Sunday, January 12, 2014


Can I get an "amen" on the absolutely glorious pre-spring weather that Dallas had this weekend?! We spent so much time outside and pretending it was April instead of January. Although my allergies and sinuses now hate me because I've been battling a cold all weekend: stuffy/runny nose and a sore throat. Zero fun. 

We went to iFratelli for dinner and then saw "Lone Survivor." Amazing. Go see it. {But pack tissues.}

Even though we wake up at the crack of dawn these days {hi, 8 a.m. on a Saturday}, we still like to laze around in bed, have coffee and catch up on the Friday night shows we record but are too tired to stay up and watch. I'm looking at you, "Dateline" and "Shark Tank." ;)

We spent all day running errands, and then cooked an amazing supper together: cedar-plank salmon, asparagus orzo, grilled corn on the cob and rolls. Yum! 

After dinner, I finished packing my hospital bag {save for the small toiletries I'll need} and then physically put the baby's hospital bag, Boppy, breast pump and bag of favors in my car. I don't know why that hit me more than anything else, but it did. This baby will be here in a matter of days. We're down to days now. That is crazy to me.

Because I still wasn't over the fact that our sweet little man will be here soon, I just went and sat in the glider in his room this morning, and just looked around. His room is my absolute favorite in our entire house and I love being in there. And knowing that our son will be living in there in a matter of days is surreal. 

I'm now cozy in the recliner watching the Golden Globes red carpet, and I must say, I'm not too impressed with the fashion...yet. Although Naomi Watts does look gorgeous. {Full recap tomorrow!} 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

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