and ordered a whole pack of them when we got home from the hospital. They are so easy to use and Walker hasn't yet been able to break free of them. The velcro on them is so wonderful…especially for those middle of the night feedings and changes. They come in two sizes in the "Stage 2" step, and we ordered the medium. When he grows out of those, we'll order the large. I just love 'em. 

7. Walker likes this bouncer a lot, especially when it's on vibrate. He will sit in this in the bathroom when I take a shower, and when I get out, I move him into the doorway of the bathroom and he'll typically take a short morning nap in it. It also helps with his reflux since he's at an angle. But, being totally honest here: he loves to be held - LOVES IT - so he will only sit in little contraptions for about an hour {max} at most. And yes, we're working on putting him down and just letting him get used to not being in someone's arms. 

I hope this helps any of you new mamas or mamas-to-be! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Walker is One Month Old!

Walker McKay, you are one month old {already}! 

I seriously feel like these four weeks have flown by, yet have been so slow at the same time, but they have been the best four weeks of my life. Your Daddy and I were talking the other night and agreed that it felt like we just brought you home from the hospital! 

When you first came home, you were eating every two hours, but now you do every three hours with the occasional four-hour stretch. {Those are the best!} You are a lazy eater and I have to really work to wake you up when you eat by tickling your cheek, rubbing your head or patting your bottom. You are a pretty bad spitter-upper, but you are gaining weight - a good amount; I think you're definitely more than 8 lbs. now - so we're not worried about that. You are a grunter, however! You will grunt when you eat and we think it's so funny! But, you grunt after you eat and it was diagnosed today as reflux, so we have to give you .9 mL of baby Zantac twice a day. 

You are very good at taking a bottle if you need to, and you take about 4 oz. when you do have a bottle. 

At first, you slept a ton during the day and not at all during the night. But, we're slowly getting you on some sort of a routine and try to go to bed around the same time every night. You will eat, then we'll swaddle you and lay you down to go to sleep. You absolutely love your swaddle and your pacifier, but we do try to not give you your pacifier at night because you'll wake yourself up if it falls out. 

When we first got home, you slept in our bed in your "pod" {AKA: Boppy Newborn Lounger}, and then on your cradle mattress in our bed. This Sunday, we moved you into your cradle and you did great!  

You are a grunter in your sleep, and we've had to learn to differentiate your grunting noises to decide if you're waking up or if it's reflux-related. You also still have your newborn startle reflex, so that wakes you up when you're napping during the day. You have started to smile in your sleep and have even laughed a time or two! 

Your pediatrician told us we could skip your one-month appointment since you were doing so well, but we had to go back today because you have severe reflux and needed to get some medicine to get it under control. At your two-week appointment, you weighed 7 lbs., 13 oz. and were 21.5 inches long. Today you weighed 9 lbs., 14 oz. {they didn't measure you}. You are a big boy! Your next doctor's appointment is at two months, and I'm anxious to see how much you've grown. 

You definitely know your Mommy's and Daddy's voices and will follow them; it's precious. You are also noticing the ceiling fans, iron artwork behind our couch in the living room, and love to look out the living room windows in the morning because of the brightness. 

You had a lot of "firsts" during your first month, obviously! You had your first Super Bowl; experienced your first snow; had your first Valentine's Day; took your first trips to Target and the grocery store with Mommy; had your first play date with Peyton {Mommy's friend Liz's daughter, who was born two days before you}; went to your first restaurant {7 Salsas}; and went to two pediatrician's appointments. 

You are very strong and hold your head up well, but especially when I'm trying to burp you after you've eaten. We do tummy time once a day, but you're not a huge fan of that. 

We had to pack away the newborn clothes this past weekend {sniff, sniff!} and you moved to size one diapers on Monday {also sniff, sniff!}. You're very long, so the 0-3 month clothes fit you perfectly lengthwise, but are still a tiny bit baggy in the chest. You're definitely in an in-between stage right now! 

Since you spit-up so much, you don a bib with every outfit and we're never without a burp rag or two. 

You are a sweet, sweet boy! You love to be held - especially on our chest. You have done so well with sitting in your bouncer and letting me take a 10-minute shower and get dressed {without makeup} while you take a little cat nap. You love the sound of the vacuum cleaner and hair dryer; it doesn't even phase you! You make the cutest little noises and are very alert when you're awake during the day.

You do not like to be cold, so taking you out of the bath makes you cry - and loud. Though we hate to see you upset, you have the cutest little bottom lip quiver when you cry! Since day one, you have been able to go from 0-60 in about five seconds; you get really worked up! You aren't a huge fan of being changed and have definitely peed on us a good amount! You're not a huge fan of your swing, but will sit in it for about 10-15 minutes at a time. 

You love driving in the car and typically fall asleep once the car is moving. {You don't like, however, the initial being-put-in-the-carseat part.} You love to be held, especially on our chests; sitting in your bouncer on vibrate; taking naps in your pod; and laying on your back with Mommy talking to you. 

Dub, W, Walk, Boo-Boo, Buddy {from your Daddy}, WaMack {from your Papa}, and endearing nicknames that just come out of my mouth, like Pumpkin, Punkin' Knot and Baby. 

Special Visitors:
You had a lot of special visitors this month: Foxy, Papa, Aunt Maggie, Uncle Royden and Uncle Parker; Mimi, Pop, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Becca, Ellie Kate, Uncle Todd, Nikki, Brayden, Cindy and Savannah; Grammy and Grumpy; Aunt Tina; Uncle Timm; Nana and Pah; and Liz and Peyton. 

You love your Aunt Tina, who has watched you on a couple of occasions for Mommy and Daddy. She was your first babysitter! 

We love you so much, sweet boy, and can't imagine our lives without you in it! 

Mommy and Daddy 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monogram Love

{Excuse the bathroom pic! And yes, updating that gold shower and those tub fixtures is on our home to-do list! :)} 

Anyway, Happy Tuesday! I wanted to share with y'all the adorable monogrammed pocket tee my mom made me for Valentine's Day! 

How fun is this? 

I might have her make me some in every color for every season/holiday! Ha!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to Help a Mom with a Newborn

Alright, mommies, mommies-to-be, and those that will be visiting them! This post is absolutely for you! I realize Walker is still technically a "newborn," but I wanted to share a few tried-and-true tips for helping a mom with a new baby. These are those things that I honestly didn't really "get" until he was born, so I wanted to share them with you in hopes of making your lives a little easier. Having a newborn - a baby in general - is so daunting, and I hope this helps you prepare for your sweet baby and will help those who will be visiting you once he or she is born. 

Let me preface this by saying that having a new baby is absolutely wonderful and it's 100 percent understood that people will be coming from near and far to visit said baby. My Dad gave me the best advice when he was leaving our house after Walker was born: "People only come to see the baby because they love you and care about you. So, let them come. Don't worry about how your house looks; they don't care. They just want to come see the baby out of love and respect for you." 

How to Help a New Mom {and Dad}: Visiting

1. See what time(s) work for them for you to stop by. 
Would they prefer you visit at the hospital or at home? If at the hospital, check to see if the hospital has visitation hours. Our hospital had "serenity hour" from 2-4 p.m. each day, so no visitors were allowed. If at home, check to see what time(s) work best for the new family. Most new moms will be exhausted and trying to get the baby on a sleeping and/or feeding schedule, so check with her first to see what time is best. When we first got home, Walker would eat every two hours, so we'd have people stop by right after he finished eating, if at all possible. No visitors like to come and the mom is in the bedroom feeding the baby!

The best thing we did was not have any visitors the day we came home from the hospital. We were all three so tired, and it was just nice to be able to come home, unpack our bags and start laundry, have a home-cooked meal by my mom, and love on our baby. 

2. Speaking of seeing what times work, it was easier for us if people would text us instead of calling us. It was so easier to return a text than answer the phone and have a full conversation {#firstworldproblems, I know}. Plus, if Walker was screaming, the poor person on the other end of the phone wasn't privy to that. 

3. When you visit, don't come empty-handed. 
My Mom always taught me to bring a full meal to a new mom: a main course, a side or two and dessert. Yes, it's tough for you to make all of that, but trust me: the family will appreciate it more than you know! {My go-to recipe to take a new mom is chicken spaghetti, a salad or green vegetable, rolls and a buttermilk pie.} 

When you have a new baby, you barely have time to microwave soup, much less get in the kitchen and fix supper! Also, if you can't or don't cook, ask the family what they would like from a local restaurant and bring that to them. Whether it's home-cooked or pizza from a restaurant, trust me - the new family will appreciate it. {Just make sure it's not too spicy if the new mom is breastfeeding.} 

We were so blessed that my mom was here at first and made us very yummy, homemade meals that were conducive to me breastfeeding: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas and rolls, for example. {Nothing too spicy!} Then, we had friends and family make and/or bring us meals when my mom and dad left. My grandparents were awesome and brought us a ton of frozen meals, and I made and froze meals before Walker was born; we're still eating on those! My aunt brought us salads we wanted from a local salad place, my best friend sent us a pizza, and my nephew's mom brought us Olive Garden. And it was all equally appreciated! 

How to Help a New Mom {and Dad}: Helping Around the House

4. Everyone tells a new mom to "nap when the baby naps." And that's all well and good at first…until she sees her overflowing laundry hamper or piles of dishes in the sink! Then - at least for me - baby's nap time turned into laundry hour. So, if you're close enough family and friends with the new family, ask what you can do to help around their house. 

Most new moms will be too proud to let you help, but insist! Whether it's unloading the dishwasher, folding a load of laundry, walking their dog, checking their mail or just taking a bag of trash from the kitchen to the garage, the family will appreciate it so much. A direct quote from my husband: "Even the smallest chore is a great help." 

My mom and mother-in-law were very helpful in that regard, even running to the grocery store to pick up a few things we were out of (e.g. milk, yogurt, laundry detergent). 

5. Also if you're close enough to the new family, offer to watch the baby for an hour or two while the new mom and dad go to dinner, the grocery store or run a few errands. No matter how in love the new mom and dad are with their sweet bundle of joy, they still will want a tiny little break -- even if they do talk about their baby the whole time! 

My grandparents and aunt were so helpful with this: my grandparents watched Walker while Brandon and I went to dinner on Valentine's Day; my aunt watched him while we went to sushi; my mother-in-law while I got a manicure and pedicure; and my aunt again while we attended a funeral. It was comforting to know that we could get out for an hour {typically right after I fed him} and we had family who loved on him while we were out. 

6. If you have time, offer to hold or feed the baby while the new mom takes a shower or a short nap. This was beyond helpful for me, because sometimes you have to decide whether to sleep, fold laundry or shower…and sometimes showering sadly takes the back burner. Also, if you offer to hold the baby while the mom showers, she can take a nice, hot, longer-than-five-minutes-with-the-baby-sitting-in-the-bouncer-outside-the-shower shower. {And maybe even shave her legs! Gasp!} 

My mom and mother-in-law would also take Walker right after I fed him and would order me to go take a nap. Even if it was just an hour, it was wonderful to not have to keep one ear open and just rest in pure silence. Additionally, Brandon has been very good at taking Walker into the living room after his 6 or 7 a.m. feeding and entertaining him while I slept an additional hour or two…pure bliss. 


I hope these things have been or will be helpful to you! Are there any things I've left off? Did any of these help you, too? 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, y'all!

Special thanks to the hostesses A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness!, and [the good life blog]

Brandon has been traveling on business this week, and I now have a newfound respect for single moms! He left Sunday for Baltimore, Richmond and Washington, D.C., and we are definitely ready for him to come home! 

I must say, I'm definitely tired holding down this fort with a three-week-old all by myself. I think a nap will be in my very near future when Brandon walks in that door!  


Walker met his future wife this week! {Kidding. Sort of.} My friend and co-worker, Liz, had her baby girl, Peyton, two days before I had Walker, and we are both convinced that we are arranging this marriage! 

Since it was their "first date," he and I bought lunch {Chick-fil-A} and went to Liz's house for a little meet-and-greet. AKA: Mommies catching up, holding and feeding babies and doing a ton of gossiping. :)

To give me a little break this week, my mother-in-law popped over yesterday and let me get a {much-needed} manicure and pedicure. ALONE. It was amazing! Brandon purchased me a little gift certificate for the mani/pedi for Valentine's Day, and I couldn't resist putting it to good use…and enjoying a glass of wine while there. The place I go to gives you shoulder massage when you purchase a manicure, and I'm not kidding, I had to repeat to myself over and over, "Do not fall asleep! Enjoy this!" Ha! 

Once they finished, I was so tired that I popped into Starbucks for a coffee; I don't think I would have made it through the rest of the day without it! 

Is it just me, or is anyone else really over the Winter Olympics? I've always been more of a Summer Olympics gal myself, to tell you the truth. But! I watch them during primetime and then they're on again when I'm feeding Walker around 1-2 a.m., so I am just getting double the exposure. I will say, though, I'm getting a huge kick out of Ashley Wagner's "Not Impressed" facial expressions. Girl does not have a very good poker face! 



I ordered Walker's Easter basket from Pottery Barn Kids the other day and I just love the way it turned out! Before I was pregnant, I would peruse the site and catalog and just obsess over the cute little Easter baskets and couldn't wait to order one for our children one day! 

I can't wait to fill this sweet basket with all of his first Easter goodies in April and experience his first Easter egg hunt…even though he'll be nearly three months old and let's face it, I'll be the one bending over putting eggs in this basket. Ha! 

I hope y'all have a great weekend! We're celebrating Brandon's return home tonight with a grill out and some vino -- it's absolutely gorgeous in Dallas and we're going to soak up this spring-like weather!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Things

I hope you've had a great Monday! It's absolutely gorgeous in Dallas today; it feels just like spring and I'm soaking it up! 

Since it is so pretty, I decided to take this sweet boy on his very first walk this morning. We did a mile around our neighborhood and man, it felt good to lace up my tennis shoes and sweat. {Granted, I sweat like no other at night, but it felt good to sweat on my own accord. Ha!} I can't wait to get the go-ahead at my six-week appointment to work out! 

Anyway, Walker was such a sweetie and slept the entire time, so I'll just say that he loved it, too. :)

I wanted to share with y'all a delicious breakfast {or snack!} recipe that my mom introduced me to when she was here right after Walker was born: fruit, granola and yogurt parfaits. I know these are so easy and simple, but I never really thought about doing them at home. 

Like I said, it's easy: in a stemless wine glass {because, why not?!} combine: Sunbelt Bakery Simple Granola, one small container Activia Vanilla Yogurt, and mixed berries. I use sliced strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Just mix it all together and enjoy!

To make it easier for me in the mornings, I wash all the berries, slice the strawberries, and store them in a Tupperware container in the fridge once I get home from the grocery store. 

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


We had a great little Valentine's weekend!

My grandparents drove from my hometown to visit us {and meet Walker} this weekend. It was so good to see them.

Our little Valentine was pretty sleepy on Friday, but I still managed to get him in his "My First Valentine's Day" bib and a shirt that said, "Handsome Like Daddy." 

My grandparents watched Walker while Brandon and I went to dinner for Valentine's Day. {Funny story, in the 6+ years we have been together - dating, engaged and married - we have never gone out for Valentine's Day! So this was a special treat.} We don't even do gifts, but Brandon was so sweet and got me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure, which is so needed. But the best part? The card said, "Go get your nails done while I watch Walker." Now that, my friends, is a gift! ;) 

Anyway, we spent the majority of the weekend with my Nana and Pah, who just loved on Walker! Saturday night, my Nana made an amazing homemade meal for us all to enjoy, and they even brought a TON of food to stock our freezer. So amazing! 

I know I've posted a lot of pictures of Walker lately, and I promise I'll get back to my normal posting soon. But right now he is just consuming my life {and Instagram, ha!} and he's all I can think about. :) 

We are pretty sleep-deprived and it's hard to not get overwhelmed, but I saw something on Facebook the other day that made me stop and think - and it's been replaying in my head over and over:

"With children, the days are long but the years are short." 

That made me stop and think, reminding me to just enjoy these sweet, precious moments right now: his little bow lips; the way he lounges his feet out when I'm feeding him; his little lip quiver when he gets upset…because I know I'm going to blink and he's going to be going off to college. {And now I'm crying. Hormones!!!} 

I hope you had a great weekend, wherever you are! Cheers to another week. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life Lately

I know many of you aren't that interested in Walker posts, but this is just such a sweet time - and if I don't post, I feel like I might forget it all - so I have to post for memory's sake. And, he's taking a nap right now {in his crib! Insert thumbs-up emoji here.} so it was the perfect time. 

Walker is officially two weeks and one day old, and he's looking more and more like his Daddy every day. He celebrated his two week birthday by waking up every.single.hour. to eat and I must admit, I thought I was going to rip my hair out I was so tired. But he's just so dang cute that I can't help but kiss his little face all over. {We learned later at his pediatrician appointment that he's going through a growth spurt, so that explains that.} 

…which leads me to his two-week pediatrician appointment, where he peed all over our doctor. Well done, son. 

He was 7 lbs. at birth and weighed 7 lbs., 13 oz. at this appointment {50%}; he was 20.5 in. at birth and was 21.5 in. at this appointment {88%}. I don't remember his head measurement, but I do remember that it was in the 90th percentile. {Thanks to his Daddy and the men in my family for the large noggin.} 

His measurements and vitals were so good that the pediatrician said we don't need to bring him back until his two-month appointment; she's straight-up skipping his one-month appointment because, in her words, "He's a hoss!" and "He's a champ." The kid was even Army crawling on the table. What.the.heck!? The doctor just stared and said she has never seen a two-week old do that, so I'm going to take it that he's just a little genius. {Kidding! Sort of. ;)} 

I'm trying to get him on some semblance of a feeding/sleeping schedule, as well as having him take his afternoon nap in his crib to get used to being in there {blinds open so he knows that's nap time}. 

He's done well recently - save for being up all night the other night - at eating in 2-3 hour shifts. However, last night he pulled 3-4 hour shifts and I'm hoping that I don't jinx myself for typing that out. Fingers crossed. 

His little lips and the way he falls asleep with his hands under his face just slay me. I kiss those little lips ALL THE TIME and tell him no girl other than Mommy is ever going to kiss those sweet lips! {Yeah right, I know. Brandon just rolls his eyes at me when I say that. Ha!} 

Now that it's finally sunny in Dallas - F-I-N-A-L-L-Y - I had to get out of the house, figuratively and literally. I know he's still so little, but we had some cabin fever. So, today after his morning feeding, we ventured out to the dry cleaners to pick up Brandon's dry cleaning; to the UPS Store to mail off our taxes; and to Target to pick up a storage bin in which to store my maternity clothes. 

And, funny story, I ran into NBC 5 anchor/reporter Lindsay Wilcox and her two children in line at Target, and she and I struck up a nice conversation while waiting to check out. She's so sweet!

Finally, to celebrate the birthday of Amy {one of HomeGrown's owners, along with my mom}, HomeGrown is giving away a ton of fun items this week! Be sure to "like" their Facebook page and then like and/or share their posts for a chance to win cute stuff! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Postpartum Necessities

No one likes to talk about the postpartum stuff: pads, bleeding, a belly, breastfeeding…

...Everyone likes to talk about pregnancy, and the new baby, and how the baby's getting along. And for obvious reasons! The later stuff is, well, kinda gross

If it weren't for my friends who have had babies and my mom, I would have been shocked at a few things that come with having a baby. Heck, I was still shocked at a couple of them! 

Here are a few things that no one tells you about the "after" part of having a baby, and I've also compiled a collage of a few of my postpartum necessities. I'm not going to lie, this isn't exactly the most ladylike post, but I want others to be prepared and know what's going to happen! 

As a disclaimer: I love my son so much and can't imagine life without him. We just gotta get real.

My Postpartum Necessities: 

1. You will bleed. A lot. {Gross, right? I'm just being brutally honest here.} 
After you have the baby and your epidural wears off - if you choose to get one - your nurse will wheel you into the bathroom and you'll have to use the restroom in front of her. My nurse, Kim, was amazing and I truly didn't want her to leave; so , I felt very comfortable in front of her. {Heck, after giving birth, modesty was pretty much out the door.} You have to use a little squirt bottle of water and have to pat yourself dry, then use these giant granny panties and economy size pads for your entire stay in the hospital. {My friend Liz told me this right before I had Walker - so I was semi-prepared for this - and I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor when she told me. No lie.} 

2. Going to the restroom is zero fun. 
Pretty self-explanatory, right? You had a lot going on down there {maybe even stitches}  so going to the restroom isn't exactly a walk in the park. They give you stool softeners in the hospital, and I'd advise you to take some when you get home, too. When I first went to the bathroom at home, I told my mom, "Yeah, that was not fun. At all." And she just laughed. She's been there; she got it. Also? It takes you a lot longer to go to the bathroom, so just prepare yourself. 

3. You will cry. A lot. 
When I read blogs during my pregnancy, I saw so many people comment about crying, and ridiculously thought, "Oh, that won't be me. I'm going to be so joyful; why cry?" HA! You have so many emotions and hormones going on in your body that sometimes you can't help but cry. I cry when I am feeding Walker and think about taking him to day care at 13 weeks; I cry at the "Because of Mom" commercials on TV; I cry because I'm so dang tired; I cry because he won't sleep. Which leads me to…

4. Unless your child is perfect, you will be up every 1-3 hours at night. 
I don't know what I was expecting - a perfect baby, maybe? - but I wasn't expecting to be up so often at night. When babies eat, they eat 1-3 hours from the time they started - not finished. So, Walker typically eats every two hours during the day and every three hours at night. That means: I start feeding him at 2 p.m. and it takes him 30 minutes to finish. So, I will then start feeding him again an hour and a half later at 4 p.m. And you have to calculate time in there to burp and change them. It's a marathon! The sleep was pretty bad at first, and that's coming from someone who loves her sleep. But I think my body is slowly adjusting to being up every 2-3 hours, so it's getting better. {The dark circles are truly glamorous. Ha!}

5. Speaking of feeding, your milk doesn't come in right away. 
Again, I was naïve and thought I would wake up in the hospital the day after Walker was born to boobs full of milk. Uh, no. In fact, it was quite the opposite. My milk didn't come in until the morning of Day 5 after his birth, and I'm not going to lie - those five days of trying to feed him were awful. No one tells you that breastfeeding hurts at first. Like, BAD. Your boobs will become dry, sore and even have callouses. {What a pretty sight, right?} But I will tell you that IT GETS BETTER. And if you have to supplement with formula while you wait for your milk to come in - or if you strictly formula feed - you are a good mom. I had to have my mom and the hospital's lactation consultant tell me that before I believed it, but it's true. My mom would force me to pump while I was waiting on my milk to come in because it's supposed to really encourage it to do so. That hurt, too, but I knew my milk came in because I was pumping the morning of Day 5 and it just appeared. You would have thought I won a million dollars I was so excited. Also? Your boobs will leak. Not a water fountain or anything, but they'll definitely leak. And that's gorgeous. 

6. You will still have a small belly. 
Think Duchess Catherine here. The baby doesn't come out and you immediately have your body back. {I think my husband thought that because he looked at me the day after Walker was born and said, "Wait. You still have a little belly…?" He got a major side-eye.} It takes awhile to go back to "normal," and that's okay. Breastfeeding does help take down the belly because when the baby is feeding, it shrinks your uterus back down. {And yeah, that doesn't exactly feel amazing, either.} Additionally, you will still swell in places. In fact, I had to have the Irving Fire Department come to my house yesterday because I stupidly put my wedding ring on for Walker's newborn portraits and couldn't get it off. My finger was swelling and turning purple and just wouldn't budge, so the Fire Chief had to cut my beautiful wedding ring off my finger with what looked like a miniature can opener. So, moral of the story: it's okay to not wear your wedding rings or have tight shoes after baby. 

7. You will be in the weirdest clothing limbo ever. 
I laughed when people told me I'd still be wearing maternity clothes after Walker was born. But alas, I am. And, they're a little big, but my regular clothes are still too small. Oh, and the bigger boobs thing doesn't help. So, I've pretty much been living in my pajamas and/or jersey knit pants these days and am counting down the days until I can exercise again in week six and fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. 

But, amongst all of this, having a beautiful baby that you had a part in creating - who you love more than anything in the world - makes everything above so worth it. But, every mama has to get real every now and then, right? Right.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Creating Walker's Nursery

I was recently contacted by One Kings Lane to blog about Walker's nursery, and of course I jumped at the chance! Walker's nursery is my favorite room in our house, and I so wish I had One Kings Lane's Nursery Guide when I was pulling it all together. 

When we found out we were having a boy, I knew I wanted to have a sweet nursery that was most definitely boy, but wasn't theme-y. I also wanted to ensure the nursery reflected our personal style and the style of our house, as well. Additionally, I wanted the room to be sentimental. His name is a family name, and I knew I wanted to incorporate parts of our family in his room. Finally, I wanted the nursery to be comfortable and one that could grow with Walker through the infant, toddler and young child years. 

When we moved into our house, we painted all rooms {except for our bedroom and bathroom} Behr's "Plateau," and I knew if we ever had a boy that we'd keep the color and work around it. I must admit, I'm a big neutral fan. 

When you walk into his nursery, you immediately see his changing table to your left {below}. The "W" sign was made by my mom and her company, HomeGrown, with wood from my family's former sawmill in East Texas. I love that I can look at this sign and immediately see my family and my hometown's pine trees. {How I miss pine trees…} 

The changing table/dresser combo worked perfect for us since his room is relatively small. The dresser was in my room when I was a baby {and was also used by my brothers and sister in their nurseries, as well}, and all it needed was a fresh coat of paint, which my husband gladly applied. I also wanted his diaper changing supplies handy, so I ordered a vintage locker basket from Etsy in which to house them. 

Walker's crib was a gift from my parents, "Foxy" and "Papa." I'm obsessed with his bedding, which is from Carousel Designs. Before we found out the gender, I just knew this was the bedding I wanted, because it's neutral, soft and is very boy without screaming "boy!!!" at your face. {The sweet minky blanket is from HomeGoods.}

We have the soft, plush rocker in our room right now {from Babies 'R' Us}, so we're using the glider that my mom used for my brothers and sister in the nursery. Just like with the dresser/changing table, the rocker just needed a fresh coat of white paint, which my husband applied. The glider pad is part of the bedding set from Carousel Designs; the pouf is from Kohl's; and the sweet table was my husband's grandmother's. It was originally a dark brown, but I spray painted it white to match the other furniture in the nursery. 

To make it a bit more "boy" and rustic, I chose wood elements for the décor: lamps, picture frames and shelving. The lamp and picture frame are from Target, and the sound machine was a shower gift {from Babies 'R' Us}. 

I'm going to add a large newborn portrait to the middle of the shelf when they come in. Caroline Jurgensen took ours and I just know I'm going to be in love with them. 

The shelf was in the room when we purchased the house, and try as we might, we couldn't get it off the wall. So, we chose to work with it! 

The frames you see on the shelf are from Target, with prints from Printable Wisdom on Etsy. The fox figurine is from Target; the airplane is from HomeGoods and the Willow Tree figurine was a shower gift. 

Above his bed was a bit tricky due to the shelf, but I had a fun idea for something that would be a bit different: frame lullabies. So, I purchased a vintage lullaby book on Etsy and used an X-ACTO knife to take the ones out I wanted, then framed them in wooden frames from Hobby Lobby

I carried the wood element over throughout the room, and this is the first design element you see when you walk into his nursery. {From Printable Wisdom on Etsy.}

I wanted to showcase the outfit I came home from the hospital in almost 27 years ago {and yes, I know it's a dress but it's just too sweet}, so I purchased this wooden shelf from HomeGoods. Above the shelf features a fox figurine from Target and a picture frame - also from Target - that houses our announcement photo, taken by my friend and co-worker, Liz

Walker got so many sweet toys and stuffed animals at my baby showers, so I wanted to have a fun toy basket for him as he grows. This huge one was only $21.99 at HomeGoods and holds so many toys, puzzles and books! 

Since we have very tall ceilings, I had to have the curtains in his room made. And since I was having them made, I decided to bite the bullet and have a nailhead cornice made, too. I ordered the fabric from Carousel Designs and had a sweet local lady make the blackout curtains and cornice for me. I was so pleased with her work! 

I hope you enjoyed my tour of Walker's nursery! You can see my original post about the room here, and One Kings Lane's Nursery Guide here

*I was not compensated by One Kings Lane for this post.* 
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