Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Today, oh, Today

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I'm simultaneously battling an upper respiratory infection and a sinus infection. Super fun with only a few days left until Baby Day, right? Not. 

I called my doctor's office on Sunday begging for a Z-Pak, but the {dumb} 0n-call doctor never called me back. So I called back Monday and my OB advised me to go to my GP to get swabbed for the flu and strep. Ick! 

So, when I got to my GP's office, the receptionist handed me a mask and told me to wear it while I was in the waiting room "to ensure I didn't get sick from the other patients since I was pregnant." I was cracking up under that mask. {You just have to laugh at stuff like that, you know?!} I texted this picture to my husband and mom and they both were dying laughing. In fact, Brandon told me last night that any time he needed a laugh yesterday, he just looked at that picture. "Your eyes say it all," he said. 

Thankfully the flu + strep tests came back negative...and I got my beloved Z-Pak. So I'm hopefully well on my way back to the life of the living normal. 

But let's get onto today, which started out as any normal day. I went to work and then got word of some not-so-good news and spent a crazy day running around and doing some crisis work. {Through all of it I was just praying I didn't go into labor. But I will say I did burst out crying in the bathroom when it was all over. Hormones.} 

My mother-in-law happened to call in the middle of it and I just lost it. Bless her heart, I think she thought I was in labor because she just kept saying, "Do I need to come get you, honey?!" Anyway, after I explained the situation, she told me she was going to bring something to our house. 

I got home today and she'd left homemade chicken noodle soup -- the biggest Tupperware container of it I've ever seen...seriously -- in our garage refrigerator. I'm so thankful for her doing that because cooking was not on my agenda for this evening! So, so sweet and just what I needed. 

Today was quite interesting, to say the least, but I'm very thankful for family and friends who got me through it. And now, to eat. And sleep. 

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Your husband and Brandon? Do you have a boyfriend on the side? ;-) Hope whatever you have gets nipped in the bud quickly and that whatever is going on calms down and stat! Try to stay calm and focus on the fact that in not too long you'll be holding your sweet baby boy!

    1. Ha! That should have said, "mom!" Pregnant brain AND tired brain to the extreme!