Thursday, January 23, 2014

Registry Must-Haves

My cousin LeAnn, who is also pregnant {with a boy!}, asked me to do a post on my registry must-haves. Of course, I happily obliged! 

Obviously our little boy isn't here yet - so I don't know if these are things that I'm absolutely going to use, love, hate, whatever - but I did a lot of research on these things from mom friends and family members; bloggers {including Erin at Blue-Eyed Bride, Kate at Elefantitas Alegres,  Hillary at A Gal and Her Dog, and Kaley at Kaley Ann}; and simply Google. Clearly research is the name of the game with me these days! 

We chose to register at Babies 'R' Us for the basics and Pottery Barn Kids for the "fun" stuff. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't register at Babies 'R' Us. {We only did because there's one about one mile away from us.} I wasn't too pleased with their customer service, website/registry and I felt like they always seemed to have low stock on things. If I had to do it all over again, I'd register at Buy Buy Baby, instead. Regarding Pottery Barn Kids, I was very pleased with their customer service and website/registry, although they did seem to run low on stock, but I will say I was having showers around the holiday season, so that could be why. 

Here are what the majority of folks told me to register for, and things that I consider pretty important that we will most definitely use. LeAnn, I hope this list works for you! 

1. Boppy's have been around for a good while, and they're just so versatile: you can use them to nurse, to support when you're holding the baby and in the future to help the baby "sit" a bit. I didn't like any of the covers Babies 'R' Us had, so this is where Pottery Barn Kids stepped in with the cuteness factor. Since we're not sharing his name until he's born, I didn't get this monogrammed, but it would be so cute if it were! 

2. I knew from the beginning that I would swaddle this baby. They're so used to being cozy in your belly that when they get out, you notice them scaring themselves {read: waking themselves up} when they stretch out and don't hit anything...kind of like when we fall asleep in a public place and wake ourselves up when we jump. A girl from my office told me about The Miracle Blanket, so we registered for these, along with the Halo SleepSacks and the Swaddle Pod. We'll see what works best for him and move forward from there. I know some babies just have their own little preference! 

3. I liked these bottles a lot during my research because they're BPA-free and they're really supposed to help if your baby is colic-y. Keep in mind they have a ton of parts - so that's kind of a pain - but I'm hoping he'll like them. Medela and Avent both have great options, too. 

4. This monitor got great reviews. We didn't need more than one camera and/or screen since our house is pretty small, so the one screen/one camera combo worked great for us. {We also have the Angelcare Monitor.}

5. Everyone I talked to said this bouncer was a lifesaver! It vibrates, bounces and plays music/sounds. It's so, so soft and is easily washable. I didn't want to ask people to spend a lot of money on the Mama Roo {although I've heard it's nice} when this one got just as great - if not better - reviews. 

6. These swaddle blankets are so sweet. They're very soft and are multifunctional: swaddle, blanket, nursing cover, etc. They're also big and wash easily. 

7. I never saw one of these until I was doing research on A Gal and Her Dog's blog. My sister-in-law has the Leachco Brand one of these for our niece, but it's much more expensive. This is great to place them in on the couch while they sleep, lay them in in between breast feeding and kind of a "place to hang out." {Oliver thinks this is his new bed and I constantly have to "shoo" him out of it.} 

8. I have blogged about this breast pump before. It got a lot of reviews and all the mom's I talked to have this pump. Obviously I haven't used it yet, but I have tried it out. {Ha!} It's quiet, the bag is indiscreet and it is powerful. I got a gift card from my boss' boss and used it {and a $50 coupon code} to buy this; it was so nice to not have to spend our own money on it. 

9. Like with the bouncer, I heard this thing is amazing. Our niece has it and my sister-in-law loves it for her. Ours is currently set up in our living room! It plays music and calming sounds, has different speeds for swinging and is so soft and sweet. 

10. Since we went with the Dr. Brown's bottles, we needed the accompanying dishwasher basket that has compartments for all their parts. It's pretty big in the dishwasher, but it really holds the parts all in there. {We also have the Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack to dry bottles, pacis, etc.}

11. We will not be cloth diapering, though I have major respect for those who have the time and patience to do so! {We are going to try to Pampers Swaddlers diapers.} The Diaper Genie is so helpful to mask the smell of the dirty and/or wet diapers and is relatively easy to use. They get you with the refills, but that's to be expected. I don't know how people just tossed diapers into the trash can years ago! "Pew-wee!" 

12. We both have these in our car so we can see him from our rearview mirrors. Since he'll be facing the back for awhile, it will be nice to just keep an eye on him. 

13. I've also blogged about this carseat before, but it got very good reviews. It took us a bit to install this bad boy in my car, but once we got it, we were good to go. I have the carseat and base in my car {it comes with a base when you buy the carseat} and we registered for an extra base for Brandon's car so we just have to snap in the carseat and go. Some people told us to get one for my mother-in-law's car, but we can just use this extra one for her if she picks him up. {We also have the Britax B-Agile Stroller.} 

I hope this helps y'all! I can't wait to see what the baby will and won't like, what we use that we didn't think we would and vice versa, and what works best for us. 

T-4 days until Baby Day! 

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  1. So helpful! Thank you for taking the time to put it together. Good luck with everything. Your Grammy said she would keep us updated :)


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