Sunday, January 19, 2014

Packing for the Hospital: What's in My Bag?

As we're preparing for Baby W's arrival in a matter of days, I thought I'd share with you what's in our hospital bags: mine, the baby's and Brandon's. I'll share mine today, the baby's Monday and Brandon's stay tuned! :)

I did a ton of research on this topic and asked a lot of questions of friends because I wanted to ensure I wasn't over-packing, but not under-packing, either. 

I hit up Target for the majority of essentials in my hospital bag, because while it's still semi-good quality, it's not too expensive if things get on it {I'll let you use your imagination there}. Of course, I washed everything before I put it in my duffel bag because A) cleanliness and B) it smells like home. Nothing is more comforting than things smelling like home when you're not there. 

So without any further aideu, here's what's in my hospital bag: 

1. Slippers + socks 2. Boppy 3. Comfy knit pajamas 4. iPhone + charger 5. Knit robe 6. Yoga pants 7. Nursing tank tops 8. Panties 9. Disposable nursing pads + Lanisoh 10. Bright pillowcases + pillows 11. Pads 12. Open-front cardigan 13. Nursing bras 14. Monogrammed Uggs 15. Comfy blanket 16. Breast pump 

1. Obviously it's cold in a hospital, so slippers are a must. And, they're helpful when you're walking around the hospital room floor because let's face it: public floors are yucky. I made sure to get non-skid ones...and, these were just too cute to pass up! 

2. I'm going to try my hardest to nurse, so I want to practice with our Boppy just like we would at home. It will also be helpful for others when holding him if they need a little support. 

3. Again, it will be cold in the hospital, but I also want to be comfortable. These jersey knit pajamas are amazingly soft, but also allow easy access for nursing. They have a tiny rickrack trim around the cuffs that I thought was adorable, and the pants are good to hold the absorbent pads, etc. 

4. Obviously I'll be taking a ton of pictures of the little guy, so my iPhone and charger are a must. {I'm not bothering with my laptop.} 

5. I heard a ton of people tell me to take a robe to the hospital, so I found a knit one that's very similar to the fabric of the knit pajamas. I am going for comfort the entire time I'm in the hospital. Yes, I want to look nice, but hello...I will have just had a child! Also, it will be helpful to throw on if/when I'm walking the halls and when we have visitors. 

6. I will be wearing these home, along with the nursing tank and open-front cardigan. Loft makes a great pair that I'm pretty addicted to. {Link above}

7. I'll be wearing this home with the open-front cardigan, but they're also good to wear in the hospital when you don't want to wear pajamas and would like to look a tad more presentable. Plus, you can nurse in them...duh. 

8. Okay, this is pretty obvious. You're gonna need underwear. Typically I wear a more expensive brand of panties, but I don't want to ruin them. So, I purchased some cheap "full-butted underwear" {as I like to call them} at Target to wear at the hospital and when we get home. 

9. This goes in the same category with the Boppy: I'm going to try to nurse him, so obviously I'm going to need the necessary items in which to do so. 

10. Hospital pillows aren't comfy in the least, and I know I'm going to want my Tempurpedic pillow. I purchased bright orange pillowcases {ours at home are white} because they weren't white like those from the hospital or our house, thus ensuring we won't forget them when we pack to come home. Plus, it's just comforting to have your own pillow from home. 

11. I know the hospital will provide these, but I want my own, just in case. 

12. I will be wearing this home, over the nursing tank and along with the yoga pants. Again, just going to comfort and accessibility. 

13. These go in the same category as the Boppy and nursing accessories. 

14. It's January in Texas, so it may or may not be cold outside. If it is cold, I'll be wearing my cute monogrammed Uggs home. If it's warm like it has been lately, I'll wear my flip-flops...because my feet have been swollen and I know they will feel wonderful. 

15. This is more so for Brandon, but I know it will be cold in the hospital and I just want to be prepared. No one gets good rest when they're freezing! And again, it's in the same category as my pillow: I just know I'm going to want something from home. 

16. I've heard a lot of people who said they took their pump to the hospital and a lot who said they didn't. I'm going to take it because the hospital has a lactation consultant and I want to have it on hand to practice with with her. 

Other items not pictured that are in my bag:
*Toiletries: make-up, toothbrush + toothpaste, lotion, chapstick, deodrant, hair dryer, pony tail holders, etc. 

*Medications: prenatal vitamins, Colace

*Folder with copies of our pre-registration paperwork, insurance documents, paperwork showing what we've paid at the OB's office and cardstock for his footprints

*Baby book + pen 

*Favors for visitors

*List of who to call/text after the baby is born

Stay tuned for what's in the baby's and Brandon's hospital bags this week! 


  1. What a great list! One thing that I wished I had packed when I had Alice was a maxi dress or a comfy - but cute- cotton nightie. I brought a few lounge pants to wear, but after my unplanned c-section, I didn't want anything near my incision...including pants! Hopefully that doesn't happen to you, but an extra nightgown wouldn't hurt! ;)

  2. Britt, I would love for you to share your registry "must haves" when you have a moment!


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