Sunday, January 5, 2014


Well, today was my official last day as a mock stay-at-home wife; I go back to work tomorrow after 16 glorious days off of work. So, this weekend, we enjoyed. We relaxed. We truly did not do a thing. 

I made supper and we caught up on the latest episode of "Parenthood." We were complete lazy bums. 

Brandon put together our very last baby item: the swing. It feels so good to know that everything is finished and waiting for him; all we need now is a baby! 18 days and counting! 

Later, we went to see "American Hustle" at the little theater near our house. And while the costumes, hair and make-up were amazing...we both were not fans of the movie at all

That evening, I was craving my favorite salad from Bistro N: the cilantro lime shrimp salad. So, we recreated it at home and it did not disappoint! Thanks to Pinterest for having the recipe handy for us. 

I slept in for the very last time this break and woke up to breakfast made by my sweet husband: migas, toast and coffee in my favorite mug. It was a nice treat! 

I made a quick Target run {hello, 75% off candles and paper straws!} and then we picked up around the house, trying to finish all of the last little "last minute" things before we go back to work...namely cleaning the microwave, blowing out the garage, doing a final load of laundry and nailing down the baby announcement we want. 

Now we're just watching football and waiting on the Season 4 premiere of "Downton Abbey" tonight! We can't wait...but I'm just hoping it doesn't break my heart like the final episode of Season 3. I'm not sure if I can take it! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 



  1. okay random question that has nothing to do with your post! lol i noticed yall have dark hardwood floors, how do you keep them clean?? haha our entire new house has dark hardwood and i'm having trouble trying to figure out how to keep it looking clean!

  2. Yes, we do! We had a flood right after we moved in and had to replace our BEAUTIFUL hand-scraped hardwood floors (that were a lighter color) and I stupidly chose these super dark wood floors. (Clearly I would not do this again if I could.) But to answer your question, we have cat hair all over them and they show everything. So, I typically have to run the vacuum over them every other day. And to keep them clean, I use Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner once a week and to keep them shiny, I use Bond Hardwood Floor Polish. It's definitely major effort. While they're gorgeous, they are just super hard to keep clean! Good luck!!!

  3. I miss our Monday Downton recaps! What will we do if there are devastating episodes like last season?!


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