Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Packing for the Hospital: What's in Dad's Bag?

We're back for the final installment of "what's in our hospital bags?" Today we're talking about what's in dad's bag for the hospital. 
{You can see what's in my hospital bag here and what's in the baby's hospital bag here.}

Let's face it: sometimes dad's can kind of get lost in the shuffle when it comes to birthing a baby! Brandon's bag was the last I packed -- and I put it off until this weekend. I wanted to make sure he had everything he needed, because my husband is not a very good packer in the least. Love him to death, but he just forgets things! So I wanted to make sure I packed his stuff and am keeping a list on my phone of things to throw in at the last minute. 

So, here's what's in his bag: 

1. I guess this comes from living in the south, but Brandon wears these all the time: with khaki shorts and a polo; with jeans, running out to get the mail, etc. Since he does wear these often, I put them in his bag. He'll likely wear them home with jeans and a polo, but they'll be in his bag if he wants anti-slip footwear during the hospital stay. 

2. These are Brandon's go-to item to change into when he comes home from work and/or on the weekends. Just like with me, I'm going for comfort for him the entire time we're in the hospital. 

3. He loves these polo shirts; they're his favorite and he has them in every color. {Seriously, I'm not kidding.} He can wear this home with jeans and boat shoes. 

4. These are to wear home from the hospital, or to put on if we have visitors and he wants to look a bit more presentable. 

5. These are a must. It's obviously cold in the hospital, so these are warm and they're comfy. 

6. Every guy needs undershirts! I love these from Gap {link above} because they're soft and comfy, and they also aren't thin...so he can wear them with his sweatpants and it just looks like a white T-shirt instead of an undershirt. 

7. Just like with me, slippers are a must for dad! Hospital floors - just like any public floor - are yucky and no one wants to walk around barefoot. Plus, they're warm and comfortable. 

8. When it's cold outside, Brandon sleeps in pajama pants. If it's really cold, he'll throw on the matching top. He's very cold natured, so I packed the top and bottom set for the hospital. Also, nurses are coming in every five seconds and I want him to look somewhat presentable and not just in boxers! {I can only imagine what nurses see...} 

9. Obviously T-shirts are a must! He can wear them with the sweatpants, shorts or event throw one on with the jeans. Like I said, we're going for comfort here! His arsenal of T-shirts is full of Baylor ones, so yes, there is one in there! Have to represent our Bears...even from the hospital! 

What's also in Brandon's hospital bag that's not pictured: 

*Toiletries: toothbrush + toothpaste, shampoo, floss, etc. 



*iPhone + charger and iPad + charger 

*Blanket + pillow 

*Change for vending machines

*Small cooler filled with bottled water and snacks {trail mix, protein bars, etc.}

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